Super Gene - Chapter 645: Bloody Ice Fields

Chapter 645: Bloody Ice Fields

Chapter 645: b.l.o.o.d.y Ice Fields

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Although the T-rex had been blinded, it seemed as if it could still distinguish things well. It was able to fly north, towards the ice sea that lay beyond the ice fields.

Han Sen followed the T-rex, thinking of a way he might bring it down for good. The damage inflicted to its eyes was grievous, but it wasn't enough to slay the beast. Still, the visual impairment boded well for Han Sen's battle, as the T-rex was no longer the threat it once was.

"This thing's vitality is high. It is obviously well-attuned with fire, which means it should be weak to other elements. It would be a difficult fight for a group to take on such a raging beast, but to one or two well-trained elites, it is not as threatening as the raven," Han Sen thought to himself, observing the beast.

The T-rex resumed spewing fire, but after a few roars, the flames extinguished. Was it running out of fire, or was it just exhausted?

Han Sen was happy to see this, so he unlocked his gene lock and used Aero to gain momentum and approach the T-rex more efficiently. He waited for the monster to roar once more, and when it did, he fired another raven feather bolt into its open mouth.

The hardlight string of the crossbow flashed quickly, launching the bolt. The power of a super beast soul made the black feather appear as nothing more than a thin black laser. It was a direct hit in the T-rex's mouth.

The T-rex opened its mouth again to roar, cascading blood as it did. The ten bolts Han Sen fired into its mouth must have dealt a crippling amount of damage.


The T-rex started breathing fire once more, and a creepy mixture of blood and flame gushed out from its mouth, with the occasional black feather.

Unfortunately, a few of the raven feathers inside were charred and broken. No longer could they be re-used as bolts or converted into daggers.

Han Sen's heart felt as if it had been stabbed, seeing this. But for killing a super creature, he did not mind the loss as much as he could have.

The T-rex continued to heave blood from its ravaged mouth, which inked the sea blood red as it soared above. It may have gotten rid of the bolts inside its mouth, but the wounds hadn't healed and the damage wasn't going to go away any time soon.

Han Sen had no metric to effectively gauge how much the T-rex had been damaged, but he did know that super creatures had strong recovery powers. If he allowed the monster to escape, it was only a matter of time before it recovered and perhaps sought vengeance.

With bolstered resolve, Han Sen gritted his teeth, cast Aero, and kicked the T-rex's eyelids again.

Suddenly, the T-rex raised its talons and flailed in Han Sen's direction. They were so fast and big, it was as if the T-rex had summoned all the remaining strength in its body for that one strike.

It was already too late for Han Sen to dodge, and the talons that were coming his way gave him a shock.

But with the gene lock open, he didn't let it affect him. He maintained his composure and without even thinking, he summoned his golden armor, gargoyle glyph, and peac.o.c.k crossbow to block the blow.


When the talons met the peac.o.c.k crossbow, Han Sen was sent rocketing downwards, shattering a layer of ice on the icy sea. The splash his body created was ma.s.sive.

Han Sen exited the sea coughing blood and shaking from the pain. It felt as if all his organs had been flipped upside down.

"It's easy to forget how powerful a super creature can be. Such power is frightening." Han Sen's heart was shocked. When he opened his mouth, more blood dripped out.

If he had not used the peac.o.c.k crossbow to block the initial strike, he feared he would have been torn apart by the sudden blow.

But after the strike, the T-rex appeared to be even more injured than it had been. It spewed more and more blood down into the sea, coloring it in an inky, dark red haze.

The T-rex must have really despised Han Sen to not care about its own wounds. With further disregard for its own health, it flew down to finish off Han Sen, who was still reeling from the hit he had just received.

Han Sen watched the T-rex come down and did not dare fight it face-to-face. He summoned his silver eel and tried to sail away from it.

But the silver fox on Han Sen's shoulder suddenly roared with a great ferocity of its own. It seemed to have been infuriated by the damage that had just been dealt to Han Sen, and then it p.r.i.c.kled and sparked with silver lightning, as the sound of rumbling thunder resonated from within it. Like a silver bolt of lightning, the silver fox launched itself into the air, striking the T-rex that had sought to pursue them.


The T-rex cried out in pain as its body began to produce white smoke. It may have hurt, but the T-rex was too strong for the silver fox to deal any lasting damage.

The T-rex then decided to halt its pursuit of Han Sen and focus on its nearer opponent; the silver fox. Breathing out more streams of fire, it tried its best to incinerate the silver fox into dust.

The silver fox was still in the air, gliding backwards and forwards. It continued to cast bolts of silver lightning to attack the T-rex.

The T-rex was still blind, so its reactions and abilities of perception were far weaker now. It had great difficulty trying to burn the silver fox, which was so small and possessed incredible speed. But still, the silver fox was a juvenile super creature, and its power was nowhere near that of the T-rex. The effectiveness of the silver lightning wasn't high as a result, despite its constant strikes upon the T-rex.

Han Sen continued to clutch his chest as he coughed up more blood. He summoned his berserk sacred-blood wings and returned to the air. He was prepared to leave and let the T-rex go due to his injury, but he hadn't expected the silver fox to fight on its own. This reinvigorated Han Sen's hope for victory.

The silver fox was not Han Sen's real pet. And because Han Sen had difficulty controlling it, he didn't treat it as a battle companion.

But when the silver fox started fighting, it was far stronger than a person who had unlocked their gene lock. Even Han Sen was willing to confess how much better the silver fox was than him.

After all, the silver fox had a super creature's fitness. Even juvenile super creatures were stronger than most human evolvers.

The silver fox continued running circles around the T-rex and kept firing its lightning at it. The T-rex started to grow increasingly annoyed with its inability to do anything about it.

Though each strike may not have dealt a lot of damage individually, it was still under attack, and that meant it was beginning to lose blood more and more from its mouth and eyes. As wretched as those wounds were, they weren't enough to kill a super creature.

Han Sen pushed his gene lock to the max and stared at the T-rex without blinking, trying to determine every possible move his enemy could make, and every outcome to an action he could perform.

When the chance arrived, Han Sen's heart jumped. Like some sort of G.o.d, he flew before the T-rex in the blink of an eye and dealt one humongous kick to the fiend's left eye.

After the kick, Han Sen flew far away and dodged the attempted counter-attack. But the bolt in the monster's left eyelid was wholly kicked through the eye itself. The T-rex faced the sky, and it howled in pain once more. Its mouth was a geyser of flame and it shout out fire like an erupting volcano.

The silver fox collaborated with Han Sen and attacked the T-rex at the same time with more lightning, which struck the T-rex with miniature explosions. After the double-hit, the bleeding of the beast did not stop.

The T-rex's flame-wreathed wings began flapping with greater speed as it tried to escape again. Han Sen continued to hold his chest and bear with the pain as he chased after it. This was his best chance of killing a super creature, and he would not let this opportunity pa.s.s him by, no matter what.

If he missed this chance, he wouldn't know when such an opportunity would roll around again.