Super Gene - Chapter 616: Perfume

Chapter 616: Perfume

Chapter 616: Perfume

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The lobster was directly behind Han Sen, with its pincers gnas.h.i.+ng for his blood.

Han Sen knew he could no longer dodge, as he couldn't afford to sacrifice the lead he had gained. If he couldn't hold onto it, he'd be dead before he reached the surface.

He clutched his chest as his blood boiled in the tension. Han Sen was only wearing his Fairy Queen armor, and he knew he couldn't risk being hit.

Han Sen summoned his bird, two meters tall and with four wings, in front of him.


The sacred-blood cla.s.s Four-Winged Thunderbird was crushed into pieces by the lobster's pincers. Han Sen used this time to reach the surface, summon his wings, and fly off into the sky.

Flying forty meters high, he suddenly heard a great splas.h.i.+ng sound. The giant lobster leapt out of the sea and was now soaring through the air in a final bid to grab Han Sen.

The speed of the berserk sacred-blood wings was not faster than the airborne lobster, and it was sure to catch Han Sen as he flew.

So, Han Sen's legs erupted with an incredible power. He borrowed the strength of the air and dashed two meters to the side. The pincer only just missed him.


The lobster fell back down, triggering a tsunami of a wave like a meteor cras.h.i.+ng into the sea.

Without hesitating, Han Sen continued to fly higher and higher. The lobster swam around for a while, eyeing him, but after realizing it could no longer capture its intruder, it grabbed the peac.o.c.k's body and returned to the deep sea.

Queen flapped her wings with the silver fox in her arms. The silver fox didn't seem to be doing so well, and looked incredibly week. When Han Sen returned to them, it leapt onto his shoulder and stayed there, unmoving.

Han Sen opened his mouth and coughed up blood. His organs had been damaged badly, and he feared it would take a long time to recover after this.

"Go." Han Sen gritted his teeth as he held his chest, which pounded with an unbearable pain. He left the area with Queen and when they were clear, she summoned the whale so that Han Sen could lie down and rest.

Han Sen was lying on the big whale's back. The silver fox dug its head into Han Sen's arms. He didn't know what it was doing at first, but it wasn't long before the silver fox pulled out his lotus roots. Immediately, the silver fox started chewing one up.

"Silver fox, you are heartless. I have been grievously wounded, and yet you rob me blind." Han Sen was disheartened but he couldn't muster the strength to yell at the silver fox.

The next second, Han Sen was frozen. After the silver fox chewed the lotus root, he did not swallow it for himself. Rather, he fed it to Han Sen.

Han Sen was surprised to see him not eat it for himself. He was feeding Han Sen, and it touched him deeply.

But he did feel uncomfortable eating food that had been chewed up by his pet. He almost thought of rejecting it, but the lotus root had been ground into juice and it dribbled into Han Sen's mouth.

Han Sen knew he had risked his life to retrieve the lotus roots, so he thought it'd be a waste to spit it out. Without thinking about it too much, he accepted it all.

After consuming it, he felt a refres.h.i.+ng and rejuvenating aura emanate from deep inside his body. The burning pain in his chest felt better and his pounding heart relaxed.

Han Sen quickly ran his Dongxuan Sutra. He absorbed this new, refres.h.i.+ng power. His Jadeskin was limited by his fitness level, which meant he could only unlock the first tier. Unlocking the second would be impossible during his time in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. That was why, recently, he had been more focused on improving his Dongxuan Sutra, as opposed to his Jadeskin.

Dongxuan Sutra had an amazing effect whilst you breathed, wherein the metabolism of cells ran quicker. Now, the damaged parts of his body were being renewed, and newborn cells replaced the old, harmed ones. It was enabling him to recover from his wounds much faster.

The refres.h.i.+ng air must have had a really effective power. Otherwise, his Dongxuan Sutra would not have healed him so well.

Every bit of his new, refreshed feeling was absorbed by the Dongxuan Sutra and his body now looked white and silky. He smelled like a newborn baby; he smelled good.

The silver fox lay down next to Han Sen, sniffing his master's new, fresher scent. He seemed to enjoy it.

Queen noticed the two lotus roots and immediately acknowledged where they came from. But seeing the silver fox feed Han Sen made her observe him with a greater curiosity.

Earlier, Han Sen was heavily injured. His face looked ill and his skin was pale. But now, not long after, his face was looking better. The color of his complexion returned and his skin seemed to radiate. It was silky smooth, too.

"Your face is white, but it looks a little red. It's quite special." Seeing Han Sen, Queen couldn't help but say something cheesy. When she looked at Han Sen, she thought this new image suited him.

Han Sen's face was rather firmly shaped and its structure was sharp. It often made him look mad, even when he wasn't. But with this new smooth skin, it portrayed him in a different light. He gave off a different feel.

Queen felt a little jealous since she wasn't a person who cared much about her appearance.

"This must be the effect of a hyper geno art. Or is it an effect of the lotus root?" Queen thought to herself.

All of a sudden, a pleasant fragrance tickled Queen's nose. It made her feel as if she had eaten life fruit. The pores across her body all opened.

"What's going on?" Queen looked at Han Sen with a puzzled expression. After she smelled the pleasant scent, the Heavenly Go in her body activated. It then seemed to be absorbing the fragrance.

Queen felt incredible. She had never guessed there was a smell that could trigger Heavenly Go.

If she hadn't been experiencing it at that moment, even if others told her, she would not have believed it to be true.

The scariest thing with that smell, however, was how it seemed to be improving her Heavenly Go. It had been a long time since she made progress with the ability, yet now she was, entirely pa.s.sively.

Although she did not know what was going on, she did not let this opportunity pa.s.s her by. She quickly sat down by Han Sen's side and started absorbing as much of the smell as she could, to take her Heavenly Go even further.

The purple light in her body continued to glow, absorbing the fragrance that was all around. Eventually, even her purple light seemed to smell good.

The way Queen presented herself often made her seem cold, but now she became prettier to look at. She resembled a fairy, minus all the glitter. She looked stunning, like someone no one could ever dare dream of hurting.

The lotus roots must have been extremely beneficial to women, and they possessed a rather cold trait. Although men benefitted from them, women would benefit more.

The two lotus roots were most certainly not something ordinary. Their medical properties were incredibly strong. Han Sen absorbed them through his Dongxuan Sutra, and it helped his training a considerable amount.