Super Gene - Chapter 615: Escaping

Chapter 615: Escaping

Chapter 615: Escaping

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Han Sen's palm was not Yin Force and Yang Force. If it was, he'd have been shaken to death by the lobster's horrible power.

Master Discharge!

Han Sen had learned this skill to discharge power. He didn't employ any anti-seismic techniques, but instead borrowed the strength of the lobster to go flying a few dozen meters through the sea.

The power of the lobster was way too strong. Although he had absorbed a considerable deal of the power unleashed onto him, he still felt as if his ribs and organs had been damaged. Blood spat out from his mouth, resembling red flowers in the sea.

But simply hearing the notification ring in his head made him supremely happy.

"Super Creature Hunted: Deadeye Peac.o.c.k. The beast soul has been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

But now was not the time for Han Sen to admire his deed and celebrate his acquisition of a super beast soul. He held onto the pain in his chest and swam upwards.

If he reached the surface, he would live.

Although the lobster was ma.s.sive, it was a sea creature. Han Sen could fly, so if he managed to get airborne, there was nothing the lobster could do.

Han Sen had made the lobster furious. The beast grabbed ahold of the peac.o.c.k's lifeless body and launched itself towards Han Sen. In an instant, it had almost caught up.

"Silver fox, if you don't do anything, we're both going to die here." Han Sen's heart was screaming with alarm as he patted the silver fox's head to show some anxiety.

The silver fox looked confused. But then, a silver lightning flickered in its eyes, and it jumped away from Han Sen's shoulder. It swam between its master and the rampaging lobster and unleashed a scary silver light.

In a moment, the silver light had expanded and weaved its way across the entire area like a net.

"Ah!" Han Sen screamed. The silver fox didn't just attack the lobster, it attacked Han Sen, too.

The silver lightning spread through the water, as if it did not care who was friend or foe. Han Sen's hair stood up with the shock and more blood oozed from his mouth.

Now Han Sen knew why the silver fox hadn't already used his silver lightning. The first thing it would kill wasn't the lobster, but Han Sen himself.

The lobster received a shock from the lightning, which just angered it further. With rage, it turned its attention to attack the silver fox.

But before it could be nabbed, the silver critter turned to swim away and sped off quickly. Its swimming speed was greater than Han Sen's.

Seeing that the lobster was attracted to the silver fox gave Han Sen some relief, but it worried him, as well. He feared that if the lobster caught up, it could very well kill the silver fox.

The silver fox was still young, so there was no way its strength would be greater than the lobster's. The silver lightning that it cast only subdued the lobster for a few brief seconds; its effect wasn't as strong as the blue light from the peac.o.c.k had been.

Even though the fox's speed was greater than Han Sen's, it wasn't enough to outpace the lobster. In the blink of an eye the pursuer jumped forward, almost as if it teleported, in front of the silver fox.


The silver fox's silver lightning was unleashed once again, which painted the sea like a canvas of countless thunderbolts. It shocked the lobster directly in front of him.

In the time it was shocked and made immobile, the silver fox managed to get ahead once again and gain some distance from the lobster.

The power of the lightning was not enough to damage the lobster, but it was enough to stun it for a brief while. And now, it had already caught up again.

The silver fox repeated his previous move of unleas.h.i.+ng silver lightning, but this time, its intensity wasn't nearly as high. It was because of this, the lobster wasn't stunned nearly as effectively.

When the lobster caught up to the silver fox the third time, the lightning could not stun it. Following the weakened discharge, a purple pincer came bearing down on the silver fox.

The silver fox bravely dodged the clinch of its pursuer's pincers, but it still suffered a hearty jab and was sent careering through the water. With its small body, it was not dissimilar to a cannonball, surrounded by bubbles.

Han Sen bit down on his teeth and summoned his Golden Rock Worm King and its berserk super pet armor. He threw the worm king in front of the silver fox as the lobster raced forward to finish it off.


The Golden Rock Worm King, wearing the berserk super pet armor, lasted a mere three seconds after it found itself between the crus.h.i.+ng force of the lobster's pincers. Being unable to fight back, it was cut in half and cast away, destroying the beast soul forever.

But with the time its sacrifice bought, the silver fox managed to claw its way another few dozen meters in a bid to reach the surface.

Han Sen swam as quickly as he could, too. He may have been able to use the Golden Rock Worm King and pet armor to save the silver fox this time, but now that it was gone, there wouldn't be a second opportunity.

If he summoned Meowth without the berserk super pet armor, it wouldn't even be able to block the force of a hit or claw of the menacing lobster. It most likely wouldn't even buy a millisecond for the silver fox.

"My poor Golden Rock Worm King and super pet armor! You have been with me for the longest time, surviving so many battles. I can't believe you were killed by this d.a.m.n lobster. Do not worry, for I will avenge your death. One day, I will slay this lobster and cook it for a grand feast in your honor. I'll leave some upon your grave, too!" Han Sen was as angry as he was upset, and so he tried to console himself.

There was still a chance they could escape, however. But now the lobster had caught up with the silver fox again. Han Sen wasn't sure whether or not it was the silver fox's lightning that attracted the lobster's aggro, or if just wanted to hunt another super creature instead of a human.

Seeing the lobster right on the silver fox's heels again made Han Sen worry. Even if he tried to help, whatever efforts he made would be futile. There was nothing he could do, nor was there anything he could use to block the lobster for a short while.

All of a sudden, the silver fox flashed with silver light again. There was even lightning coursing through his fur. It looked as if an extra powerful thunderbolt had been cooking inside his body.

The lobster was directly in front of the silver fox again, its pincers raised as if ready to cut another victim in half.


Silver lightning erupted from the silver fox like a barrage of rockets. Its little body accelerated with the sheer force of the attack, and it was sent shooting out of the sea, freeing itself from the lobster's aggression. It was sent a whole six hundred meters.

"Holy smokes!" Han Sen froze, not having expected the silver fox to possess that ability. But now that the silver fox was gone, that made Han Sen the lobster's target once more.

Han Sen did not say anything more and instead focused on trying to save himself by swimming as fast as he could. Fortunately, the silver fox had already drawn the lobster a good distance away, which gave him a head start.

"What the heck? If I knew it was planning that, I would have gone much earlier!" Han Sen's heart soured, only being able to flee for his life. He prayed he'd be able to escape the sea before the lobster caught up.

Han Sen wished he could grow a few extra arms and legs so he could swim with greater speed. With the lobster swimming a few dozen meters every second, it may as well have possessed the ability to teleport. It made Han Sen bitter.

"Come on, just a little quicker and I'll be out of here." Han Sen saw the light above grow brighter and brighter. But as he did, the lobster was getting closer and closer. The possibility of the lobster getting to him before he could escape was still all too real.