Super Gene - Chapter 605: Pickup

Chapter 605: Pickup

Chapter 605: Pickup

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Han Sen hadn't been in the sea long before he saw Queen approaching. Like an arrow, she bolted into the sea. The blood on her body brought a misty haze of red flowers to the water, and it looked beautiful.

He then saw a flash of white light descend across the tumultuous waves of the sea, and it violently sc.r.a.ped and clawed its way across the sea surface.

When the tiger brought its paws down on the water, the seas parted in half, creating a trench of a few dozen meters. It looked as if the tiger wasn't yet willing to quit its pursuit.

The purple light in Queen's body was s.h.i.+ning and she now clutched a lance in each hand. They were both dyed purple. She quickly turned around to block an incoming attack.


Both lances were destroyed, which prompted Queen to say "hum." Bleeding from her chest, she was knocked further into the sea.


Queen was driven into the seabed, forming a deep hole in the shape of her body. This. .h.i.t put her in a critical status.

Although the White Tiger would not swim, it continued to swing its paws. The violent gusts of wind drove the sea mad, producing waves that were thirty feet high; many coursed through the waters to slice at the seabed.

Queen resisted succ.u.mbing to the pain that engulfed her. She dodged the White Tiger's attacks as she tried swimming deeper and deeper into the sea.

"c.r.a.p. This White Tiger is too much." Han Sen was planning to meet up with Queen under the sea, but he hadn't counted on the White Tiger being as feral as it was. Going down there now would be useless, so he simply stayed where he was, hoping Queen could continue dodging the creature's a.s.sault.

But the hit Queen had received was terrible, and it affected her performance a great deal. It was already hard enough for a person to manoeuvre in the sea, and now Han Sen could see she was about to miss her next dodge.

Gritting his teeth, Han Seen took the plunge and went under towards Queen.

Queen was still struggling. She noticed a shadow coming right for her, and after squinting for greater clarity, saw that it was Han Sen.

Han Sen pulled Queen deeper into the sea. He was incredibly dexterous in the sea, so he was far more mobile than Queen underwater.

"Hold me." Han Sen put Queen on his back and told her to grab his waist. Then, with full speed, he sped off into darker waters.

The White Tiger was not keen to give up, so it continued casting its murderous gusts down into the sea. But Han Sen was like one of the merfolk as he swam across the seabed with great speed, effortlessly dodging each of the tiger's attacks.

Queen was grabbing Han Sen tight, and she felt touched. She had never expected Han Sen to come and save her like he had.

Even in the sea, Han Sen was using the formation taught to him by the Dongxuan Sutra. He kept manoeuvring and switching position to dodge the tiger as he went, as pure speed wouldn't have cut it.

But still, the White Tiger was not willing to let them go. It wasn't until they were at a depth of eighty meters that the tiger gave up its attacks. At that depth, even the ferocious bullets of wind could not damage them.

But the White Tiger was still in pursuit, for wherever Han Sen swam, the tiger hovered above. It was not going to give up its prey so easily, and it most certainly wasn't going to allow them to swim up to the surface.

"c.r.a.p! Is it a dog?" Han Sen had already swum three hundred meters deep without being able to shake its chase. He cursed it in his heart and continued swimming deeper.

After swimming for half an hour, Han Sen was around five hundred meters deep. But it was still to no avail. From above the brackish waters, the tiger continued to watch them.

Han Sen was preparing to swim even deeper, but then he noticed something was wrong with Queen.

He turned around to take a look at her, and her face was not looking good. It wasn't because of the injuries she had sustained, however; it was because she was suffocating.

Han Sen was shocked. After he learned Dongxuan Sutra, he was able to breathe underwater. Even the silver fox had this ability. Alas, Queen did not.

If she hadn't been injured, she could have remained under the sea for several hours, but she had taken a blow to the chest. Her lungs were damaged, which made it difficult for her to remain underwater as she was.

Queen gestured to Han Sen, telling him that she wanted to return to the surface. She did not want to go up merely for air, but also to allow Han Sen a chance of escaping their current predicament.

Han Sen pulled her close and shook his head. He looked into her eyes, touched her face, and sealed her lips with his own.

There was a pleasant taste to her kiss. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of Han Sen, whose face was directly in front of hers.

But she quickly understood what he was trying to do. She didn't attempt to push him back, as she initially desired, and instead swallowed the pleasant taste he was providing her with. She was no longer suffocating and she felt rejuvenated.

When her body was relieved, she pushed Han Sen away and grabbed his waist once again. Then they swam deeper. When Queen could no longer hold her breath, Han Sen gladly breathed more air into her lungs.

After doing this a few times, Han Sen had swum several thousand meters below the sea. Eventually, the White Tiger gave up its chase and returned to the island.

Han Sen was still worried, though. To ensure absolutely safety, he swam for another dozen miles and then returned to the surface. When they were back below the sky, the tiger was nowhere to be seen.

Then, Queen summoned her whale. She quickly climbed onto it and fell down; her face looked poorly. The wound in her chest was deep and it hadn't had the chance to heal, due to being in the water for so long. She had also suffered much blood loss.

Han Sen quickly searched himself and Queen, but realized the package they had brought with them was gone. They had no curatives or medical items.

"It's okay. I'll be able to hold on. Cough! Cough!" Queen managed to maintain her composure, and if weren't for the gaping wound, it would be difficult to tell she had been severely injured.

But having damaged her lung, even speaking caused her to spit out some blood.

"Just hold on!" Han Sen used his hands to tear off some of her battlesuit, clearing the area around her wound. The beast soul armor had already been destroyed by the White Tiger, and the battlesuit beneath was damaged. Han Sen ripped it easily, exposing her chest.

A pair of ma.s.sive, snow white b.r.e.a.s.t.s presented themselves to Han Sen. But they were damaged, a nasty gash cutting across them. Han Sen wasn't sure whether or not to be aroused by the sight.

Queen's eyes revealed her awkwardness over the situation, but she did not move. All she did was blush.

Under their current circ.u.mstances, Han Sen wasn't in the mood to admire her body, so he lifted the silver fox and placed it on her chest. He then told it, "Silver Fox, please help!"

The silver fox looked at Han Sen and then turned to look at Queen. It then started licking her snow-white skin.

After the silver fox had licked her for a brief while, her body began to tremble. The wound that had already started to show signs of infection sealed shut. With the bleeding stopped, the area looked better and better each second.