Super Gene - Chapter 604: Fall Back

Chapter 604: Fall Back

Chapter 604: Fall Back

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"Plan C!" Queen yelled, as her body s.h.i.+ning purple. She was making a move.

Tyrant's body shone gold, like a heavenly being. He held a big black lance in his hands, which he used to thrust at the tiger.

Lazy Cat also went into action. Despite her short and stout stature, which had led Han Sen to believe she would be slow-moving, she was nimble and quick. Like the tiger itself, she harnessed the power of the wind.

Sky Jealousy's hand held a sleek sword, the blade of which was thinner than a cicada's wing. After a low swing, a strong breath of frosted air was cast out of it. It looked like the sort of skill that would belong to someone from the Xue family.

The White Tiger's purpose was very clear; it seemed to target Queen. The wind that was cast out of its paws resembled projectile claws that soared through the air towards her.

Queen's b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggled rhythmically as the purple light shone from within her body. Her long, incredible legs carried her with tremendous strength as she ducked to the side to avoid the incoming attack.

The green claw-wind she dodged pa.s.sed her by and sliced a boulder in two.


One of Lazy Cat's daggers struck towards the tiger. Then Sky Jealousy's sword and Tyrant's lance attempted to pierce their foe together.

But something scary happened. The tiger's fur ruffled with an additional stream of wind. Lazy Cat's dagger, Sky Jealousy's sword, and Tyrant's lance fell short of the beast, as if their weapons were s.h.i.+elded from the tiger's skin by a thick, ardent, invisible sh.e.l.l of wind.


The White Tiger's body shook as it looked to the sky and roared. A horrid wind picked up, and a cyclone burst forth from its deafening cry.

Katcha! Katcha!

The cyclone weaved itself around the weapons that had tried to draw blood from the White Tiger, and it twisted them out of shape. Only Tyrant's lance, which was incredibly heavy and durable, remained unbent. A few deep scratch-marks affected its surface.

The three of them fell back, unable to hear a thing as a loud ringing pounded in their heads from the sonic blast. Their heads were in pain.

"Fall back! Fall back now!" Queen screamed and signalled. She summoned a dagger and threw it towards the tiger. The knife cracked the air as it traveled and looked as if it were about to impale itself in the tiger's eye.


The White Tiger cried out again.

A frightening storm of wind coursed out of its mouth, becoming a solid slab of gale-force terror. It deflected the incoming knife.


The knife was blasted away, shattering into little more than glitter before the tiger's face. Like the twinkling of stars and sparks in the sky, the wind scattered the remains of the knife.

Han Sen was shocked. That knife was a one-time use sacred-blood beast soul. It was wretchedly powerful, but it couldn't even deal a single scratch to the White Tiger.

The tiger's fury was triggered by her surprise knife-throw, and it leapt towards Queen for retribution. But Queen was quick on her feet and, like a graceful G.o.ddess, she was able to dance away from the tiger's claws.

Han Sen's eyes watched her with admiration, and he deeply respected Queen's Heavenly Go. It was as efficient as his own Dongxuan Sutra but they both yielded their own particular benefits.

Facing this White Tiger and avoiding its attack was a testament to her dexterity.

Tyrant and the others followed Queen's orders and quickly turned to fall back and escape from the beast.

The White Tiger was far more powerful than they expected it to be. It was unique, unlike any other creature they had seen before. There was no hope of competing with it, so they hastily retreated as soon as the order was given.

"What are you doing standing there? Go!" Lazy Cat yelled at Han Sen while she ran. It seemed as if they wholly trusted Queen's own ability to fall back once they had gotten clear.

Han Sen nodded, and with the silver fox in his arms, he pulled back. He didn't return at the same speed as the others did, though, and so he stayed behind them.

Although they were confident in Queen's Heavenly Go, Han Sen was the only one there who had learnt it. He understood Queen's position and situation more than anyone else did.

Heavenly Go was an incredible talent and it was currently eluding a beast as monstrous as the White Tiger right now. But Queen's foe was imbued with the power of wind, and its speed was something else.

No matter how effective her Heavenly Go was, she still couldn't shake the chasing tiger, and it would only take one misstep for her to meet her demise.

After all, she was just human. If she could not get rid of the White Tiger in time, she would inevitably make a mistake. Even if she remained flawless, it was only a matter of time before she exhausted her energy, and when that time came, death would await her.

Han Sen was thinking of how he might help Queen. They had a history together, and she was the one who taught him his Heavenly Go in the first place.

Queen was leading the tiger to the beach and still, Han Sen could not come up with an idea.

Han Sen understood what she sought to do, by attempting to use the sea to halt the tiger's advance. The White Tiger had an affinity for the wind, so its abilities in water must not be very good.

An idea then struck him, so he turned and went off in another direction.

"What are you doing? Don't run off!" Tyrant called out to him.

Ignoring him, Han Sen summoned his Golden Growler and ran to the beach. With his own knowledge of Heavenly Go and the proficiency of his seventh sense, he could gauge where Queen was planning to go. He wanted to help.

The White Tiger was furious, and Han Sen was worried Queen might not hold out until she got to the sh.o.r.eline.

"Hey, what are you doing? Stop!" Lazy Cat yelled at Han Sen's fleeing shadow.

"Just ignore him. This is why I cannot allow people such as that to earn a place on this team," Tyrant spat.

The three of them saw Han Sen head away from Queen's current position, with no idea of what he was hoping to achieve.

Pretending not to hear anything, Han Sen carried on. He wasn't an official member of the team, either, so he did not see why he had to explain his actions to the others. This test was already over; they had learnt of the White Tiger's power, and they had failed in their attempts to attack it. He feared no one might ever be able to kill it.

Han Sen continued riding Golden Growler to the sh.o.r.e and arrived before Queen did, since she kept having to switch her direction to avoid the White Tiger. He could see her approaching from a distance.

She was bleeding, having sustained many injuries, and it looked as if her beast soul armor could break at any second.

Fortunately, they weren't grievous wounds. Her ability to reach the oceanside was not compromised.

Han Sen gave a long sigh and said to himself, "Queen is magnificent. If I was in her position, I don't think I'd last half as long."

Han Sen then went silent for a bit. He put away his Golden Growler and went into the sea. There was no use for him on the sh.o.r.e, so he had to get ready to meet up with Queen.