Super Gene - Chapter 580: If You Lose, Tell Me Who You Are

Chapter 580: If You Lose, Tell Me Who You Are

Chapter 580: If You Lose, Tell Me Who You Are

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Yi Dongmu did not use the face blur function, and his cold and proud face was on display for all to see.

"He is so handsome. This is like a scene from Hamlet; I hope Yi Dongmu can finally exact his revenge." A woman watched Yi Dongmu, her face blus.h.i.+ng red.

"Yeah, he's too handsome. Yi Dongmu has to win this fight!"

"Yi Dongmu is like the man from my dreams."

"Before he gets his revenge, I want him to make a baby with me!"

"Move aside, you s.l.u.t! Big Brother Yi is mine."

The women, keen to gauge men on their appearances alone, were practically salivating over Yi Dongmu. As they all drooled, they looked ready to eat the man alive.

Such comments made the single men angry, and so they rallied all their support behind Dollar.

"You women don't know anything! Who cares about appearance; true worth is in power and muscle. Dollar once killed Yi Dongmu with a single strike; today will just be a repeat."

"Yeah, you all take a good look at Dollar. This is what an elite should look like; dressed in black, nothing fanciful. This is what a real man looks like! If you want to be a man, look like Dollar. Don't try and be some pretty boy like Yi."

"Our Dollar is indestructible and cannot be spent. He will end Yi Dongmu in a single blow."

"Dollar, let me be the one to make babies for you!"

Han Sen listened in on the comments during the countdown and felt as if something was wrong. Why were all the pretty girls supporting Yi Dongmu, and the only ones supporting him were big, rough men?

A few men sat in seductive positions, chanting their desire to produce babies for Han Sen, which made his skin crawl.

Looking over on Yi Dongmu's side, all he could see were droves of beautiful women, clasping their chests to suppress the feverish pounding of their hearts.

"Geez, this pretty boy has to die!" Han Sen felt sour. As he looked at the burly supporters that had banded together behind him, all he could think of doing was digging a hole to hide in.

He did have some sympathy for Yi Dongmu because of their earlier fight, but after this turn of events, that sympathy was quickly depleted.

"Yi Dongmu is subject to the wrath of every single man in the universe right now. Whoever makes them feel bad will meet their end by my hand!" For a moment, Han Sen forgot that he had a girlfriend too.

Fang Mingquan was chief commentator on live stream, stating, "It would appear no one has forgotten that glorious fight. The young men who watched that event, back in the day, are the primary evolvers of today. That fight went down in history as a paramount event of the battleground, and it is not something that will ever be forgotten. Although I personally place my bets on and support the almighty Dollar, I would like to see Yi Dongmu achieve more this time, and not end up wallowing like a sad prince through a second defeat."

"Brother Quan, this is not right! If you are a fan of Dollar, how can you say something in support of Yi Dongmu?" someone commented.

"It is because, um... there are too many women supporting Yi Dongmu. If I don't maintain some impartiality, his lady fans might all turn on me. I don't want to be single forever." Fang Mingquan had opened both of his hands innocently, as he scrambled for a response.


When the countdown was over, Yi Dongmu and Han Sen entered the arena. Yi Dongmu did not rush to strike; he just stood there, staring at Han Sen without a word.

And that's what they both did; they just stood and watched each other. As people observed the confrontation, they did so with bated breath. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

Although neither of them moved, the tension was palpable. It was like the long, dark calm before the storm of a thousand hurricanes. No one breathed.

Yi Dongmu broke the long silence. "If I win, tell me who you are."

His simple request impacted the audience. People had been guessing Dollar's ident.i.ty for what seemed like forever, yet no one had come close.

His ident.i.ty was something everyone wanted to know. During the peak of Dollar's popularity, experts a.n.a.lyzed every aspect of the enigmatic character to try and determine his real ident.i.ty. But again, no one had been able to find out.

After Yi Dongmu said this, the crowd's focus turned to Han Sen. They all hoped he would oblige Yi Dongmu's request.

"Okay." Han Sen said this single word, and the audience exploded with countless screams, like a boiling kettle.

"Yi Dongmu, I support you! Kill Dollar."

"Take him down! Take him down! Take him down!"

"Haha! Dollar is indestructible. Answering so quickly just proves he has no fear of losing, because it's true; Yi Dongmu won't stand a chance!"

"I don't think so. Back in the day, Gou Jian's chance at revenge succeeded. If Yi Dongmu has trained this many years, exclusively for this chance at revenge, Dollar may not achieve victory quite so easily."

"Dollar must lose. I want to see who he is!"

"Hm, do you think Dollar might actually be a girl?"

Han Sen then continued, "But I have a counter-proposal; one for if I am the victor."

Han Sen was confident in his abilities and didn't think he could lose. He knew Yi Dongmu too well, whereas his opponent didn't. It was almost impossible for Han Sen to lose.

"Okay, tell me." Yi Dongmu's face remained motionless, as he continued to simply stare at Han Sen. If one didn't know any better, it would be possible to believe Han Sen was the love of his life.

"If you lose, this will be our final fight," Han Sen said.

Yi Dongmu did not know Han Sen was Dollar, and yet they had grown to be good friends. Still, he kept searching for Han Sen to be his training partner. But now that Han Sen was back to being Dollar, the accidental deceit made him feel a bit guilty. That is why Han Sen made this proposal, so he could avoid having to fight him as Dollar once more.

"Okay." Yi Dongmu's eyes remained fixated on Han Sen, as they had for a long time. There was a long pause before he said that word.

After Yi Dongmu said okay, the audience was excited; but they were just as nervous. If Yi Dongmu lost this time, then the years-long battle between these two enemies would never repeat.

The women who were supporting Yi Dongmu did not say a word, as their nerves were wracked. And then, they watched Yi Dongmu slowly unsheathe his daggers.

"Do you think Yi Dongmu agreed too quickly?" Tang Zhenliu was quite surprised.

Lin Feng calmly said, "Yi Dongmu had no choice but to agree."

"Why?" Tang Zhenliu did not understand and looked at Lin Feng for clarification.

"Yi Dongmu has learned an's skill. The principles of an hinge on the dedication to move forward, and never go back. Make it or break it; their fealty to this pledge can never change. If he did not agree, then it would reveal doubt. Without absolute confidence in your abilities, the principles of the are broken. If that happened, defeat would be guaranteed. This is why Yi Dongmu had to agree. And now, he will use every ounce of his power in his attempt to take down Dollar," Lin Feng explained.

"Ah, that is why. Dollar is quite manipulative, then." Tang Zhenliu had only just realized this. As they spoke, the fight began.