Super Gene - Chapter 579: The Fight of Destiny

Chapter 579: The Fight of Destiny

Chapter 579: The Fight of Destiny

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"Huh, this Dancer is pretty good. He's put Dollar in a pretty bad position." Tang Zhenliu managed to secure a seat in the audience and watched the fight carefully.

"His Mechanical Fist is fairly remarkable. He could be at an expert level of close-distance fighting. Very well done!" Lin Feng, who was also there watching, said.

"Is it really that powerful?" Tang Zhenliu enquired inquisitively.

"Well, it's okay. It can indeed be quite troubling if it gets close to you," Lin Feng smiled and said.

"If you say it can be troubling at such a close distance, then it must be powerful! I wonder how Dollar will get out of this predicament? Surely, he cannot just keep dodging like that."

It wasn't only Lin Feng and Tang Zhenliu who had come to watch, but many others had arrived there in droves to watch the fight.

Yi Dongmu was in the Alliance currently, and hearing about the fight with Dollar, made sure to come and watch. He was sitting in the stands and didn't blink once as he watched the battle unfold.

Qian Hezhen and a few people from the Ares Martial Hall had also come to watch the fight, because people were whispering that Dollar was going to make use of Heavenly Go. Heavenly Go was a secret skill of the Ares Martial Hall. Very few trainees of the Ares Martial Hall would ever learn that skill, so it was only natural for them to desire to see it in action.

Qian Hezhen invited the Queen to come and watch, but she lacked interest in such events and decline the invitation.

Aside from those figures of prestige, many elite evolvers had come to watch the fight, eager to see and learn to what extend Dollar might use his skills and powers. Like the others, they were also interested in finding out whether what he used was Heavenly Go or not.

Ever since Kill Dollar last fought in the arena, a lot of people had come to believe that he was a member of the Ares Martial Hall. After all, if he wasn't, how did he come to possess the skill Heavenly Go?

Dancer's flurry of attacks were still coming on strong. In the beginning, people were shocked by the ferocity of his raging a.s.sault, but slowly, they came to realize that Dancer did not have as much of an advantage as they initially thought. Bit by bit, Dancer was being pushed into a corner.

"How could this happen? Dollar was only dodging. How come it is Dancer who has been pushed into a corner?"

"Dollar is Dollar. Even without attacking he can reign supreme; he is too d.a.m.n strong!"

"This is amazing."

The ordinary folk were shocked by how powerful Dollar was, but the elites had a strange look upon them.

"This is the real Heavenly Go, right?" Tang Zhenliu pondered with surprise, turning to look upon Lin Feng.

"It looks like it." Lin Feng spoke briefly and ended with a nod.

"Heavenly Go? Is Dollar really from the Ares Martial Hall?" Yi Dongmu furrowed his eyebrows.

Qian Hezhen and many others had their eyes wide open. The excellent blocking abilities that Dollar possessed where indeed similar to the Queen's Heavenly Go.

But they knew it was impossible for Dollar to be a person of the Ares Martial Hall. The only evolver in the Ares Martial Hall was the Queen.

"d.a.m.n, just who is this guy?" Qian Hezhen was looking frustrated. He suspected that Dollar was doing this to deliberately throw mud at the Ares Martial Hall.

Dancer was feeling terrible inside. He had been attacking all this time and yet he was unable to land a single punch or even brush his clothing.

It wasn't just that, either; Dancer had come to realize that the s.p.a.ce in which he could move around was getting smaller and smaller. The powerful attacks he had were getting harder to perform as a result.


Dancer was feeling intimidated. Although the opponent did not attack, the way he was dodging was forcing Dancer to alter his position. This made him think a lot more.

"No. If I keep attacking here, all he has to do is reach out his hand and..." Dancer was getting scared. The way the opponent moved was quite threatening, and this was his weak point. Dollar was forcing him to change his skill.

The people who were watching could observe this strange scene. Dancer was attacking while Dollar kept on dodging, without fighting back. As time went by, Dancer was getting more and more spooked. His attacks were getting sloppier, and they were sometimes cut in half in order for him to hastily reposition. The ordinary people who were watching thought it looked weird, having no idea what Dancer was doing.

The real elites were able to tell what was so scary about Dollar. They really thought Dollar was using Heavenly Go, because no other skill could induce such an effect.


In the end, Dancer had nowhere else to go and his back was now against the wall of the arena. He no longer cared much to attack.


Dollar threw a punch to attack Dancer's weak spot, killing him outright.

"That was too strong! He killed him in a punch; Dollar really is Dollar."

"The Dollar is real."

"The level gap was too far; they were nowhere close to each other."

People were discussing what had just happened. Many hopped into matchmaking in the hopes of being the next to go against Dollar.

"Try it! See if you can match with him." Tang Zhenliu also jumped into matchmaking.

Yi Dongmu did not hesitate to matchmake. Qian Hezhen and the people from the Ares Martial Hall were of the same mind, as well.

Han Sen did indeed decide to have another fight, thinking there was no point in leaving without warming up. He didn't really care about the people who were watching, he just wanted a fun time sparring with people who were strong like Dancer.

Han Sen had learned a lot from Dancer's Mechanical Fist. If he used Mechanical Fist to fight back, he didn't think he would have been victorious.

But you had to be well-rounded if you wanted to excel in combat; specializing in one area, such as the power of the fist, would never be enough.

Quickly, Han Sen entered the arena. As soon as he was in, countless spectators joined to watch.

"Yi Dongmu?" Tang Zhenliu saw who had been selected to go against Dollar and was flabbergasted. He then laughed and said, "They really are inseparable! So many people are matchmaking at the same time but look who ends up being the one to fight him next! They really are meant to fight each other. This is going to be fun. I wonder how much progress Yi Dongmu has made in the past few years?"

It wasn't just Tang Zhenliu who recognized Yi Dongmu, many others did so too. With wide eyes and mouths agape, no one expected that after all these years, Yi Dongmu went up against Dollar again.

People who had seen their last fight were extremely excited, and they started screaming in antic.i.p.ation. Those who didn't know about it asked around, and when they heard of what had transpired, became just as feverous.

Fang Mingquan, who heard the news and quickly came to see, was streaming this fight. His whole body became excited at the prospect of those two fighting once again.

"G.o.d, what am I seeing? Yi Dongmu! It's Yi Dongmu! After all these years, could this fight prove to be Yi Dongmu's much-desired revenge?"