Super Gene - Chapter 573: Solo in the Shelter

Chapter 573: Solo in the Shelter

Chapter 573: Solo in the Shelter

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"Look silver fox! I'm so poor. It's already hard enough for me to look after myself. I haven't got enough food, I can't keep warm, and now I need to take care of you, despite the fact that you eat so much? It's not that I don't like the fact that you eat, don't get me wrong, but you want everyone else to get their fill, too, don't you? How about you help us catch a few fish. If you do that, we can help you cook it. It'd be nice if you chipped in, so how about it? Does that sound good?" Han Sen smiled in his attempt to discuss matters with the silver fox.

Zero gave Han Sen a disdainful look. The way she looked at him was as if she had just witnessed him trying to abduct a young girl.

The silver fox tilted its head, looking at Han Sen in a confused way.

"Fish... over there... you... grab it... we... cook it!" Han Sen pointed at the fish swimming past the Crystal Palace's windows, making wild gestures with his hands and legs to try to get the silver fox to understand.

But when the silver fox looked towards the windows, it just reverted its gaze back to Han Sen. Then it walked underneath Han Sen and used its tail to hook his leg, rubbing its head as it frequently did.

"Geez, you are the child of a super creature. Have some dignity! It is obscene for something so fierce to act so cute. This world is cruel, and you must master your abilities of combat if you wish to survive. Do you understand?" Han Sen was now trying to lecture the silver fox. He pointed at the windows once more and said, "Go! Catch me a fish or you're not having any food tonight."

The silver fox's face continued to look innocent. It quietly whined to itself as it carried on rubbing its face against Han Sen's legs.

Not long after, Han Sen gave up. With a hopeless expression, he picked up the silver fox and said, "Another useless thing I have to take care of."

But then, Han Sen had an idea. Although he couldn't command the silver fox to hunt, and his previous attempt to kill sacred-blood creatures under the sea had failed, a new idea struck him.

"It's okay not to hunt! I just need to bring you to the spirit shelter. If I did that, wouldn't all the creatures start running off? That means I could reach the Spirit Hall with ease. The only thing I am not sure of is whether the spirits will run off, as well. But if they did, I could pick up the spirit stones for free. Ha! I am such a genius." Han Sen's face smiled like a radiant flower, as he thought of how he might easily obtain numerous spirit stones with little to no trouble.

"Come, my cute little silver fox. I have cooked you a fish fillet. Would you like to try some?" Han Sen was still super happy. After his bright idea, he leapt into the sea and caught a fair number of fish to cook for the silver fox.

Seeing the silver fox eat the fish fillet slowly, the way Han Sen smiled hid his eyes beneath numerous layers of creases. He said, "Good boy! Good boy! Eat more and more. When you are full, let's get to work."

Han Sen hunted a few more mutant creatures on the seabed and the haul was good enough to last a month. Then he drove the Crystal Palace back to the ice fields.

After they were back on land, Han Sen grabbed the silver fox and ran towards the royal shelter. They arrived in no time at all.

The royal shelter was now standing before them, and numerous creatures were walking in and around its exterior. Han Sen took another look at the silver fox in his hands and quietly whispered, "This is the moment of truth."

Continuing to hold the silver fox in his arms, he resumed his run towards the royal shelter. Just as he had hoped, all the creatures ran away at his approach. Not a single creature attempted to bar his pa.s.sage, quickly fleeing before he even got close.

"Haha! I am going to be rich." Han Sen, upon entering the royal shelter, smirked at the absence of a single creature there. He wondered where they all might have gone, but then hastily ventured towards the Spirit Hall.

He entered the Spirit Hall without any trouble. But much to his dismay, he saw that the Twin Spirit continued to stand firm where it should have been. It didn't run off as he had expected it to.

Seeing the silver-haired lady and blonde-haired lady pick up their swords, Han Sen summoned his beast soul armor and glyph. He then summoned his Purple-Copper Ancient Sword and Silver-Eye Ice Snake King Sword.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The Twin Spirit's swords came upon Han Sen like a hard rain. The silver sword and golden sword crossed each other, as if they were trying to trap him in a net of blades.

But what surprised Han Sen the most was the fact that their sword skills were accelerating more and more. They were getting faster and faster, with each hit being heavier and heavier. He felt as if he couldn't hold out much longer.


The silver-haired lady dealt Han Sen's shoulder a blow which drew blood. Fortunately, it was not in a critical spot and so the damage wasn't severe.

Han Sen knew that he had not perfected his Dual-blade skill yet, and that it still possessed a few flaws. But right now, there was nothing else he could do. He battled the Twin Spirit for half an hour, and after receiving a few more hits, managed to summon his wings and fly away.

The Twin Spirit was unable to fly, and the other creatures of the shelter would not dare approach Han Sen, for he still had the silver fox in his company. So they just watched Han Sen fly away.

"I'll be back!" Han Sen shouted at the Twin Spirit as he escaped to the skies.

"You are such a heartless fox. I give you nice food every day, treating you as I would treat my very own son. You saw me get injured, didn't you? So, how come you didn't help me out? You white-eyed fox!" Han Sen was gasping as he spoke to the silver fox.

He thought that if he was injured by the Twin Spirit, the silver fox would be enraged enough to leap into the fray and protect its master. But all it did was stay perched on Han Sen's shoulder, not moving an inch.

The silver fox was behaving as if it didn't see or hear anything. It did, however, lick his wounds after the escape, like it did once before. Almost immediately after the silver fox's application of its saliva, the wounds cleared up.

Han Sen was frustrated, but he wasn't mad at the silver fox. Seeing it care for his injuries, he smiled at the silver fox and rubbed its head.

But Han Sen wasn't walking away empty-handed. No matter how often he practiced his Dual skill, he had been unable to perfect it. It was designed to deal with the Twin Spirit especially, and if he hadn't been able to at least test it out with them, there was no real telling whether or not it could be perfected as the ideal skill to go against them.

He had also discovered that he could run into royal shelters with no trouble at all. He could walk into this particular one and battle the Twin Spirit whenever he desired. If he came back here a few times, every now and then, he could finally master his Dual skill and beat the Twin Spirit.

"Fine. If I can't get it right the first time, I'll be sure to get it right by the tenth. And if it's still not mastered by then, I'll go there a hundred times." Han Sen's heart was hyped, and after taking a break to restore his health and energy, he ran back to the royal shelter with the silver fox in hand.

Every time Han Sen battled the Twin Spirit, he lost. But during each fight, Han Sen's Dual-blade skill would improve in some way or another.

After this, Han Sen continued to hara.s.s the Twin Spirit in such a way, but still, the spirit did not dare leave the Spirit Hall. They were afraid Han Sen would run in and take the spirit stone if they weren't around to protect it.

Han Sen was getting better and better, and he went to the royal shelter at least once every two days. Whenever he was losing, he'd escape to heal, mull over why he lost, and make amends to any area of his expertise or skill that he could to improve upon.

Han Sen believed that if things continued in such a way, his Dual-blade skill would rival the Twin Spirit in under a month.