Super Gene - Chapter 572: It's Just a Cat

Chapter 572: It's Just a Cat

Chapter 572: It's Just a Cat

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"Mister Han, I have admired your name for a long time. Today, I finally get to meet you!" In the BlackG.o.d Shelter, a young man shook Han Sen's hand with awe-driven sincerity.

Han Sen smiled and looked at Qi Xiuwen, a person who was young, handsome, and most certainly outgoing. He had a smile that could melt the collective hearts of the entire world.

But in Qi Xiuwen's features, Han Sen could spy the shadow of Ning Yue. Still, Qi Xiuwen was much younger.

Ning Yue's heart and mind operated in tandem, neither feeling differently from the other. Inner-disputes concerning morals and other such things stem from the differences of ideals and favoring of people's hearts and minds, but it wasn't so with him. Qi Xiuwen was no different than the norm, in this regard.

In Han Sen's eyes, Qi Xiuwen was a little girl in his mother's clothing, applying too much make-up and trembling in her high-heels. He was clearly attempting to come across as mature.

Even though his appearance left much to be desired, he meant well. Perhaps he would make a name for himself in the future, but for now, he was clearly too young.

Han Sen continued to observe Qi Xiuwen. He nodded but didn't care much for him and didn't consider him a threat or potential opponent. His opponent wasn't even in the general vicinity of BlackG.o.d Shelter; he wasn't anywhere across the ice fields, either. From Han Sen's point of view, this was a small place and to keep it running against all odds wasn't really worth it.

"Big Brother Han, I must have you take care of me in the future. I have only just arrived in the shelter, so could you provide me with some mutant flesh and beast souls? It would be most favorable if they were of the sacred-blood variety, too!" Qi Xiuwen presented himself as lowly, like an absolute newbie.

"Sure, no problem," Han Sen agreed.

Qi Xiuwen was made immeasurably happy, and said in appreciation, "Then I will be sure to rely on you in the future! Father told me there is much I should learn from you. If it is okay with you, could you bring me along next time you go out to hunt creatures?"

"Sure," Han Sen agreed.

Han Sen made Yang Manli sell the flesh and beast souls that Qi Xiuwen desired to him. If he was willing to pay, there was no reason for his request to be rejected.

"Mister Qi, why are you being so polite to Han Sen? The BlackG.o.d Shelter and its people are ours. Say the word, and we will have him thrown out." An evolver spoke to Qi Xiuwen slyly, once Han Sen had departed.

Qi Xiuwen quietly said, "Things aren't what they may seem to you. Han Sen really is quite something and kicking him out would not solve the problem. Attend to your own responsibilities and do not go against him. I will be around him for the time being, discussing various matters."

"Why?" A few evolvers looked at Qi Xiuwen with befuddled expressions.

"If you want to beat someone, it's easier when you get close to them," Qi Xiuwen calmly said.

Yang Manli was very confused. She expected a great deal of things to change when Qi Xiuwen arrived at the BlackG.o.d Shelter but was surprised to find everything mostly the same. Everyone continued to listen to Han Sen's orders and everything was business as usual.

Qi Xiuwen, however, followed Han Sen around wherever he went like his shadow. It was almost as if Han Sen had a.s.serted himself as his master, whereas Qi Xiuwen had accepted the role of a servant. Or like they were teacher and student.

But Yang Manli thought something was amiss with Qi Xiuwen's behavior. Despite Qi Xiuwen's apparent and continued respect for Han Sen, Yang Manli couldn't help but feel a little paranoid of something sinister lurking beneath the newbie's exterior.

"I think there is something wrong with that Qi Xiuwen. Please, be careful and don't get too close with him." Yang Manli made sure to remind Han Sen, whenever they had a moment to themselves.

"Understood," Han Sen agreed, but he didn't seem too concerned. Whenever Qi Xiuwen asked him something, Han Sen continued to teach and explain things.

Yang Manli made sure to remind Han Sen of her suspicions many times, but Han Sen didn't make a single change.

"I think we need to talk about the problem that is Qi Xiuwen." Yang Manli approached Han Sen, who was getting ready to go out on a hunt. She made sure to block his pa.s.sage.

"Fine. Speak." Han Sen smiled, sat down, and looked at Yang Manli.

"That Qi Xiuwen is dangerous. He is trying to please everyone around you, but he is something else. He is a slithering snake." Yang Manli said her piece straight, hoping to talk some sense into Han Sen and get him to pay attention.

"I know," Han Sen nodded.

"If you know, why do you still conform to everything he asks?" Yang Manli looked him in the eye and said.

Han Sen stopped to think for a second, then he tilted his head and replied, "Manli, have you ever owned a pet?"

"I am talking about something serious here!" Yang Manli was starting to sound annoyed.

"Why am I not being serious? I'm just wondering, have you ever owned a pet?" Han Sen smiled and asked.

"No." Yang Manli couldn't be bothered, but still answered.

"I used to know a neighbor who owned a cat. It was a really big, good-looking panther. It had thick black fur and the neighbor really cherished it. He groomed the cat each and every day, fed it luxurious cat food, and provided it with a magnificent cat house."

Han Sen smiled and then continued, "Whenever I walked past his house, I could look over and see the cat sunbathing in the yard like some lord, behaving like the master of the house. Whenever it was upset, it would chew up the shoes in the house and whenever the master wasn't paying attention to it, the panther would tear up the books he was reading."

Yang Manli's face lit up, as if she had just realized something. Then she started looking at Han Sen with wondering eyes, as if she were in deep thought.

"I was curious. So, I went to ask the neighbor why he spoiled the cat like that," Han Sen said.

"And what answer did you receive?" Yang Manli curiously asked.

Han Sen sighed and said, "Well, the neighbor just rolled his eyes and said, 'Don't you know it's only a cat? Its world is fairly small and as a master, I am its everything. In the reverse, from your point of view, it is only a cat.'"

After he said that, Han Sen patted Yang Manli's shoulder and said, "You go do your thing. Our world does not belong here."

Seeing Han Sen's shadow leave the room, Yang Manli's emotions were in complicated knots. A prevailing emotion, however, was one of shock.

"So, after all, he does not value Qi Xiuwen. And he does not prioritize the well-being of the ice fields or the BlackG.o.d Shelter in his heart?" Yang Manli's eyes looked confused, and she continued talking to herself. "To you, Qi Xiuwen is merely a fun pet."

After Han Sen left the shelter, he boarded his Crystal Palace and went off in search of more mutant creatures to hunt. The flesh of the mutant creatures he had hunted previously had all been eaten, which had raised his amount of mutant geno points to 76. It was close to being maxed out.

Although there were many mutant creatures in the sea, eating their flesh took a long time, due to the rareness of small mutant creatures out there.

The silver fox perched upon Han Sen's shoulder with a wagging tail. It watched the fish outside the sea with eyes of fervent wonderment.

"In the Crystal Palace, the silver fox's presence doesn't seem to be noticed by the creatures of the sea. Perhaps this is my chance," Han Sen thought to himself.