Super Gene - Chapter 548: The Exposed Shelter

Chapter 548: The Exposed Shelter

Chapter 548: The Exposed Shelter

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Han Sen left the virtual training camp in a good mood. After practicing with Xiang Fei, the Dual sword skill had significantly improved.

Han Sen took a shower, all the while humming a song. When he was done, he lay down on the bed right as his communicator rang. Taking a look at who was calling, he saw it was Qin Xuan.

"Qin Xuan, it's very late for you to be calling. I can only a.s.sume you don't have a boyfriend," Han Sen joked with her.

Qin Xuan served the army, but the two frequently stayed in touch. Although they no longer travelled in the same circles, Han Sen was still used to calling her Team Qin.

"I often go on blind dates, it's just that I have yet to meet someone suitable." Qin Xuan did not care too much for these things. Casually, she continued, "I heard Yang Manli has been talking about you; you've been doing a great job, and she was complimenting you a good deal. I almost thought it was a Manli doppelganger."

"To have Team Qin compliment me makes my deeds worth the effort." Han Sen laughed, but wanted to change the subject.

Qin Xuan recognized this. She rolled her eyes and said nothing more about it. She blinked and then said, "Did you go to the virtual training camp?"


Han Sen was going to tell her his virtual training camp ID, but Qin Xuan went on and said, "Earlier, I met an elite in the virtual training camp, and I've learnt a lot from him."

"What kind of elite?" Han Sen asked.

"I presume it was a great general in the army, or even a top surpa.s.ser. He wasn't just a master of all the hyper geno arts - he could even modify them to suit him," Qin Xuan told him excitedly.

Hearing her, Han Sen thought something was amiss. In a strange tone, he said, "What was this elite's ID?"

"It was 'A Little Soldier on the Battles.h.i.+p'. Have you seen him before?" Qin Xuan asked.

"No. Absolutely not." Han Sen replied quickly. He was shocked, for he did not know that Qin Xuan was Xuan Fei.

"It's okay if you haven't. There's no need to look nervous about it." Qin Xuan rolled her eyes again and then said, "If you happen to see him, sometime in the future, you should remember to ask him. He might be able to teach you a thing or two. The well of that person's abilities is bottomless. I guarantee you that whatever he teaches will be incredibly useful."

"I'll keep that in mind." Han Sen maintained his cool.

"What's your ID in the training camp?" Qin Xuan asked.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to visit the training camp for some time. Tell me your ID and I'll add you the next time I am there." Han Sen said.

"Okay - My ID is Xiang Fei." Qin Xuan said.

"Xiang Fei? Well, who is the emperor?" Han Sen knew that Qin Xuan was Xiang Fei, so he laughed.

"No one has yet shown they possess the right qualities to become my emperor." Qin Xuan pouted slightly as she said this.

"When I was in school, my ID was Black Fist Emperor. Do you want to team up with me, since I am an emperor?"

"Sure. You come here." Qin Xuan smiled at Han Sen.

Han Sen suddenly had an unpleasant feeling. He slanted his head and said, "Actually, perhaps not. As emperor, even I may not be able to handle you."

"You talk such rot. If I tell Ji Yanran later, I'd like to see how you will be tortured." Qin Xuan took a deep breath then continued, "I was going to ask you to help me practice the sword skill I learnt from the elite. But it's okay if you don't have time to visit the virtual training camp. I'm going for a shower now."

After that, Qin Xuan hung up.

"This is too much of a coincidence. Xiang Fei is Team Qin?" Han Sen licked his lips. He was wondering if she secretly knew that he was the great elite she kept referring to. If she didn't, what would she look like if he told her?

"I didn't expect Team Qin to miss something." Han Sen was thinking of a way in which he could prank her, the next time they met. That would be sweet justice for the last time prank she had played on him.

Before Han Sen could think of a way, the communicator rang once more. This time, it was Yang Manli.

The special security outfit of the G.o.ddess Shelter comprised only the two of them. They had not yet been able to find new members, as no potential candidates wanted to go to the G.o.ddess Shelter. The shelter was too far away from everything else, and the numbers that visited were too few to choose from.

After he answered, he saw Yang Manli dressed only in her pyjamas. Her snow-white shoulders were exposed, as were her lovely, snow-white legs. Han Sen complimented her by saying, "It is a little cold, but those legs are amazing. I could play with those beautiful legs for many years."

Han Sen then felt a little strange. Yang Manli was a serious person on most occasions, and very rarely would you see her not wearing her military or battle outfits.

Why would Yang Menli change her clothes and suddenly start talking to him in her pyjamas?

"Something is wrong." Yang Manli's face did not look well, and her speaking was rushed.

"What happened?" Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows. If Yang Manli was in such a hurry, then it must have something to do with the G.o.ddess Shelter.

"Some people from outside have discovered our shelter. There are dozens of them. I think they are the people you spoke of, out in the ice fields." Yang Manli said.

"Do you know which shelter they come from?" Han Sen looked serious, too.

"Someone asked them, and they said they were from the BlackG.o.d Shelter. But before I could arrive, they had already left." Yang Manli looked worried, and then asked, "Are they going to do something to us?"

"There's a 90% chance they will attempt something. Out on the ice fields, there aren't many resources readily available to build a royal shelter. They're not likely to let the G.o.ddess Shelter go." Han Sen said.

"What should we do?" The G.o.ddess Shelter lacked the power to withstand the attack of a major force.

Aside from Han Sen, there was not a single elite that possessed 100 sacred geno points who belonged to the G.o.ddess Shelter.

"There's nothing we can do. If they dare come, then let them. You should send someone to keep an eye on the snowy mountains. If you receive new information, don't hesitate to contact me. If they don't come, then that's fine. If they do come, then it is good that I can confront them. I will kill any who draw near." Han Sen said coldly.

In the BlackG.o.d Shelter, BlackG.o.d and the manager of the BlackG.o.d Shelter were deep in discussion.

The looks on many people's faces were ones of excitement. A group of BlackG.o.d's people had ventured past the snowy mountains, and had discovered the presence of a royal shelter that had been claimed by humans.

They had also heard that inside the shelter, there existed an evolver who possessed over 100 sacred geno points. This was extremely good news for them.

"The owner of the shelter is Han Sen?" BlackG.o.d's eyes were cold and frightening to see. He could not wait to rip Han Sen apart. It was just that Han Sen was always alone and tracking him down was difficult. It was great news to learn that they had discovered his shelter.

"Boss, there is no way our information is incorrect. This shelter must belong to Han Sen. We even asked the people in there about Han Sen's appearance, and they practically confirmed it for us," an evolver said.

"Good. Rally the troops - I am taking over that shelter!" BlackG.o.d's eyes possessed a murderous look.