Super Gene - Chapter 547: A Burnt Shelter

Chapter 547: A Burnt Shelter

Chapter 547: A Burnt Shelter

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"What's going on? That blue seahorse just incinerated the entire shelter." Han Sen watched as the shelter was engulfed in blue flames. His mind froze in shock.

The blue flames reached a dozen miles in length, and they writhed around the entirety of the Seabed Shelter. Stranger still was the fact that no spirit or creature seemed to have escaped from there.

The area that surrounded the shelter was quiet. The only motion to be seen was that of the Seabed Shelter, now composed of blue flames like h.e.l.l. So bright were the flames that the whole sea was now illuminated in blue.

The fires blazed across the seabed for an hour, and when the sea's new color finally dimmed, the Seabed Shelter had become nothing more than a mound of ash. Had the blackened, charred dust not remained on the clear sand of the seabed, Han Sen would not have believed that the place known as the Seabed Shelter had even existed.

Seeing the shadow of the blue seahorse fade from sight, Han Sen at last dared to sail the Crystal Palace closer to where the Seabed Shelter had once thrived.

The seabed for the surrounding dozens of miles was now a charred landscape. Nothing remained. The lethal fire had erased all that once was.

Han Sen s.h.i.+vered, and his heart was struck with a genuine fear. He could not imagine how powerful that blue seahorse must be, to reduce a shelter that was a dozen miles long, into nothing more than dust and echoes.

"If the super creatures are all as frightening as that blue seahorse, although I have perfected four of my genes, I don't believe I could compete with them. Would I be able to withstand a lick of that blue flame?" Han Sen was concerned with the thought of the blue seahorse returning, so he ordered the Mermaid Princess to sail the Crystal Palace away.

After leaving the area, Han Sen's mind became a little calmer. When he was amidst the rubble and remains of the shelter, he saw which direction the seahorse had gone. It was towards the Seabed Trench, a frightful place that looked like a crack that could lead into h.e.l.l. Han Sen looked in that direction and felt terrified, shaking off the remote thought of giving chase to the creature.

The Water Buffalo that Han Sen slew was able to provide enough food for the next month. After seeing the blue seahorse, however, Han Sen's interest in hunting in the deep sea waned significantly.

"How might I kill that blue seahorse? If I could obtain its beast soul, I can't imagine how terrifying it would be for others." Han Sen's heart, when thinking this, was in equal parts excitement and fearful concern.

While he was in the First Shelter, it was incredibly difficult for Han Sen to slay a super creature. It wouldn't be until he had a group of super soldiers by his side that he could kill one.

The super creatures of the Second Shelter were even scarier. Han Sen didn't know whether he could kill one, even if he managed to maximize his sacred geno points. If he couldn't, it would all be down to his usage of hyper geno arts.

Still, he couldn't risk rus.h.i.+ng his learning of the Dongxue Sutra. And he had no idea when he would manage to open his first gene lock.

Having now returned to the Alliance, Han Sen planned to pay another visit to the virtual training camp in the army base so that he could further practice Dual. His musings over whether he could slay a super creature were unrealistic at best, but his prior target of a Twin Spirit would be a fine foe to take on next.

The Mermaid Princess was able to control the Crystal Palace, so it was possible that the Twin Spirit had similar advantages of its own. He could think about what he could do with it, once he had obtained it. Perhaps it would come in handy further down the line, when he wanted to take on a super creature?

After seeing the blue seahorse, Han Sen now resolved to improve his power through any means necessary.

Just as he entered the virtual training camp, he was invited to duel. It was from Qin Xuan's virtual training camp ID, Xiang Fei. Han Sen accepted and entered this "Xiang Fei's" room.

"Coach, do you have the time to provide another lesson?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen with hopeful eyes.

"No lessons today, but I did learn a new sword skill recently. Perhaps you would like to train alongside me?" Han Sen asked casually. He did not know that his opponent would be Qin Xuan; he merely thought that Xiang Fei was a good fighter he hadn't met before. To train Dual with her would be fine.

"New sword skill?" Qin Xuan's eyes widened. For an elite to adopt a new sword skill, she was curious to know what it was.

Han Sen picked up a long-sword and started to duel with her.

Han Sen's Dual sword skill had been significantly modified. Although not yet perfect, it was a complete dual-blade sword skill.

Qin Xuan was using a dagger. She thought she was going to be attacked by a mad hurricane of sorts, but it wasn't so. Although Han Sen's attacks came in strongly, they weren't very powerful.

This confused Qin Xuan. Why would an elite such as Han Sen bother to learn a skill that wasn't all that potent?

This was because Qin Xuan a.s.sumed Han Sen's character was some mighty elite and didn't know it was actually Han Sen himself. She didn't doubt his decision, however, and only mulled over why he would select such a skill.

Quickly, Qin Xuan noticed the problem and recognized the sword skill Han Sen was using.

She thought to herself, "Isn't that a sword skill traditionally cast by two people? He's actually using a sword skill designed for two, isn't he? Is he modifying it for use by only one person?" Qin Xuan had seen the skill in action before, and after recognizing it, felt quite surprised.

A person had to be a strong elite to be able to modify an S-Cla.s.s skill that way. Who would spend that much time and effort to do it, as this person had?

Besides, modifying a two-person skill into a solo-skill... wasn't that pointless? If he had that time, why did he even bother learning a two-person skill?

To have the time and effort to commit to something like that, he must have been really bored, or something.

Qin Xuan did not dare to slow down and gave battle with Han Sen all that she could. If not for her own self-improvement, then perhaps for his benefit.

With the skills Qin Xuan possessed, she quickly noticed that there many flaws and issues with Han Sen's modified skill. So she put more focus onto her offense, to try to reveal those errors to him.

Qin Xuan trained with Han Sen for quite some time. She noticed that he kept changing the skill and improving its efficiency as he went on.

The longer they battled, the more powerful Qin Xuan believed Han Sen to be. No matter what flaw or weak point she discovered, after her first attack to draw attention to it, he quickly had it fixed and it would never appear again, demonstrating an efficiency she admired.

Qin Xuan thought he must have only started modifying it and did not know he had actually been improving it for a long time. He had uncovered many issues in his previous testing of the skill, but had then lacked the opportunities to trial it further.

With Qin Xuan's help in highlighting all the issues, the sword skill rapidly nearing completion.

Qin Xuan had witnessed a two-person sword skill become a skill for wielding by one, and she was taken aback. The most surprising thing for her, however, was Han Sen's ability to effectively control two things with one mind. Both of his hands were able to cast a sword skill, which made her feel as if she was actually doing battle with two people.

"No wonder he isn't going to Saint Hall to learn the Dual sword skill. There are no strange sword skills there. This modified Dual skill really is amazing." Qin Xuan held great admiration for Han Sen in her heart. Having learnt and watched Han Sen modify the Dual sword skill, she wanted to see if she could learn the skill for herself.