Super Gene - Chapter 518: Bully Annie

Chapter 518: Bully Annie

Chapter 518: Bully Annie

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"What do you want?" Annie thought Han Sen wanted her to suppress her strength to fight him.

Annie did not mind that. Even if she had to lower her strength, she believed she could beat Han Sen completely.

"Let's go to the training room," Han Sen said and walked toward the training room.

"Now is not the time," Annie did not move, but said coldly.

"What? Are you afraid?" Han Sen looked at her sarcastically.

Annie ignored it and said, "Now I still have to work. I will see you at the training room in three hours."

"Okay, I will wait for you." Han Sen appreciated this quality about her very much. She was indeed a good soldier, loyal to her duties.

Han Sen returned to his room and caught the unicorn beetle which was going around everywhere. Without eating or drinking, it did not starve.

Han Sen tried to feed it with different things, but it was not interested in any food. Han Sen wondered how it kept itself alive.

At the agreed time, when Han Sen reached the training room, he saw that Annie had changed from uniform to a white combat suit.

"Let's begin," she said coldly, seeing Han Sen coming in.

"What do you want?" Han Sen stood outside and did not enter.

"Don't you want me to suppress my strength to fight you? Are you afraid now?" Annie said with contempt.

"Sister, when have I said that? I am no idiot. Even if you suppress your own strength. Your eyesight and reflex are not something that could be reduced. I am not foolish, so why would I ask for that?" Han Sen curled his lips.

"Then what do you want?" Annie frowned.

"We have both learned military boxing, right?" Han Sen said.

"What if I have?" Annie asked.

"If you have learned it, that's easy. Let's do it the civilized way. I name a move and then you can name a move. We will both use the techniques from voter boxing only. If that fair?" Han Sen said.

"The way of combat is focused on the reflex and flexibility. If we are talking about the moves, how can we decide who is the winner? Moving the lips is no fun," said Annie frowning.

"Just tell me if you dare to do it. If you do not there, you can leave now and stay out of my way in the future," Han Sen said contemptuously.

"Okay, I will see what tricks you have up your sleeves." Annie did not believe that Han Sen would win using the same military boxing.

"Lady first. You go." Han Sen felt relaxed, as he was fully confident.

Talking about the moves, he would definitely win. All other elements were ruled out and only the moves matter. It was like playing go. Although the pieces were the same, the method to calculate was different.

In order to win, the strategy was key, which was what Han Sen was good at. Strength, speed, and reflex were less important.

Although Annie was surpa.s.ser, a civilized fight like this one wiped clean all her advantages. On the other hand, Han Sen who was good at calculation had an advantage.

"Head punch!" Annie thought about it and said a move of attacking.

"Sideway punches, left of your ribs," Han Sen answered quickly.

"Backward elbow, turning to the left to attack your neck." Annie felt slightly uncomfortable. She had never tried to make the move mentally and had to think for a while before she said anything.

The two persons exchanged thirty moves and then Annie felt something was wrong. She found herself trapped in a dangerous situation.

Although the moves were all the same, Annie felt it was hard for her to attack. When fourteen moves were exchanged, she could no longer think of a way to dodge Han Sen's attacks.

"You lost," Han Sen said contentedly.

"This is just talking. If it were in a real fight, you could never have done that," Annie said, unwilling to accept her failure.

"That is okay. We can act out what we had just said. However, this time, neither of us shall use force. We will just act out what we had said," Han Sen walked up to Annie and said.

"Okay," Annie did not believe that.

However, when the two persons were sparring like Han Sen had just explained, Annie did not have anywhere to dodge when it came to the thirty ninth move. Unless he used speed and strength beyond Han Sen, she would lose for sure.

"How about that? Are you convinced?" Han Sen glanced at Annie and said.

"This is the first time for me to do this. I'm not like you who is all talk." Annie was not convinced. She did not believe that she would be inferior to Han Sen.

"That's fine. We can do it again. I will beat you until you are convinced," Han Sen curled his lips and said.

"Okay, but we will both speak and act out this time," Annie thought she lost to Han Sen because she was not good at imagination.

"Okay," Han Sen smiled and said. Acting out was not the important part. As long as no strength was involved, then Annie would not still be inferior to him.

After all, everyone had a specialty, and Han Sen's was calculation. Annie seemed to be the type that were good at violent moves.

The fight began again. However, the result was no different from last time. This time, she lost even faster. She could no longer continue after the thirty fifth move.

"Are you convinced?" Han Sen asked again.

"No…" Annie bit her lips, unable to accept the fact that she was inferior to Han Sen. There was no way she was now the match of a man who lived off a woman.

"Then let's do it again," Han Sen grinned and said. Annie was looking for trouble herself, so he had no reason not to give it to her.

Annie was someone stubborn. They fought for more than thirty times and she did not win even once. Lost, lost, and lost, she did not even make it to the fortieth move once.

Although she did not use strength and her energy was not consumed, she became pale and sweaty on her forehead. She did not understand why she would lose to Han Sen again and again using the same moves only with different order, not to mention in such a miserable way. Initially, she thought as long as she was familiar with this way of fighting, she could turn the situation around. All her previous losses were just because she was not used to it. However, the fact was cruel. Whether or not she knew the way of fighting well, she lost equally.

Annie found that she was so weak in front of Han Sen just based on the moves in martial arts. This man who she despised seemed to be exceptionally good in this regard. Now Annie had understood she was no match to Han Sen in this respect.

"Do we need to continue?" Han Sen smiled at Annie.

"It is no wonder that you want because you have studied these trivial matters. However, if it were a real fight, there is no way you could beat me." Annie knew that she had lost, but she would not admit it.

"Then let's fight for real," Han Sen said abruptly.