Super Gene - Chapter 517: The Shame of Soldiers

Chapter 517: The Shame of Soldiers

Chapter 517: The Shame of Soldiers

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Yi Dongmu stared at the angel eating the triceratops, feeling dazed. It was very hard for him to imagine that the angel who looked like a little girl would be able to consume the better half of the meat of the triceratops in a little while and did not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

He turned back and looked at Han Sen, seeing Han Sen was eating his leftover barbecue. Yi Dongmu's expression became more complicated.

As the descendent of a senator, he was someone who had seen a lot. However, he had never seen someone like Han Sen who fed a humanoid sacred-blood pet with all his sacred-blood meat since he entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

The resources on the icefield were extremely limited. Although this creature was big in size, it was a sacred-blood creature nonetheless. Feeding it all to the pet made even Yi Dongmu cringe.

At this point, Yi Dongmu had to rea.s.sess Han Sen. Strong, wanton, and careless. Even Yi Dongmu felt puzzled about the background of Han Sen.

"It is about time. I must return to the Alliance now. Let's meet next time." After the Archangel finished eating the triceratops, Han Sen directly said goodbye.

Although as long as Ji Yanran did not call him,he was idle and had infinite free time, he'd still go back from time to time in case Ji Yanran got worried.

"I will return to the Alliance as well. Let's go together." Although Yi Dongmu did not need to go back to the Alliance, he wanted to find out about Han Sen's background and who he was.

The two persons teleported back to the Alliance from Starwheel Shelter. Yi Dongmu immediately looked up all the information about Han Sen. The name Han Sen being real was out of Yi Dongmu's expectation.

After looking up Han Sen's materials, Yi Dongmu felt quite strange.

Judging from Han Sen's background, he was such an ordinary guy that it did not match his achievements at all.

From his information, the biggest difference in Han Sen's life was his girlfriend Ji Yanran.

However, although the Jis were an incredibly prominent family, Han Sen only knew Ji Yanran after he went to the military Academy. Before that, he did not receive any help from the Jis.

Even now, the Jis had not been helping Han Sen. Before Ji Yanran married the guy, the Jis had no reason to help him.

Whether she would marry Han Sen was still unknown. Aside from that, Yi Dongmu felt incredible reading about Han Sen's growth. Yi Dongmu thought if he were Han Sen, he would never have achieved what Han Sen had.

In addition, according to the information, Han Sen had entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for less than a year. The fact that he had such fitness on the icefield with limited resources made Yi Dongmu feel incredulous.

"How did he do it?" Yi Dongmu couldn't help frowning.

Han Sen returned to Daphne, trying to meet Ji Yanran. However, at the door, he was blocked by Annie.

"We are both guards. Why are you minding my business?" Han Sen was very upset with Annie. Since she had come, he did not have much chance to be alone with Ji Yanran.

"Because I said no," Annie stayed cold and said.

"What if I must go inside?" Han Sen was mad, asking any coldly.

"You can try." Annie looked at Han Sen indifferently, as if she were looking at a dead man.

Han Sen immediately wanted to go inside by force. Just because she was a surpa.s.ser, Annie was being incredibly arrogant, which p.i.s.sed him off.

The doors of Ji Yanran's office suddenly opened and Ji Yanran came out from inside. She held Han Sen's hand and said to Annie, "Colonel Annie, he is also my guard. He has the right to see me at any time."

"I'm sorry, Mis Ji. The order I got was to protect your safety a hundred percent, ruling out all the unsafe elements." Annie said calmly.

"Please, Captain. This is in the military," Ji Yanran said, a bit upset.

Annie did not speak again, but she looked the same, not taking Ji Yanran's words seriously.

Ji Yanran did not say anything more and pulled Han Sen into her office.

"Do not have any conflict with her in the future. She will kill you," Ji Yanran said helplessly to Han Sen.

"A guard can be so arrogant? Disrespecting your words?" Han Sen said.

"Technically speaking, she is my guard. However, I do not deserve to have a guard like that with my current position. She was arranged by that person in my family. In fact, she only listens to him and my words are basically useless," Ji Yanran said helplessly, leaning against Han Sen.

"However, she is also doing it for my safety, so do not provoke her in the future."

Han Sen nodded. He also knew that Ji Yanran's safety depended on Annie. It was impossible for her to count on him as her guard since he was away all the time. When Han Sen left Ji Yanran's room, it was already nighttime. Annie was still guarding the door. Judging by her position, it seemed she had not even moved in the past couple of hours.

"Men like you are a shame to all soldiers," when Han Sen just stepped out of the room, he suddenly heard Annie saying coldly.

"Are you talking about me?" Han Sen turned around, stared at Annie and asked.

"The most disgusting are men who live off women like you," Annie said to Han Sen, disgusted.

Han Sen looked Annie up and down for several minutes, but he said nothing.

"What are you looking at?" Annie felt uncomfortable under his gaze and exclaimed coldly.

"With the professional judgment of someone who lives off women, I can tell you that you do not have what it takes for a man to live off you. You will probably die alone," Han Sen said seriously.

"You…" Annie was s.h.i.+vering in anger.

"You think you are so good because you are a surpa.s.ser? If I were a surpa.s.ser, I could kill you with one strike. Do you believe that?" Han Sen curled his lips and said.

"I will wait for you to become a surpa.s.ser and see how you kill me with one strike." Annie's face became blue. However, she was not someone good at talking. She was so angry that she could say nothing.

In fact, there was a reason for Annie to hate Han Sen so much. Because her dad died early, she was raised by a single parent.

Later on, Annie's mother found a boyfriend, who initially treated both Annie and her mother well. He had nice temper and worked hard. Even Annie as a little girl thought he was a good man and called him father.

Who knows that the man was not only a gigolo, but also a fraud. A couple of days before he was about to marry Annie's mother, he took away all their belongings, which made life very hard for Annie and her mother.

She grew to loathe this type of man very much. Furthermore, Han Sen came to Daphne and became Ji Yanran's guard because of nepotism. Coupled with what Annie had heard at the Jis, she hated Han Sen very much.

"You do not have to wait until the future. If you dare to play with me, I can prove it to you how weak you are if we are of the same status," said Han Sen, curling his lips.