Super Gene - Chapter 501: Southwest Soldier King

Chapter 501: Southwest Soldier King

Chapter 501: Southwest Soldier King

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Yin Yang Blast that Han Sen had practiced for a long time was eventually put into use.

Yin Yang Blast invented by Professor Bai was a method to use strength, and it could be used by people of any status.

Han Sen's conversion rate of the yin force had reached over 95%. Initially, he thought it might take some extra work to get rid of Tie Yi. After all, the yin force could not hurt Tie Yi when his limbs were hit. Only when Han Sen hit Tie Yi where the inner organs were located could Han Sen manage to injure the vulnerable organs.

However, unexpectedly, Tie Yi was so confident in his fitness and Super Diamond Body that Tie Yi did not try to block Han Sen's punches at all, which saved Han Sen a lot of trouble.

Since it was merely a contest, Han Sen did not have any murderous thoughts. Otherwise, if he hit Tie Yi's head, Tie Yi would at least become an idiot if he was not killed.

However, Tie Yi was not to blame for his negligence. In such an interstellar era where efficiency is everything, there were few people willing to spend time and energy to practice the yin force. In addition, even fewer people could succeed.

Normally speaking, an evolver could greatly improve their ability to fight no matter what hyper geno art they practiced. For example, Thunder Knife that Han Sen had received but did not have time to practice yet could show obvious effects in a short amount of time.

However, the practice of the yin force not only needed a lot of time, but it did not help as much in improving one's ability to fight.

In the very beginning, it would be commendable if the yin force could penetrate 1 inch with a low conversion rate. In terms of hunting large creatures, one's ability to fight was not enhanced, but weakened.

For larger creatures, even their skin would be more than 1 inch thick. With the yin force, one could not even penetrate their skin. In the meantime, one's force was reduced by almost half. So, this skill was completely useless. And frankly, it sucked.

There were few people who practiced the yin force and even fewer who succeeded. Tie Yi had such a great fitness that even his inner organs were tough enough to endure hits above 100. If his opponent were not Han Sen, but someone with a fitness index just over a hundred, the yin force would not really hurt Tie Yi if the conversion rate was under 95%.

A conversion rate of 80% was quite rare already. Tie Yi had never seen such powerful yin force before in his life, so he did not think Han Sen had any way to hurt him in the first place.

Han Sen repeatedly punched Tie Yi, hurting his inner organs secretly. The yin force could not be detected easily, and it was completely normal for someone to feel pain under strong strikes, which was why Tie Yi did not pay any attention.

After Tie Yi used his force, his injured inner organs collapsed. That was why Han Sen told him not to move. If Tie Yi went to the doctor directly, the consequences will not be very severe.

However, Tie Yi still tried to attack, which worsened his injuries in inner organs. Without resting for several months, he would not be able to get up again.

The doctors from the medical team quickly carried Tie Yi was turning up the whites of his eyes away, leaving Han Sen enjoying the cheers and applause alone on the stage.

No one had imagined that the invincible Tiger of Blueblood was defeated like that, in such an unimaginable way.

Tie Yi's choice to let Han Sen hit him was seen as a sign of ignorance and arrogance, while Han Sen became the hero and glory of the southwestern galaxy overnight.

Many real masters were astonished by Han Sen's performance. Naturally, they could tell that Han Sen was hurting Tie Yi's inner organs with the yin force. However, the Super Diamond Body that Tie Yi practiced had an effect on enhancing his inner organs although it was the first stage. Without the strength of over a hundred, even yang force could not hurt Tie Yi's heart directly, let alone the yin force.

Han Sen had a fitness level around a hundred and ten. The fact that he was able to beat Tie Yi like that indicated his incredible talent in practicing the yin force.

With numerous advanced officers present, among whom many were surpa.s.sers, no one dared to say that they could use the yin force better than Han Sen.

Many surpa.s.sers looked at Han Sen with more respect. A young man who could endure the boredom to practice the yin force so well was in no way an ordinary person. His perseverance and insistence were all what it took for people to remember his name.

The last fight was between Zheng Yuze and Han Sen were competing for the t.i.tle of Southwest Soldier King. the fight for the third place was canceled because of the serious injury of Tie Yi.

It did not cost Han Sen much effort to beat Tie Yi, which made it easier for Han Sen to fight Zheng.

Zheng Yuze had a fitness level similar to Han Sen's when Han Sen used all the methods to improve his fitness. In addition, Zheng Yuze was a good fighter, so he would not be careless in front of Han Sen who had just beaten Tie Yi senseless. Zheng Yuze was very careful and took the defense position in the beginning, trying to beat Han Sen who had already fought once by consuming his energy, which showed his respect to Han Sen as well.

This way, Han Sen had the perfect opportunity to fully demonstrate the skills that he had learned.

Seven Kill, Double Blade, Diversion and other skills were so great that the soldiers were all bedazzled, applauding louder and louder.

In the eyes of the true masters, Zheng Yuze had lost from the very beginning.

The two persons had similar fitness, or maybe Zheng Yuze was even stronger. However, in terms of the cultivation of martial arts, Han Sen was obviously on a much higher level. Zheng Yuze was completed following Han Sen's lead. He could only act pa.s.sively, without any hope to win.

"Nowadays less and less young people are truly dedicated to martial arts. Most people only focus on the skills instead of the arts. That's why they never reach a high level. This Han Sen is very good, looking like a true master. He will have a great future for sure," said the chief with approval.

The secretary smiled wryly inwardly. The more the chief liked Han Sen, the bigger his mistake was.

However, after being criticized by the chief, the secretary had realized that he should stop covering up his mistake, but face it to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Without any suspense, Han Sen beat Zheng Yuze and became the new Southwest Soldier King. Zheng Yuze was not able to fight back effectively from the beginning to the end. It was as if the two persons were not on the same level at all.

In fact, Zheng Yuze was afraid before he even started, terrified by Tie Yi's injuries inflicted by Han Sen. Zheng Yuze was too conservative to perform at his usual level. If he could fight normally instead of being overly defensive, Han Sen would not be able to win so smoothly.

Although the t.i.tle of Southwest Soldier King was an annual one, it was still quite valuable, especially for the fact that Han Sen beat Tiger of Blueblood Tie Yi to gain it.

The chief himself personally awarded Han Sen the medal and certificate. Unfortunately, there was no material or monetary reward in the military, which upset Han Sen a little bit.

The soldiers who had partic.i.p.ated in the contest returned to their troops and told others about how Han Sen beat Tie Yi, making the name Han Sen known to almost everyone in the Southwest Galaxy, which was a great honor.