Super Gene - Chapter 500: You Have Lost Already

Chapter 500: You Have Lost Already

Chapter 500: You Have Lost Already

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However, Tie Yi was not just being arrogant. The reason he was showing such confidence was not because he looked down on his opponent.

For Tie Yi, it was less important to beat Han Sen. His main goal was to earn the approval of Ji Yanran and the Jis. Otherwise, even if he had become a guard of Ji Yanran's, he would not receive too much attention.

Therefore, Tie Yi needed to show his strongest side. Even if he could not make Ji Yanran satisfy, he would need to get the approval from the Jis at least.

Seeing Tie Yi was trying to block his punch with Super Diamond Body, Han Sen was not mad at all, but happy instead.

If there was an idiot standing still taking your punch, what was there to be mad about? Han Sen added more force into his punch and hit Tie Yi's chest. The horrendous punches ripped off Tie Yi's combat suit, exposing his significant muscles gleaming like metal.

Boom boom boom!

The clash between the fist and muscle made m.u.f.fled sounds like metal, making the audience feel shocked.

After a series of attacks, Han Sen took back his fists and stepped back. His Jade like fist were already swollen and red, blood even flowed from some spots.

However, Tie Yi did not even move. His muscles were not even red. Standing on the stage like an ancient G.o.d, he looked invincible.

"So scary. How come he was not affected by the punches at all?"

"Of course he was not affected. It was Super Diamond Body that ranks top ten among all hyper geno arts. I heard that even if someone had just gained initial success, he could not be hurt by anyone with a fitness level under a hundred and twenty."

"Dammit. That's awesome. If I knew it, I would have practiced it as well."

"Ha ha, forget it. The difficulty to get that hyper geno art notwithstanding, even if you have it, it would be impossible for you to gain initial success without five or six decades of practice unless you are especially talented. Would you take that bet?"

"How old is Tie Yi? He must only be thirty something? How come he have practiced for so long?"

"That's why we call him an elite and genius. Ordinary people could not be compared against him."

"Only someone with a fitness level above a hundred twenty could hurt him, so doesn't it mean that Han Sen had no chance at all? His strongest punch was just 110+."

"Yes, didn't you see that Tie Yi did not even pay attention to Han Sen's attack? The gap between them is so big that there is no way around it."

"Sigh, Han Sen could not beat Tie Yi after all."

"You can't put it that way. How old this Han Sen? At Tie Yi's age, he must be much stronger than Tie Yi. Unfortunately, he's too young now."

"Don't talk about age. Losing is losing. We soldiers from Southwest Galaxy are not sore losers and we did not need excuses."

A lot of soldiers watching were discussing. Most of them were impressed by the strength of Super Diamond Body and felt sorry for Han Sen.

Seeing Tie Yi's performance, the secretary was secretly relieved. This time, he made a huge mistake, but luckily, the result was not too different from his prediction. Tie Yi would still beat Han Sen, which made the secretary felt much better.

If Tie Yi was defeated by Han Sen, then his investigation would become a huge joke. Even if the chief did not scold him, the secretary would feel bad himself.

What was more important was that this might cost him the trust of the chief. If he could not even do a brief a.n.a.lysis right, would the chief trust him with more important matters in the future?

For a secretary, it was dangerous to lose the trust of his supervisor.

"You seem to be relieved?" The chief suddenly turned back and looked at the secretary.

"No…" The secretary was surprised and answered hurriedly.

"Do you think Han Sen will lose?" The chief asked again.

"I…" The secretary muttered, not sure how to answer.

"It is not your fault to be mistaken in the investigation. After all, you did not see Han Sen in person. However, if you still failed to make the correct judgments after he saw him, then it could only mean that you still have much to learn," the chief said casually.

"Chief, you're saying that Han Sen will win?" The secretary suddenly became pale, but the chief did not say much more, gazing at the two soldiers on the stage deeply.

"Did you finish?" Seeing Han Sen stepping back, Tie Yi said coldly.

"Yes." Han Sen swung his arms to relieve the p.r.i.c.kling of his bones. Having hit Tie Yi's a dozen times, his bones were about to be cracked. Super Diamond Body was indeed quite frightening.

"Do you want to go alone?" Tie Yi asked.

"No, I'm good." Han Sen shook his head and said.

"Then it is my turn," Tie Yi said and raised his fist, ready to hit Han Sen.

"I don't think you should make that move," Han Sen said sullenly.

"Why?" Tie Yi frowned slightly, not understanding what Han Sen meant.

"Because you have already lost," Han Sen said seriously to Tie Yi.

"Ha, nonsense." Tie Yi snorted and did not deign to speak to Han Sen again, raising his fist at Han Sen.

Same as Tie Yi, Han Sen stood still against Tie Yi's fist.

"So, Han Sen has also practiced Super Diamond Body?"

"That's unlikely. How old is he? Even if he's talented, it is impossible for him to succeed in practicing Super Diamond Body."

"Why is he staying still then? Is he waiting to be punched?"

"Who knows? He just said Tie Yi has already lost. So, there must be some reason."

The soldiers looked at Han Sen who was motionless, puzzled. Tie Yi's fist was about to hit Han Sen's face, but Han Sen was still standing calmly, as if Tie Yi were not trying to attack him.

When Tie Yi's fist was less than 5 inches from Han Sen's face, everyone's heart was in their throats. And Tie Yi suddenly froze.

Although Tie Yi's fist was only inches away from Han Sen, Tie Yi suddenly stopped moving and looked terrified. Very pale and cold sweat started to appear on his forehead. If observed closely, his body was also s.h.i.+vering.

"I just suggested you not to make that move, but you didn't listen. Now I'm afraid you have to suffer a bit," Han Sen sighed and said.

"You…" Tie Yi was about to say something, but when he just said a word, blood filled his mouth, and his metal body suddenly became pale. The places where Han Sen had hit became red.

Tie Yi tried hard to punch Han Sen's face which was right next to his fist, but he only moved an inch before he started to vomit blood. His magnificent body found next to Han Sen's feet, and he failed to stand up again after struggling. Blood came out of his mouth continuously. Strange silence fell on the venue. Everyone looked at this incredulous seeing, feeling shocked.