Super Gene - Chapter 489: Kill Dollar

Chapter 489: Kill Dollar

Chapter 489: Kill Dollar

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Han Sen tried a couple of times, but even "Dollar9527" was registered as well.

Feeling quite upset, Han Sen wrote "Kill Dollar" in his ID name, which was eventually usable.

After entering the virtual platform, in front of Han Sen's chest there was a s.h.i.+ny purple badge in the shape of a s.h.i.+eld, which represented the ident.i.ty of sacred-blood aristocrats. Anyone could tell he was a sacred-blood aristocrat at first sight, so there were a lot of envious glances cast his way.

Although at this day and age, there were much more sacred-blood evolvers than there were before, the percentage of sacred-blood evolvers was still low.

Han Sen chose to be randomly matched and was soon matched with someone. Seeing there was a sacred-blood badge on the chest of his opponent as well, Han Sen felt quite pleased.

w.a.n.g Dongyun checked out his opponent and found the ID name was "Kill Dollar." w.a.n.g Dongyun curled his lips and felt even more amused when seeing his record was zero win and zero loss.

"Kill Dollar? A newbie like you does not even deserve to be killed by Dollar." w.a.n.g Dongyun licked his lips, wondering how he could teach this new be a lesson to show him he should be more careful with the ID name he used.

Dollar was a celebrity, so you could fas.h.i.+on your name after him. But don't take yourself so seriously. Kill Dollar my a.s.s.

w.a.n.g Dongyun became a sacred-blood evolver in recent years as well, so he knew the name of Dollar, who was so famous that it was hard for him not to know.

w.a.n.g Dongyun was quite a fan of Dollar's, so he was even more upset when seeing this ID.

After the fight began, w.a.n.g Dongyun did not hesitate to use the explosive punch that he was best at, ready to kill this arrogant newbie that dared to insult Dollar.

However, when he threw half a punch, he suddenly saw his opponent throwing a fist at him as well. Although the strike was not that fast, w.a.n.g Dongyun had to retreat. Otherwise, before he could hit his opponent, he would be punished first.

Taking back his fist sullenly, w.a.n.g Dongyun stepped back at the same time, preparing to kick the newbie's a.s.s later.

However, after this punch, w.a.n.g Dongyun was shocked to find that he never had another opportunity to make an attack. The strikes from his opponent never stopped, making him feel suffocated. If felt he had to dodge or block every punch from his opponent, and there was no opportunity for him to fight back.

As he blocked and dodged, w.a.n.g Dongyun ended up on the edge of the battlefield without even noticing it. With nowhere to go, he was finished off.

w.a.n.g Dongyun could not believe that he was not able to make a single punch facing a newbie. Unable to accept this kind of result, he challenged his opponent again quickly.

His opponent clicked yes. Although w.a.n.g Dongyun was trying to take the Initiative this time around, he quickly ended up in the same situation as the last time, unable to fight back at all.

w.a.n.g Dongyun sent an invite again, while his opponent chose to reject him this time. w.a.n.g Dongyun insisted, but his opponent had already entered another fight, obviously with a new match.

w.a.n.g Dongyun searched for the room of his opponent and chose to watch. He would like to see why that person was able to beat him and why in such a strange way.

Neither the person's speed nor strength was that great. However, he was beaten completely, which made him feel reluctant to accept. w.a.n.g Dongyun checked Kill Dollar's opponent, who was named "I Am Sword Master" with where than a thousand wins and eight hundred losses. That was way record. Since this person was a veteran on the platform, he was definitely not bad.

The moment "I Am Sword Master" moved, w.a.n.g Dongyun knew he was right. This person's sword skills were fierce and fast. Judging by his moves, w.a.n.g Dongyun could tell that this person had put a lot of effort into practicing his sword skills.

If w.a.n.g Dongyun was against this person, he could probably only choose to back off and defend himself under such sword skills.

However, the choice of Kill Dollar made w.a.n.g Dongyun stare his eyes wide open. Kill Dollar did not go back at all, but went forward, punching at I Am Sword Master. The punch was neither fast nor fierce.

In w.a.n.g Dongyun's eyes, I Am Sword Master could definitely cut Han Sen with his sword, but I Am Sword Master chose to retreat, dodging the punch from his opponent.

Later on, w.a.n.g Dongyun felt like he was watching a playback of his own match. I Am Sword Master made the exact same choices as himself, suppressed by Kill Dollar until the last minute, unable to fight back.

"No way… No way in h.e.l.l…" w.a.n.g Dongyun almost jumped up and yelled. He could not understand why I Am Sword Master would choose to retreat in the beginning. Nor did he understand how I Am Sword Master lost in the end. From his perspective, there were so many opportunities to fight back.

In addition, the punches of Kill Dollar were far from perfect. In fact, there were even quite flawed. If I Am Sword Master was able to take advantage of any of the flaws, he could have turned the situation around, which he failed to do.

"Maybe I Am Sword Master is too weak? Yes, it is definitely so." w.a.n.g Dongyun thought it must be the sword man's problem that he could not utilize any of the flaws. Although his sword skills were impressive, he must not be that intelligent.

However, w.a.n.g Dongyun completely forgot that he acted exactly the same way. He did not feel he was too weak and did not take his loss too well.

I Am Sword Master did not take his loss well either, sending another invite to Kill Dollar. He had the exact same thought as w.a.n.g Dongyun.

However, Han Sen did not agree to fight him again. He was practicing the techniques in Dongxuan Sutra, so it would make little sense for him to fight someone he had defeated already. What he needed was endless new challenges against opponents using various skills.

After launching the sneak attack on the royal spirit, Han Sen had a deeper understanding of the techniques in Dongxuan Sutra. The techniques did not need to be perfect. And there was no victory against overwhelming odds in its true sense.

If one beat someone much stronger than oneself, one was merely using one's strength to tackle the stronger person's weakness. How to hit his opponent's weakness with his own strength was Han Sen's main focus at the point.

It would be the best if he could be stronger than his opponent. If not, he had to show his strength against his opponent's weakness, making himself the stronger one, which was the correct way to go.

What Han Sen was practicing currently was to use calculation to match his strength with his opponent's weakness. Even if his opponent was stronger than him over all, he could be partially stronger and consume his opponent's strength in order to win in the end.

w.a.n.g Dongyun insisted on watching Han Sen's fights one after another. Soon, he discovered that the reason that I Am Sword Master lost was not because he was weak, but that Kill Dollar was too strong.

In a dozen fights, Kill Dollar crushed his opponents in the exact same way, which was so strange that he was about to question destiny.

"Is he Dollar himself?" w.a.n.g Dongyun suddenly thought of a question.