Super Gene - Chapter 488: Official Platform

Chapter 488: Official Platform

Chapter 488: Official Platform

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Luckily, the meat of the ghost-pawed ferret was very sweet and tasty, without any foul smell or taste. In fact, it was extremely good with sauces, comparable to sas.h.i.+mi.

"Meat of ghost-pawed ferret eaten. One sacred geno point gained."

Hearing the voice ringing over and over, Han Sen was very pleased. Roughly speaking, two sacred geno points could increase his fitness index by one point. If this ferret could give him ten sacred geno points, his fitness index would be increased by five.

After eating a small part of the ferret, Han Sen suddenly saw a ride coming over on the ice field. To his surprise, it was the man fighting four sacred-blood creatures in Starwheel Shelter earlier.

Han Sen did not know why the man would be here.

As he was puzzled, he saw the man examining the spot where Han Sen killed the evil gargoyle and tracing the footsteps to him.

Han Sen suddenly became alerted, watching the man running his way and approaching him.

"Friend, do not get the wrong idea. I did not mean you harm by tracking you down, but only wanted to make a friend." Seeing Han Sen, Li Xinglun became happy and told Han Sen why he was here.

"If you just want to thank me, then it's not necessary," said Han Sen.

"If I will only want to thank you, I did not need to chase you for more than 300 miles," Li Xinglun said in a clear voice.

"What are you trying to do then?" Han Sen looked at Li Xinglun, feeling curious.

"It is hard to see someone I like, and I do not want to miss a friend," Li Xinglun said seriously.

"You could not make someone your friend by talking," said Han Sen after eating another piece of meat.

"But I first need to know you. If I don't know you, strangers can never become friends."

"That is true."

Li Xinglun sat down opposite Han Sen, and the two started chatting. After a while, Han Sen felt this person was quite interesting. He was gallant, intelligent, and humorous, the kind of person that easily lets others put their guard down.

Although Han Sen was vigilant, he could not help feeling impressed by his knowledge and manner. This person was definitely from a prominent family.

Thanks to Li Xinglun, Han Sen had a general grasp of the situation at this place. On this ice field, there were as many human shelters as 20 to 30.

However, most of them were shelters taken from squire spirits and knight spirits. There were only three shelters that were taken from aristocrat spirits, and each of the three shelters was managed by a different person. The three persons represented the three largest forces on the icefield. Other smaller shelters were almost all under the control of the three forces, and Starwheel Shelter managed by Li Xinglun was one of the three largest shelter on the ice field.

In addition, there was that shelter of the royal spirit, blocking the way between the icefield and outside. Although the situation in this place was much better than Han Sen's G.o.ddess Shelter, it was still an area relatively desolate, not connected to the vast population of humans.

Li Xinglun had always been wanting to take down the royal spirit shelter and expand the hunting area. Otherwise, the resources were limited in this area, which made it hard for him to max out on sacred geno points.

However, depending on the ability of Starwheel Shelter alone, there was no way they could take down the royal spirit shelter. In addition, human shelters on this ice field had been competing against each other for years, so there were lots of grudges between them, making it hard for them to work together to conquer the royal spirit shelter.

Although Li Xinglun had been trying to urge all the shelters to unite since he took over the Starwheel Shelter, the grudge and hatred that had acc.u.mulated for centuries were not that easy to be resolved.

Han Sen admired Li Xinglun's strategy and way of thinking quite a lot, so he agreed that he would help if Li Xinglun could persuade the other two shelters to conquer the royal spirit shelter together.

Han Sen knew his own strength very well. Although he had killed the royal spirit once, it was a sneak attack, which would only work for the first time. Next time, the royal spirit would be guarded.

If he fought the royal spirit one on one, face to face, he might not be her match. In addition, there were a lot of sacred-blood creatures in the royal spirit. Han Sen could cope with one or two of them. If there were more, he had to run for his life.

Therefore, there was no way he could conquer the royal spirit shelter on his own. If Li Xinglun could unite the three forces to conquer the royal spirit shelter, Han Sen would not miss the opportunity to take part in it.

Moreover, as long as he could get the spirit stone, he would be able to gain the allegiance from the royal spirit for sure, which was the most valuable thing in the royal spirit.

Han Sen had also learned that the creatures in this area were almost all split up by the three large forces. In addition, there were not many creatures in the area to begin with. Therefore, it would be hard for him to hunt other sacred-blood creatures. To increase his geno points in a short amount of time was out of the question. Han Sen thought about it and stopped hunting. He followed Li Xinglun back to the Starwheel Shelter and teleported back to the Alliance using the teleport device inside the shelter.

The ghost-pawed ferret gave him ten sacred geno points as he expected. With the two sacred geno points he already had, Han Sen now had twelve sacred geno points.

With such gains, Han Sen was very satisfied with this trip. Initially, he did not have much hope for hunting an edible sacred-blood creature, which was completely a surprise.

Since he could not increase his geno points in a short amount of time, Han Sen decided not to hunt anymore. Before the military contest began, he would like to focus on practicing the techniques written in Dongxuan Sutra.

After the fight against the royal spirit, Han Sen had some new understandings of the techniques in Dongxuan Sutra, which he hoped to reinforce through lots of sparring and practice.

Han Sen thought about it and logged in to the official Skynet platform of the Alliance. Before he became an evolver, he could not enter the evolver section on the official platform, which was why he chose to go to Gladiator.

Now with the official ident.i.ty as evolver, he could register at the official platform to fight evolvers from all over the Alliance.

In addition, the official platform had a benefit. Although the account information on the official platform was private and was protected by law, the marks of aristocracy would show when someone entered the platform.

Aristocrats with different t.i.tles were most likely matched with opponents with the same t.i.tle.

Han Sen was a sacred-blood aristocrat, which would be marked next to his account on the official platform. This way, the majority of his opponents would be sacred-blood aristocrats, same as him. And a small part of his opponents would be other people with good record.

That meant it was easy for Han Sen to meet aaster players on this platform, which was why Han Sen gave up the Gladiator and chose the official platform instead.

When registering, Han Sen thought about it and used the name of Dollar.

However, after he entered the ID name, he saw it had already existed. Han Sen then added some words and changed it into "I am Dollar," which still could not be used.