Super Gene - Chapter 47: Z-Steel Arrow

Chapter 47: Z-Steel Arrow

Chapter 47: Z-Steel Arrow

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"What is the noise outside?" Yang Manli heard it getting more and more noisy outside her office as she was reviewing the data of the sacred-blood creature sent from Son of Heaven.

Yang Manli asked twice, but no one answered. She frowned and went to find out.

Almost the entire Bullseye team was at the shooting range, cheering from time to time.

Yang Manli took out a telescope. Most of high-tech products lost their function in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but primary instruments like the telescope still worked.

Yang Manli, starting to feel skeptical, put down the telescope and went to the shooting range.

"a.s.s Freak, a real man, he’s been going at this pace for so long."

"His endurance is invincible."

"I think a thousand arrows was too light a punishment for him. He can probably finish before dinner..."

The Bullseye team saw Yang Manli coming over, and quickly ran back to training. They were not afraid of Liu Hongtao, but terrified by Yang Manli.

"Those arrows were all shot by him?" Yang Manli asked Liu Hongtao.

"Except for Target 9 and Target 10." Liu Hongtao felt somewhat reluctant to answer her.

"I see." Yang Manli did not say anything and turned back to the office.

Liu Hongtao did not know what Yang Manli was thinking and quickly asked, "Manli, the punishment is too mild and it would set a bad example. Should we add another thousand to their punishment?"

"No." Yang Manli left.

Back in the office, Yang Manli took out Han Sen’s profile and reviewed it. "Great endurance, good geno point counts, strength rating is probably at 9.0. Integrated compulsory education graduate with excellent scores."

Yang Manli carefully read the profile, pondered for a moment and muttered: "I’ll give him a chance, even just for the stationmaster."

Han Sen stopped after five hundred arrows and rested for two hours before he resumed shooting. Although he could continue, he was afraid to scare everyone so he took a break.

By midnight, Han Sen and Su Xiaoqiao had shot two thousand arrows.

Han Sen had become famous in Bullseye and all members had changed their view of him. Anyone who could shoot a thousand arrows in a day deserved respect.

"Sen, I’m not easily impressed, but you are amazing." Although most of the arrows were shot by Han Sen, Su Xiaoqiao was also sore and tired. He put his arm around Han Sen’s neck and gave Han Sen a thumbs-up.

"Don’t mention it. Do you know what kind of sacred-blood creature we are going to kill tomorrow?" asked Hansen.

"I’m so handsome that Manli’s a.s.sistant couldn’t resist my charm and told me everything," Su Xiaoqiao said triumphantly.

"So what is it?" Han Sen didn’t care for his bragging.

"It seems to be a flying creature. There aren’t many archers in Son of Heaven’s gang, so they want our help," replied Su Xiaoqiao.

Hansen frowned, "A sacred-blood creature that can fly. That’s tough." Sacred-blood creatures were strong enough. If they had the ability to fly, it would be even harder to hunt them. After all, the range of the best alloy bows was only about half a mile and only a few people in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary could even draw the string of those bows. If the sacred-blood creature flew too high, arrows wouldn’t do it much harm.

Also, the skin of sacred-blood creature was so stiff that even the tip of Saber arrows couldn’t cut through.

Han Sen knew that Bullseye must have beast soul bows and arrows. And there must be alloy arrows better than Saber arrows as well. But he didn’t think that Yang Manli would give him access to those.

If he couldn’t even pierce the skin of the sacred-blood creature, even if this opportunity was heaven sent, he had no means to grasp it.

"Seems that I should buy a Z-steel arrow," Han Sen pondered.

Z-steel was not steel, but a kind of metal humans discovered fifty years ago. Its characteristics were similar to steel, but its toughness were far beyond steel.

The toughness of an alloy arrow could be greatly improved by adding just a little Z-steel. And all alpha alloy had Z-steel added.

Doomsday and the broadsword Han Sen seized from Liu Feng had Z-steel in them but the content was quite low. The broadsword contained 0.3 percent Z-steel, while Doomsday contained 0.4 percent Z-steel in its body and 0.5 percent Z-steel in its string. If a weapon contained more than 10 percent Z-steel, it could cut through the bones of mutant creatures. And if a weapon contained more than 60 percent Z-steel, it would be as strong as the bones of sacred-blood creatures.

However, Z-steel was extremely rare and therefore, its price was quite high. The Alliance also had strict control over its production, so any alloy with more than 1 percent Z-steel would be hard to find.

Although the tip of Saber arrows contained a little Z-steel, it would not exceed 0.1 percent. Hence to hunt a sacred-blood creature with Saber arrows was next to impossible, even if he could shoot the arrows directly into a wound.

Han Sen’s ideal arrow was the Z-steel arrow, which was 1 percent Z-steel. However, it was so expensive that even with all the money he had at the moment, which was around three hundred thousand dollars, he could only afford one arrow with about 0.6 percent of Z-steel.

Han Sen went home at night and logged in to Polar Night Forum. If he couldn’t find the right second-hand goods, he would have to buy a new one at the store.

In Polar Night Forum, there was a post that claimed to sell weapons with 1.2 percent Z-steel. Han Sen noticed that the post was from an owner whose store had no license or legal permit. On the webpage of the store there were only holographic images of the products and a comlink number.