Super Gene - Chapter 46: Endurance

Chapter 46: Endurance

Chapter 46: Endurance

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"Even if I am sleeping with Qin Xuan, I wouldn’t bother her with this. Moreover, there is really nothing going on," explained Han Sen.

"In our gang, Manli would only listen to Qin Xuan. So, unless she helps us, we won’t be able to go tomorrow." Su Xiaqiao held Han Sen’s hand, "Brother, dignity is worthless, but the sacred-blood creature is priceless. If you really have something going on with Qin Xuan, you need to beg her and let her do whatever she wants with you. You need to focus on the big picture."

Han Sen sighed, "Unfortunately, there is really nothing."

"Then we are doomed. We will practice while others go hunting," Su Xiaoqiao said dejectedly.

"You don’t have to be so frustrated. Even though I am not sleeping with Qin Xuan, we can still go hunting tomorrow," Han Sen laughed.

"What do you have in mind?" Su Xiaoqiao watched Han Sen helplessly.

"Just finish shooting these arrows today." Hansen pointed to the bundles of arrows.

Su Xiaoqiao said weakly, "Brother, we each have one thousand arrows to shoot while standing 450 feet away from the target, and those that miss the target will not be counted. We need at least three days to do that."

"Not necessarily." Han Sen tried the practice bow, which was much lighter than Doomsday. A 7.0 practice bow means that you use the bow to practice rapid shooting with a strength rating at 7.0. For Doomsday, you only draw the string with a strength rating at 7.0.

He picked up an arrow and shot it toward the target. Instantly, it ended up on the bullseye.

Han Sen didn’t pause but kept shooting. While he didn’t hit the bullseye each time, all his arrows were on the target.

Su Xiaoqiao had thought it was impossible to finish practicing today. Yet Han Sen had shot three dozen arrows in a short while and didn’t seem to need a break.

"Brother, great job! Ten arrows in a row with a 7.0 bow," praised Su Xiaoqiao.

Any archer knows that rapid shooting consumes a lot of energy and a normal archer can only shoot a dozen arrows in a row while those who shoot two dozen arrows in a row must be a lot stronger than what the bow requires.

Han Sen just smiled and said to Su Xiaoqiao, "Don’t just stand there. Let’s finish the two thousand arrows and go hunt the sacred-blood creature.

"Ignorant," Liu Hongtao who was supervising them said with contempt.

Being able to shoot three dozen arrows was impressive, but a thousand arrows was not so easy. Even if Han Sen had a strength rating over 8.0 or 9.0, he couldn’t keep shooting at this pace. His arms and fingers would be wasted, so there was no way he could join the hunting tomorrow anyway.

Han Sen also knew that shooting for a long time required more than just strength. However, he discovered that his muscles were incredibly tough and resilient. After shooting two dozen arrows, his muscles got slightly sore. But as he shook out his arms, he felt fine again.

Even if he used his muscles for a long time, his body would stay cool and strong.

Han Sen knew it wasn’t because of his geno points, but his practice of Jadeskin. A thousand arrows with the 7.0 practice bow was not hard for him. He had enough strength and endurance to do the task.

Han Sen kept shooting, while the man counting arrows was thunderstruck at the sight of four dozen arrows thickly dotting the target. "This guy is out of this world," he whispered.

"Who are you talking about?" someone heard his whisper and asked.

"a.s.s Freak! He shot four dozen arrows and didn’t even pause," the man counting the arrows said.

"a.s.s Freak? For real?"

"Come and see if you don’t believe me."

Soon a few Bullseye members came to watch Han Sen shooting. After watching for a while, everyone was stunned.

"Wow, all three targets we are full. That was all him?"

"Yeah! Xiaoqiao only shot a dozen arrows and hasn’t even filled one target."

"No way! That must be a 4.0 practice bow."

"You can’t even tell the difference between a 4.0 bow and a 7.0 practice bow? They look nothing alike." The man counting rolled his eyes.

More and more Bullseye members came around. Liu Hongtao could not help but stand up, staring at Han Sen who was still shooting.

"More arrows." Han Sen hadn’t had such fun with archery in a long time. When he was practicing alone, he could only shoot the few arrows he owned and then stop to collect the arrows from the target himself. Now he could shoot as many as he wanted and as long as he wanted.

"Buddy, great job! This is the second bundle." Su Xiaqiao untied another bundle of practice arrows, grabbed a bunch of arrows and stuck them in Han Sen’s quiver.

"Just started warming up." Han Sen smiled and shot another arrow.

"Brother, if you shoot all the arrows and we can go hunting tomorrow, I will do anything for you. I’ll even do your laundry," cried out Su Xiaoqiao.

"Forget about laundry. How about cash?" laughed Han Sen.

"Talking about money would hurt our friends.h.i.+p," replied Su Xiaoqiao.

Han Sen paused every 50 arrows and used only his right hand to draw the string, instead of using both hands in turn.