Super Gene - Chapter 467: Diya Galaxy

Chapter 467: Diya Galaxy

Chapter 467: Diya Galaxy

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"Professor, what did you find?" Ji Yanran ignored w.a.n.g Hou and asked Li Mingtang.

Li Mingtang said, "We found the entrance to the ruin and discovered that this is the ruin of Crystallizer royalties. However, there were suddenly a huge number of stimulating crystals. Having lost the connection to Daphne, we had to retreat into the ruin. Later on, we were attacked by parasite crystals. Many people were affected. We wandered off in the mess."

"Where are Chen Shoushan and Lin Haifeng?" Ji Yanran asked.

Li Mingtang shook his head and said, "There were so many soldiers and researchers affected by parasite crystals. It was all a huge mess and I did not notice them."

Ji Yanran frowned slightly. What Li Mingtang said was similar to what she had expected to happen. People scattered in the ruin, so it would be hard for her to find everybody.

"Professor, do you know the way out?" Ji Yanran looked at the surroundings and no longer knew the directions.

This architecture of Crystallizers looked like a metropolitan built with crystal. It was not easy to find a way out at all. In addition, because of the special characteristics of these crystals, they could not even blast away the architecture using bombs, which will only lead to their death.

The researchers looked at each other, obviously having no idea how to go out.

"In fact, we don't need to be worried at all. Our mission was to find new things. All we need to do is to continue forward. Maybe we will find the treasure very soon," said w.a.n.g Hou.

Li Mingtang also said, "Captain, since you are already here, and there are a lot of stimulating crystals outside, we could not leave anytime soon. It makes sense for us to take w.a.n.g Hou's advice and look around first. If we could locate the treasure, we would be able to finish the task and have some clues as to how we should leave this place."

Having studied the Crystallizers civilization diligently, Ji Yanran knew what Li Mingtang said was correct. However, it was the ruin of a Crystallizer royalty. They were only several people without even a surpa.s.ser among them, so it was still quite dangerous for them to walk around.

However, she did not have other options than to agree to their suggestions and go deeper.

Of course, the researchers did not march blindly. Based on their understanding of Crystallizer civilization, they could make judgments about which architecture was designed for what. Based on general rules of Crystallizer civilization, they could calculate where the treasure was.

Although the result was not exactly precise, they had the rough direction correct.

"Han Sen, stay close to me. Do not go far," Ji Yanran told Han Sen in a low voice.

Han Sen nodded. Of course he would stay close to his girlfriend, otherwise he would not be able to save her if she was in danger.

w.a.n.g Hou heard Ji Yanran and said to Han Sen sarcastically, "Captain, you took a cookhouse soldier down here. Are you trying to protect him, or should he protect you?"

"w.a.n.g, please focus on your own job. This is not your concern," Ji Yanran said to w.a.n.g Hou coldly.

w.a.n.g Hou snorted and said nothing. Li Mingtang quickly tried to mediate, "We are in danger now, so we should all work together to find the treasure. The more people we have, the more powerful we are. In addition, Han Sen was also a graduate of a famous military Academy."

The other researchers also said something to relieve the tension. The group of people continued to go forward. Shortly, another black crystal gate was standing in front of them, also decorated with those complicated patterns.

Seeing the black crystal gate and the patterns, Li Mingtang was overjoyed. He quickly walked to the gate and examined the patterns inch by inch.

"Fantastic. This place is indeed the ruin of a Crystallizer king," Li Mingtang watched for a while and turned back excitedly.

"Professor, what do the patterns mean?" Although Ji Yanran had done her study, it was impossible for her to understand those patterns.

Li Mingtang explained in excitement, "I could only figure out a small part of it. This Crystallizer king came from Diya Galaxy."

"Diya Galaxy? The mother galaxy where Crystallizers originated?" Ji Yanran looked surprised.

"Indeed. It is the birthplace of Crystallizer civilization, the lost galaxy…" Li Mingtang looked exhilarated.

Han Sen felt quite confused. He did not understand most part of it. All he knew was that the Crystallizer king seemed to be of high rank and possess lots of treasure.

Other researchers also looked hyped, as if they had found a gold mine.

Han Sen did not understand anything about Crystallizer civilization and Diya Galaxy. However, the nine-life cat dependent on his neck was getting hotter and hotter. It seemed that he was approaching something that was affecting it.

Under Li Mingtang's command, the researchers took out their tools and started to prize the black crystal gate. They were very skilled at it. It took them less than half an hour to prize it open. Light suddenly penetrated the gap.


A researcher that was shone upon by the light screamed and rolled around on the floor. The places on his body exposed to the light became scorched, from his face to his waist. The black mark went deep inside his flesh.

Everyone became astonished. They quickly pulled the guy away from the light. Han Sen was also dumbstruck. It only took a little while for the injured places on the researcher to be infected.

Someone quickly took out the first-aid kit to treat the wound, but it was useless. The researcher pa.s.sed away very soon.

However, Li Mingtang stared at the light and said excitedly, "This is the wandering light of crystals because there were a large number of crystals inside. This might be a historic discovery in the history of Crystallizer research. Prepare fast, whoever had succeeded in practicing Micro Crystal should follow me inside to look for the treasure. Other people stay here."

"Professor, you could not go inside." Ji Yanran stopped Li Mingtang.

"Why not?" Li Mingtang was dazed.

"It is too dangerous inside. In addition, a huge discovery like this had to be made under the surveillance of AI according to Alliance laws," said Ji Yanran.

Li Mingtang quickly said, "As long as one has succeeded in practicing Micro Crystal, one could resist the wandering light of crystal. The risk is minimum. As for the surveillance of AI, this is a special situation, so when we go back, I will write a full report and shoulder the responsibility. w.a.n.g and Liu, you two quickly prepare yourselves. We will go inside immediately."

"Sorry, professor. We must stick to the rules. The ruin is right here and will not go anywhere. When we go out and gain connections to Daphne, we will come back for it." Ji Yanran still stood in front of Li Mingtang, not letting him pa.s.s.

"Captain, this is a special situation. Why do you have to be like this?" Li Mingtang frowned slightly, his face grim.

"Professor, I told you long ago that if we didn't get rid of this woman, she would ruin it all for us." w.a.n.g Hou and other researchers stood around Han Sen and Ji Yanran with a murderous look on their faces.