Super Gene - Chapter 466: Parasite Crystal

Chapter 466: Parasite Crystal

Chapter 466: Parasite Crystal

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"Li!" Seeing the warframe of Li Lu was shot down, the two soldiers shot at the red crystal warframes madly using laser guns.

"Come inside. Quickly," Ji Yanran exclaimed at the two soldiers, but it was too late.

Although the two soldiers shot down a few red crystal warframes, they were taken out by more simulating crystals.

"Go!" Han Sen exclaimed and used his warframe arm to push Ji Yanran's.

Although those people were not his friends yet, Han Sen felt upset seeing fellow humans die. However, now was not the time to be sad. He could not watch Ji Yanran die like those soldiers.

Ji Yanran came back to herself, gritted her teeth, and operated the warframe to go inside the ruin. They had to get rid of the simulating crystals as soon as possible. Otherwise, she and Han Sen would die as well.

Behind the black crystal gate, there was a crystal path. Ji Yanran led Han Sen to go forward but did not dare to go too fast. Very soon, the red crystal warframes started to catch up with them.

"Don't worry so much. Run quickly." Han Sen knew that Ji Yanran was worried about the traps in the ruin, but if they did not go quickly, they would soon lose their lives.

The expert panel should have already entered the ruin. If there were any traps, they should have triggered those already. Being yelled at Han Sen, Ji Yanran suddenly understood that and operated her warframe at full speed to go forward. After they ran for several miles, the entered a huge architecture like a shelter. Many paths were interconnected.

"Where are we going?" Ji Yanran took a look, but path looked identical to each other. She had no idea where they were supposed to go.

In addition, the paths were so narrow that the warframes could not pa.s.s.

"Follow me." Han Sen gritted his teeth, came out of the warframe, and turned it into a briefcase. He ran ahead with the warframe in his hand.

Ji Yanran copied Han Sen's moves and followed him.

As Han Sen just entered the path, he quickly summoned the snow-toothed wolf. A snow wolf suddenly appeared in front of Han Sen. It was a beast soul mount, but Han Sen did not mean to ride on it, only commanding it to go forward.

Han Sen planned to use the snow-toothed wolf as a scout. He knew very little about Crystallizer ruins. However, since Ji Yanran did not have any idea, he must make a decision, even if he did not know whether his decision was right or not. Hesitation would only bring them into bigger crisis.

The snow-toothed wolf was running forward, and Han Sen and Ji Yanran were following with warframe cases in their hands. However, the paths were so complicated that they lost the direction although there were no dangers.

"It sounds quiet now. Let's stop." When reaching something like a bridge, Han Sen looked down and stopped, looking at the weird crystal statues.

Ji Yanran listened carefully and indeed heard no sound. She felt relieved and looked to the crystal statues about 50 feet tall each.

The statues were made of crystals of different colors. The shapes of them looked rather odd. They were nothing like humans or animals.

"Those are the deities that Crystallizers wors.h.i.+ped. Most Crystallizer ruins had statues like these," explained Ji Yanran as she looked around.

Han Sen did not seem to be listening but fixed his eyes on one statue.

"Come out, otherwise I would not be polite." Han Sen squeezed the warframe case in his hand and yelled coldly at the statue.

Ji Yanran looked to the statute, feeling puzzled. She did not see anything, but very soon, someone walked from behind the statue.

"Tang Xin? How are you here? Where is everyone else?" Ji Yanran saw who it was and asked with her brows knitted.

"I don't know. We scattered. Why are you here as well?" Tang Xin walked to the two of them as he said.

"Stop. Otherwise I will shoot." Han Sen quickly drew his mini laser gun from his waist, pointed it at Tang Xin and said coldly.

"Why should I stop?" Tang Xin did not pay Han Sen any mind and continued to approach them.


Without any hesitation, Han Sen shot at Tang Xin's head, taking half of his skull away.

"Han Sen, what did you do?" Ji Yanran was startled, not sure why Han Sen did it.

However, Ji Yanran knew Han Sen must have a reason. Although Tang Xin had offended Han Sen before, Ji Yanran knew he was not someone who would commit murder because of a small grudge.

Without Han Sen explaining, she saw what was wrong. With half of his goal grown, Tang Xin did not fall immediately but turned around.

On Tang Xin's back, a pink crystal the size of a duck egg was set in his muscles. Red crystal hair was growing from the crystal, driven into his entire back like veins, blinking red light as if he got new heart. It looked both weird and sickening.

"Parasite crystal!" Ji Yanran was astonished, quickly drew her gun and aimed at the crystal like Han Sen, ready to shot.

Before Ji Yanran shot Tang Xin, a slim hair grew from the crystal and wrapped Tang Xin up entirely like a mummy.

Boom boom boom!

Ji Yanran and Han Sen shot at the mummy like Tang Xin repeatedly, but to no avail. The laser guns only broke a part of the crystal hair, which quickly grew again.

"Laser weapons are useless. Use beast souls." They suddenly heard a voice say. Han Sen and Ji Yanran turned back and saw Professor Li Mingtang and several young researchers coming from a path nearby. It was Li Mingtang who said that.

Before Han Sen summoned his beast souls, someone came from behind Li Mingtang. He held a beast soul sword and slashed at Tang Xin and the crystal repeatedly, breaking the crystal.

"A cookhouse soldier does not belong here." w.a.n.g Hou took back his beast soul sword, stared at Han Sen coldly and said.

"A cookhouse soldier is also soldier," Han Sen said calmly.

"If you want to throw your life away, suit yourself," w.a.n.g Hou said contemptuously and ignored Han Sen. He walked to Ji Yanran and said, "Captain, why are you down here? You should not be here."