Super Gene - Chapter 451: First Breakthrough

Chapter 451: First Breakthrough

Chapter 451: First Breakthrough

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When Han Sen started to practice Jadeskin, he was too old in age. Since the foundation was not laid when he was a boy and he had practiced the hyper geno art for a short time, Han Sen was not able to make a big progress with it. Without the help of geno solutions, until this day, he still was not able to make the first breakthrough with Jadeskin.

Han Sen was stuck in a bottleneck and failed to make the breakthrough. However, when he drank the geno solutions to practice Micro Crystal, Jadeskin was activated unexpectedly and was pushed to the first breakthrough.

Han Sen only had one feeling at this point.

Cold! Piercing and thrilling cold!

The cold did not come from the outside but seemed to come from within. It was as if every single inch of his body was giving off the coldness, making Han Sen feel like he was going to turn into an ice statute.

He wanted to stop activation of Jadeskin, otherwise, wondered if he would be frozen to death. However, Jadeskin was like a wild horse that did not follow his control at all. The cold got worse and worse, making Han Sen become unconscious.

"I can't sleep. If I fall asleep, I'm afraid I will not wake up ever." Han Sen knew very well what would happen to someone who fell asleep in the snow, so he was striving to be lucid.

However, it did not help a lot. At this point, he could not even move his fingers. His entire body was incredibly cold and even the temperature in the room fell.

The thermostats did not seem to sense the drop in the room temperature, so it was not working.

"Dammit! How come the thermostats is broken at this point. Is G.o.d trying to kill me?" Han Sen wanted to smash the d.a.m.ned machine but unfortunately, he could not even move.

Suddenly, an idea crossed Han Sen's mind, which made him widen his eyes. No way. There is no such a coincidence. The reason the thermostats did not change only meant the room temperature did not actually drop. The cold I am feeling is very likely just a hallucination rather than a reality.

Thinking of that, Han Sen quickly gritted his teeth and told himself, "I'm not cold… I'm not cold… everything is fake… It's just my hallucination…"

"Dammit, it's really cold…" Han Sen felt like the psychological suggestion did not really work, because he was actually frozen to death. It felt like his heart was frozen and blood had stopped flowing and became ice. The coldness went to his heart.

Gradually, the cold left him, and Han Sen started to feel warm. It was like suns.h.i.+ne in winter, making his trembling body feel better. Although it was not hot, it made him feel so comfortable that he almost moaned.

However, Han Sen did not feel happy about it. He became even more worried. He knew that the cold did not go away. The warmth meant he was not far from death. As soon he was fooled by the heat and fell asleep, he would never wake up. When he was discovered by others, he would be a dead body.

He tried his best not to fall asleep, but he felt more and more fuzzy. In the end, he could not help but fall asleep.

Han Sen did not know how long he had been sleeping. When he woke up again, he felt so comfortable as if he had just stepped out of a hot spring.

"What? I did not die?" Han Sen raised his hands incredulously and pinched his cheeks. Feeling the pain, he yelped.

"Indeed, I did not die. This is not a dream!" Han Sen was overjoyed. Before he fell asleep, he thought he was doomed. However, nothing had really happened. It was as if he had just gone to bed.

However, Han Sen felt his body was somewhat different. Although he could not tell what was different, the feeling could not be mistaken.

Han Sen could not wait to run Jadeskin in his body, trying to figure out what had happened. The moment he started, he saw his two hands had become transparent like ice or Jade.

These hands reminded Han Sen of Xue Longyan's hands the only time he met Xue Longyan. However, Han Sen's hands were even more fine than Xue Longyan's. It was hard to believe they were human hands.

"First breakthrough… I made the first breakthrough in Jadeskin…" Han Sen practiced Jadeskin in excitement, turning his entire body into Jade.

"Jadeskin… This is what Jadeskin truly meant… I made it!" Han Sen could not resist his excitement. Watching his translucent body, he almost laughed out loud.

After insisting on practicing Jadeskin for so long, Han Sen eventually made the first breakthrough, which laid the most important foundation.

Although Han Sen was still a bit too old to start, the fact that he had made the first breakthrough with the hyper geno art made his progress fall into the normal range.

Feeling endless power inside his body, Han Sen squeezed his fists. Although the muscles and bones looked translucent, they were as flexible as beef tendons. He did not feel hard to move around but felt his senses were heightened.

Han Sen stopped the running of Jadeskin and turned his body back to normal. Looking at himself in the mirror, he saw his skin became more tender and smooth. However, there was not much of a difference between now and then. His eyes were more watery like gemstones, which made him look quite charming.

"If I continue this way, I will be more and more like a gigolo." Feeding upset, Han Sen hoped he could look more masculine.

However, that was no big deal. There was no need to care about the appearance. Han Sen ran Micro Crystal again, wanting to make sure that he was still able to practice this hyper geno art.

Very soon, Han Sen opened his mouth wide. After practicing Micro Crystal, he found that Micro Crystal was just a small part of Jadeskin.

When he used Micro Crystal, Han Sen felt his body was toughened because the body cells were crystallized, making him look like a statue carved out of crystal.

"Micro Crystal, I achieved it…" Although Han Sen felt incredulous, the fact was the fact. He indeed succeeded in practicing Micro Crystal. Hew Han Sen looked was exactly what was described in the Micro Crystal tutorial.

The hyper geno art that took others 2 to 3 decades to practice was easily achieved by Han Sen. Even Han Sen himself could not believe that was happening.

Shortly, Han Sen found that it was not really a fact worth celebrating. The effect of Micro Crystal was far worse than Jadeskin after he made the first breakthrough. The only good thing about Micro Crystal was that now he had an excuse to cover the fact that he had been practicing Jadeskin.