Super Gene - Chapter 450: Choosing a Hyper Geno Art

Chapter 450: Choosing a Hyper Geno Art

Chapter 450: Choosing a Hyper Geno Art

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Han Sen did not purchase any hyper geno art on the evolver level before he reported to Daphne, because he had no idea he would end up in such remote areas and lose the access to the Saint Hall.

Although on Daphne there were also hyper geno arts provided to soldiers for free, Han Sen was not interested in the ordinary stuff.

This S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license was different from an ordinary license in that he was able to use it on Daphne to trade for the hyper geno arts and geno solutions stored on the wars.h.i.+p.

Han Sen did not hesitate and chose hyper geno art. When he was picking, he had a slight trouble.

Because Daphne was not the Saint Hall, only 3 to 4 types of S cla.s.s hyper geno arts were stored on board, so Han Sen had not too many options.

Normally speaking, hyper geno arts on the evolver level were all focused on changing the structure of one’s body cells.

Alloy Fist, Alloy Leg, Alloy Body, and other hyper geno arts were all in this category. Some focused on enhancing a certain body part, while others enhanced the whole body.

It was easier to practice hyper geno arts that were focused on a certain body part. However, aside from that body part, other parts of the body would be weaker.

Although it was balanced to strengthen the entire body, it took longer to practice. Many hyper geno arts would take 3 to 5 years to practice, or even longer.

Moreover, the body of the evolvers could not stand the long-term change of body cells. When using the hyper geno arts, evolvers must make a pause once in a while in case their whole body turned to metal.

The better one’s fitness, the longer one could stand the change. Han Sen had learned about the limitations quite well.

There were four types of S-Cla.s.s hyper geno arts design for evolvers stored on Daphne. Han Sen was considering three of the four, because one of them was simply focused on the back.

Jade Fist, Metal Kick, and Micro Crystal all had their own features, which made Han Sen hesitate.

Jade fist was a hyper geno art that focused on one’s fists. It could turn the muscle and bones of the fist into Jade so tough that it could destroy anything. One would be able to break a Z-steel metal sheet with bare hands after practicing Jade fist, so it was an amazing hyper geno art.

In addition, it was rather fast for one to practice this geno art. It would probably take one to two months for one to get somewhere and put it into use.

Metal Kick was focused on the legs of the user. It could turn the two legs into heavy metal. When used well, the legs could function as two weapons to kick everything into pieces. However, it took much longer for one to practice Metal Kick. If one were to make the legs entirely metal, it would take one at least six months.

As for the third option, Micro Crystal, it was a hyper geno art that could change the entire body. It could turn human body cells into Micro Crystal. When practiced well, the user’s entire body would be turned into crystal, no weapon could injure the user, not even laser guns. In fact, most modern weapons would be useless in front of someone who practiced Micro Crystal.

Of course, was very difficult to practice Micro Crystal. Without 3 to 5 years, one could not even get started with the hyper geno art. Normally speaking, it took 1 to 2 decades to achieve anything.

The reason that Daphne was carrying Micro Crystal and many crewmembers were practicing it was that Micro Crystal also gave its users some resistance against the destructive weapons in Crystallizer rulings. That was why it was specially selected to be placed on Daphne.

Many people who had been studying Crystallizer ruins would practice Micro Crystal. However, because it took too long to practice it, only a few people had made some achievements with the hyper geno art.

Although there were not a lot of people who could go far with Micro Crystal, many experts and scholars in the expert panel were better at Micro Crystal, since they had practiced two or three decades or even longer.

From a practical perspective, Jade Fist was definitely the obvious choice, because it could be put into use in 1 to 2 months. However, after some thoughts, Han Sen used his license on Micro Crystal.

The exploitation of a single Crystallizer ruins often took years or even decades. Han Sen did not know if he would spend his entire service excavating Crystallizer ruins, so it would not hurt to practice Micro Crystal. After all, it was something the Alliance prepared for missions related to Crystallizer ruins, and he might not be able to get this hyper geno art elsewhere.

In addition, Han Sen had always tried to practice something that could change the structure of his body cells of all parts, which was why he always had a thing for Micro Crystal.

As for other hyper geno arts, he believed he could always trade for them later. Since he had many asked cla.s.s licenses, he could always trade with someone in G.o.d’s sanctuary, which was troublesome but feasible.

After Han Sen chose Micro Crystal, w.a.n.g Hou got the news very soon. But he only snorted contentedly, "What’s the use of Micro Crystal at this point? He will not get anywhere in 3 to 5 years. There is no way he could use it."

w.a.n.g Hou felt Han Sen’s choice was too stupid. People who made choice like this were often perfectionists or obsessive.

Although the future seemed to be bright, the practical value was so little that it was basically useless. Micro Crystal was far less useful than Jade Fist.

Han Sen had no idea of what w.a.n.g Hou was thinking. After he got his hands on the Micro Crystal, he started to study it and saw the tutorial for three times.

After having a brief idea about what it was, Han Sen drank a bottle of geno solutions designed for Micro Crystal and started to practice it.

Feeling his body cells motivated under the effect of Micro Crystal, Han Sen felt quite surprised.

It was clearly stated in the tutorial that if he could feel something in the beginning, it meant the hyper geno art was fit for him. However, even so, without one to two years, he would not see any effects. It was a hyper geno art that took a long time to practice. If the progress was too great, the body would not be able to undertake the sudden change of the body cells, which would lead his health to collapse.

Han Sen watched every single detail according to the tutorial and ran the hyper geno art through his body entirely. When he was ready to do it for the second time, something suddenly happened.

Jadeskin that Han Sen had always been practicing suddenly became active at this point and joined Micro Crystal. More precisely, it swallowed Micro Crystal, making Micro Crystal a part of the coolness it was creating.