Super Gene - Chapter 400: Surrender

Chapter 400: Surrender

Chapter 400: Surrender

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"If I was not afraid of his family, I would never have let Hai Yun taken the two beast souls of Dollar. I should have bought at least one…" Qing couldn't stop complaining after the auction was concluded.

Han Sen felt shocked. It turned out the price was not high enough in the rich kids' eyes. They gave up only because they did not want to cross Hai Yun.

Han Sen knew that the two beast souls were expensive because of the fame of Dollar instead of their real worth.

"Han Sen, you should have purchased the armor or the shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul. Although the pet was strong, the other two items were the signatures of Dollar…" Qing lamented.

"Brother, would you like to sell the pet?" Hai Yun still did not want to let it go. He was obviously a perfectionist who had to have the whole set.

"Hai Yun, I am so sorry. I need that pet and do not plan to sell it for the moment," said Han Sen.

"If you would like to sell it in the future, you have to come to me first. I am easy on the price," Hai Yun said and left with regret.

When Han Sen, Qing, and Yuan just walked out of the venue, a dozen people laid siege to them.

"Are you looking for trouble?" Qing frowned and exclaimed.

Ning Yue walked out and said calmly, "Qing, Yuan, this has nothing to do with you. It is personal between Han Sen and me. Feel free to leave and I will apologize to you later."

"Ning Yue, what did Han Sen do?" Qing and Yuan both frowned.

"Han Sen s.n.a.t.c.hed our creature," Ning Yue said quietly.

"It is just a creature. Name the price and I will pay for him," Qing said immediately.

"It is not about money, but about getting things straight. I hope you can understand," Ning Yue said with no emotions.

Qing and Yuan felt they were in an awkward position and both looked to Han Sen.

"Han Sen, what had happened?" Su Xiaoqiao rushed out with his men from Steel Armor Gang. The special squad and the steel armor gang were closely connected and could be considered a family. Seeing Han Sen in a siege, the gang members came to his rescue.

"Are we bullying them with number? Count me in."

"Look at where you are. How dare you try to cross Han Sen here?"

"You must be blind. This is Steel Armor Shelter and you should go back to where you are."

Very soon, the gang members had besieged Ning Yue's men.

"Thank you so much. I will always remember how good you are to me. If you ever need me in the future, I'll be there. However, this matter is between Ning Yue and me, and I will take care of it myself," Han Sen quickly stopped the Steel Armor Gang.

Although others cannot tell, Han Sen had known evolvers very well and could tell that the men Ning Yue had brought were all evolvers with their sacred geno points maxed out.

If they were really in a fight, although there were more people in the gang, the gang would still suffer a greater loss.

"Qing, Yuan, let me handle this myself," Han Sen said to his two friends.

"If you need anything, just say the word. I will never see you being bullied," Qing raised his voice and said.

"Han Sen, what do you say?" Ning Yue paid Qing no mind and asked Han Sen with a smile. Thirteen evolvers with sacred geno points maxed out plus himself, he was determined to capture Han Sen, no matter who was present.

He was constrained by rules and laws in the Alliance, but in G.o.d's Sanctuary, no one could do anything as long as he did not kill Han Sen in public. In addition, Ning Yue did not plan to kill Han Sen anyway.

He had so many doubts about Han Sen that he had to figure out.

"Let's find another place to have a talk," said Han Sen calmly.

"So brave," Ning Yue said and commanded the evolvers to force Han Sen out of Steel Armor Shelter.

The Steel Armor Gang, Qing, and Yuan were trying to follow them. However, Han Sen asked him to go back. On one hand, Han Sen did not want them to be injured. On the other hand, Han Sen had his own plan.

When they had reached a desolated spot in the mountains, Han Sen stopped walking. The group of people were still surrounding him, not giving him any chance to escape.

"Han Sen, what do you plan to do?" Ning Yue looked at Han Sen.

"I'll let you capture me. What do you think of this plan?" Han Sen said calmly.

Everyone was dazed. Even Ning Yue was surprised. After a while, he looked at Han Sen and asked, "Are you sure?"

"So many evolvers with sacred geno points maxed out. I don't think anyone else could gather so many talents in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary. I don't think I could escape alive. Rather than taking some beating, I would surrender myself." Han Sen reached out his hand, looking like he had given up.

Ning Yue was still suspicious and ordered his men to tie Han Sen up. Han Sen did not resist and let the guys lock him down with special locks.

"You're not afraid that I'll kill you?" Ning Yue looked at Han Sen with his brows knitted.

"I know you will not kill me, at least not before you have your answers," Han Sen said while thinking, you really think you could kill me if you lock me down? If I am not trying to fish information from you, I would have summoned my two super pets to teach you a lesson.

"You still had an opportunity to run away while you were in Steel Armor Shelter," Ning Yue said.

"I am a member of the special squad after all. My mission is to protect others, not to let others sacrifice themselves for me. Even if I could run away, I would be too ashamed to live." Han Sen said calmly.

"Give me your dagger, and I will let you walk free." Ning Yue pondered and said.

"If it was the first time, I might consider your words. However, I am certain that if I do not give you my dagger, I will not necessarily die. If I gave you my dagger, I will die for sure," Han Sen said with a smile.


Liu Lin threw a hard punch at Han Sen's face, knocking him down on the ground. Blood started to flow from Han Sen's mouth.

"I will show you what it's like to pray for your death." Liu Lin sounded cruel. He took out a dagger and slashed it at Han Sen.

Liu Lin did not push the dagger into Han Sen's vital organs, but where it hurt most. He was also doing it as slow as possible and dragging the blade back and forth.

Han Sen's face became pale immediately, covered in cold sweat. However, he managed not to make a sound.

"I don't believe you are made of iron." Liu Lin took a black leather bag at his waist and opened it. There were many odd-looking utensils. Liu Lin picked one and tried to use it on Han Sen.

"That is enough. Take him to No. 107," Ning Yue stopped Liu Lin, gazed at Han Sen, and ordered his men.