Super Gene - Chapter 399: A Crazy Auction

Chapter 399: A Crazy Auction

Chapter 399: A Crazy Auction

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The four items that Han Sen gave Su Xiaoqiao were sacred-blood black beetle armor, b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, Meowth, and spinning spear.

Too many people knew that Han Sen had made the last shot at the purple-feathered dragon and claimed to not have gained the beast soul, which was why Han Sen did not give the pair of wings to Su Xiaoqiao.

Before the auction started, Han Sen felt he was being watched. He resisted the temptation to look back. When Qing came over to say hi, Han Sen stood up and glanced casually to the back.

"Ning Yue is also here?" Han Sen greeted Qing as if nothing had happened but felt slightly surprised.

Although Ning Yue was covered in beast soul armor and his face could not be seen, Han Sen had a deep impression of him and still recognized him.

"He recognized me," Ning Yue said quietly.

"Really?" Liu Lin looked to Han Sen who was talking to Qing incredulously.

Han Sen only glanced at them and did not even look twice. Since Ning Yue was dressed like this, Liu Lin did not believe that Han Sen could recognize Ning Yue. In addition, Han Sen did not look like he had seen Ning Yue given how calm he was.

Ning Yue smiled and did not say anything. However, he took back the beast soul armor and revealed his face.

Ning Yue is probably here to kill me. Han Sen thought after sitting down. However, he did not know what Ning Yue was about to do. It was Steel Armor Shelter and Han Sen was at home. Would Ning Yue harm him in public?

After the auction started, Han Sen had not been able to close his mouth. His initial plan was to purchase all the beast souls himself. It was his money anyway. Su Xiaoqiao would get a small cut was all.

He did not expect the prices would go so high though. Even the black beetle armor, which was of the lowest value, was already worth five S-Cla.s.s licenses of the evolver level and more.

"Qing, are you crazy? Although the sacred-blood armor is precious, I'm sure it's not so precious." When Qing bid eight S-Cla.s.s licenses of the evolver level, Han Sen thought he was out of his mind.

"Ha-ha, brother, it is more than just sacred-blood armor. This is Dollar's signature and only his name would be worth this much…" Many people around Qing seemed to agree with him, especially Hai Yun who was standing S-Cla.s.s licenses like water. When he bid ten licenses, everyone was silent.

Han Sen was dazed and thought, ten S-Cla.s.s licenses of the evolver level? It must be billions of dollars, while the sacred-blood armor would probably only be worth 200 to 300 million.

Han Sen wanted to purchase his own beast souls back initially, but he was having second thoughts. S-Cla.s.s licenses were rare items that could hardly be purchased. Even if he had no use of them, he could always trade them for beast souls in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Ten licenses were a price that Han Sen could not say no to.

Having given up the idea of purchasing the black beetle armor, Han Sen decided to let Hai Yun keep it.

The bidding for the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer was even more heated. Hai Yun had raised the price to fifteen licenses without even blinking.

Han Sen felt what had happened was beyond his understanding. He even doubted whether the S-Cla.s.s licenses had been depreciating.

"Hai Yun, are these beast souls really worth it?" Han Sen asked Hai Yun.

"These are Dollar's, so they're different." Hai Yun was overjoyed that he won the auction of the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer.

"Hai Yun, you already have two. Do not try to steal the last one from us," said Qing half seriously.

"Whoever gives the higher price would win it. If you pay more, you can have it," Hai Yun said.

During the auction of Meowth, Han Sen felt torn. Although Meowth was no longer that useful to Han Sen, it was his pet for the longest time. Han Sen did not want to let Meowth go. Very soon, Meowth's price was raised to 15 licenses by Hai Yun. Everyone became silent. Few people had that many S-Cla.s.s licenses, which could not even be bought with money.

Lin Beifeng was also quite rich, but he could not even come up with five S-Cla.s.s licenses.

"Four universal S-Cla.s.s licenses," Han Sen gritted his teeth and said a price. He resisted the temptation of fifteen S-Cla.s.s licenses and would like to get Meowth back at all costs.

"Universal S-Cla.s.s licenses? Han Sen, you would pay this much? Are you also a fan?" Both Yuan and Qing were shocked.

"Not really a fan. I am just into pets," Han Sen smiled and said.

"Twenty S-Cla.s.s licenses, which should have a higher value." Hai Yun still would not give up.

"That is hard to say…" Su Xiaoqiao hesitated.

"Universal licenses win." All of a sudden, a voice came from the gate of the venue. Everyone turned and saw someone wearing a mask.

"Dollar?" Su Xiaoqiao was surprised to see the person.

The person looked exactly like Dollar when he was giving Su Xiaoqiao the beast souls. Su Xiaoqiao naturally recognized him.

Dollar left after saying that. After all, it was just a doppelgänger created by Han Sen using beetle knight. The shorter it appeared in front of people, the better.

"Should we follow him?" Liu Lin looked to Ning Yue.

Ning Yue shook his head and said, "No need. Our target is Han Sen."

Han Sen saw someone following the beetle knight but paid no mind to it. The beetle knight was a sacred-blood beast soul and was controlled by Han Sen, so it was not difficult to get rid of the followers.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Hai Yun. Dollar had said himself that he prefer universal licenses." Su Xiaoqiao looked around and said, "four universal licenses from Han Sen… Going once…"

Eventually, Han Sen won the auction of Meowth and had his beloved Back.

Even the sacred-blood gear spinning spear was bought by Hai Yun with two sacred-blood licenses. Han Sen did not expect this guy to be such a diehard fan of Dollar.

Han Sen had earned twenty-seven S-Cla.s.s licenses of the evolver level, and all he paid was two sacred-blood beast souls and one sacred-blood gear. The price was simply unimaginable.