Super Gene - Chapter 366: Fighting Alone

Chapter 366: Fighting Alone

Chapter 366: Fighting Alone

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Han Sen could tell that the Chen brothers were having second thoughts and did not feel hopeful anymore.

If it was not for the fact that Han Sen had saved his life, Ye Yufeng would probably give up as well.

"Dollar, how about we just let it go?" Chen Nanxing said after hesitating for a long while. After all, they could not stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary for too long, otherwise their body would suffer irreversible damage. They could not waste all their time there.

Chen Zichen also said, "Dollar, you see that the metal wolf has really tough skin. Even if we have the chance, we can never injure it. We have tried almost stabbing it everywhere, but is simply did not work. It would be a waste of time if we continue to try."

Han Sen pondered and said, "You can choose to stay or leave as you wish."

Then, Han Sen looked to Ye Yufeng and asked, "What's your plan?"

At this point, Han Sen had known the wolf very well. Even without the two brothers, he could beat the wolf. However, without the time curse, Han Sen was not so sure. After all, the wolf was too fast for Han Sen to hit it in the jaw.

Ye Yufeng said quietly, "Dollar, you have saved my life, so it is only natural that I do whatever you say. If you need me, I'll be here."

"In that case, help me and let's try again." Han Sen was glad that Ye Yufeng said that. Without the time curse, Han Sen was not sure how likely he was to succeed.

Ye Yufeng nodded and did not speak. Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing felt awkward and got up. "We'll leave now. Wish you success."

Although they said that, they did not believe that the two of them could kill the metal wolf.

Chen Nanxing even believed that without the two brothers, Dollar and Ye Yufeng might be in danger.

After all, neither of them had a sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld, so there was no way they could defend themselves.

Before leaving, Chen Zichen gazed at Han Sen and Ye Yufeng, hesitated and said, "We have spent more than a month together. No matter what you think, I have a lot of respect for the two of you. Here is a word that I would like to share, if you don't mind."

"Please," said Han Sen.

"We don't belong in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary and should not waste too much time here," Chen Zichen said and got up to fair Han Sen and Ye Yufeng well.

Chen Zichen's words reminded Han Sen. Since he had not evolved, he would not suffer from the punishment of G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, Han Sen did not know how long ago Ye Yufeng evolved. If Ye Yufeng kept staying, he might suffer irreversible damage in his body.

Han Sen told Ye Yufeng, "If you don't feel well, leave with them."

"I should be able to last a few days more," said Ye Yufeng.

"Then let's rest for two hours and try again. If we don't succeed this time, you can go back." Han Sen planned to try one last time. If he failed to kill the wolf, he would rely on himself.

After all, Ye Yufeng had been faithful, so Han Sen could not let Ye sacrifice himself.

After resting for a while, Han Sen and Ye Yufeng again entered the nest. In the broken wall, Han Sen told Ye Yufeng, "I will lure the wolf out, and all you need to do is to summon the time curse. You don't have to fight the wolf this time."

"Okay," replied Ye Yufeng and did not say anything more.

Han Sen took a deep breath and entered the opening.

He was walking in an odd way. He was not following a straight line, but swinging left and right. It looked like he was a cripple. Han Sen had integrated kiting skills and the skeleton's disordered movements into his walking, making his opponent unable to tell where he was really going.

Even if the metal wolf rushed out, Han Sen was sure that he could dodge its attack.

Suddenly, the wolf threw itself at Han Sen like a ghost. However, the direction it went was off because of the skills Han Sen used, so Han Sen was able to avoid its attack.

Ye Yufeng was fast enough to attach time curse to the wolf. With the help of flame lieutenant, the wolf had become much slower, and Han Sen could see where it was moving.

Han Sen immediately stabbed his spear at the wolf. Because they had fought multiple times, the wolf knew that the spear could not injure. It simply slightly moved aside before throwing itself at Han Sen again.

However, Han Sen had used the kiting skills to avoid its snap and knew very well where the wolf would be going.

After releasing the time curse, Ye Yufeng initially wanted to help Han Sen fight. However, after watching for a while, Ye Yufeng stopped in surprise.

After spending more than a month with Han Sen, Ye Yufeng thought Han Sen should be a strong evolver with his sacred geno points maxed out. However, Han Sen would not be much stronger than the two brothers and himself.

Originally, Ye Yufeng did not think they could do well in this last shot. After all, they were missing two people, and it would be an issue how to distract the wolf. However, Han Sen was distracting the wolf himself, which showed Ye Yufeng something he had never seen before.

Since the four of them were working together previously, Ye Yufeng had not been able to tell Han Sen's strength. With Han Sen facing the wolf alone, Ye Yufeng felt shocked.

Even with the flame lieutenant and time curse used, Han Sen who had shapes.h.i.+fted was still much slower than the wolf. Normally speaking, Han Sen would not be able to dodge all the attacks from the wolf.

However, Han Sen managed to avoid all the wolf's attacks easily, without sweating. Ye Yufeng couldn't believe his eyes. Han Sen was much slower than the wolf, so how could he easily avoid its attacks?

Ye Yufeng felt more and more puzzled. Han Sen's footwork did not seem to be too strong. Even at his best, he was still slower than the wolf. However, Ye Yufeng felt like no matter how fast the wolf was, it was impossible for it to hit Han Sen.