Super Gene - Chapter 365: Achilles’ Heel

Chapter 365: Achilles’ Heel

Chapter 365: Achilles’ Heel

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The four of them entered the nest one by one as they planned. This time, Chen Nanxing was the first.

Chen Nanxing was walking with a sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld over his head. His task was to block the first attack from the metal wolf so that Ye Yufeng had the time to use time curse on the wolf.

As for Han Sen, although he was holding the spinning spear, he did not plan to use it. After all, a gear would not be enhanced by the aura because it was not a beast soul. Therefore, it was impossible for him to use it to kill a super creature. Han Sen was hiding the sacred-blood sword and devil sword, planning to cut the wolf if he could find its weak spot.

Holding a black round s.h.i.+eld, Chen Nanxing walked into the nest, feeling nervous. This s.h.i.+eld was much smaller than his copper one. Thinking of the incredible strength and speed of the wolf, he did not feel secure at all.

With a howling, a black shadow suddenly dashed from a cell, leaving Chen Nanxing no chance to dodge.

Chen Nanxing quickly raised the s.h.i.+eld to protect himself.


Feeling a strong force hitting the s.h.i.+eld, Chen Nanxing was knocked dozens of feet away despite that he was pus.h.i.+ng the s.h.i.+eld with his shoulder. Chen Nanxing hit the wall and rolled over to get up, seeing three long marks added to the surface of his s.h.i.+eld, which was obviously clawed by the wolf.

With the buff from the flame lieutenant, the s.h.i.+eld had become much stronger. Otherwise, it would have been destroyed already.

Chen Nanxing quickly looked to the wolf and saw that Ye Yufeng had finished using time curse on it. Seeing that the wolf had become much slower, Chen Nanxing let out a sigh of relief.

However, the wolf quickly threw itself again at Chen Nanxing. Although it had been slowed down, the speed was still frightening. Before Chen Nanxing could gather his strength, the wolf was already in front of him.

Rolling and crawling, Chen Nanxing tumbled away while shouting, "If you don't hurry, I will be killed."

Ye Yufeng pulled Chen Nanxing away from the wolf. Holding their weapons, Han Sen and Ye Yufeng rapidly launched attacks at the wolf.

Under the buff of flame lieutenant, the time curse had slowed the wolf down significantly. However, the super creature could still manage to dodge all the attacks of the four and fight back at times.

Although it was one against four, the wolf still had the advantage. The four of them had to collaborate with one another to cope with the creature. Fortunately, they had planned ahead of time and did not panic.

"Dammit! Why is the wolf so fierce?" Chen Nanxing was clawed again at his shoulder. Although he managed to avoid being hit in the vital parts, his shoulder was scratched deeply, and blood was flowing.


Han Sen stabbed his spear at the wolf, which was the first time they had ever hit the creature. However, the spinning force was useless on it.

The metal wolf shook its body and got rid of the spear, its fur completely intact.

"Retreat, immediately…" Chen Zichen exclaimed. All four of them were injured to different extent, so it would make no sense for them to keep going.

According to their original plan, they fought as they backed out. Eventually, they made it into a small channel. Although the wolf tried to chase after them, the channel was too narrow for it, so it gave up.

After resting and healing for two days on the ground, the four of them went back to fight the wolf with no success.

However, although they were not able to beat the wolf, they had learned more and more about the creature through the repeated efforts.

They could hit the wolf more and more often, and they got injured less and less frequent. However, they could never hurt the wolf. Even sacred-blood weapons left no mark on its body.

"The creature is so strong. I'm afraid we could not kill it even if we continue to try," said Chen Nanxing, dejected after several failures.

Chen Zichen and Ye Yufeng remained silent. In fact, they agreed with Chen Nanxing. The metal wolf was so incredibly strong that they could never hurt it.

However, they had gone too far to give up. Everyone looked to Han Sen.

Naturally, Han Sen did not want to give up. Although they were not able to hurt the metal wolf, they had hit it multiple times.

Han Sen had closely observed the reaction of the wolf. Although super creatures had incredible fitness levels, some were weaker than others.

This metal wolf was more or less on the same level as the baby golden growler. It was only fast, but lacking otherwise compared to the adult golden growler. All kinds of creatures had their own weaknesses, but since the overall fitness of a super creature was too good, there weaknesses could be overlooked.

For example, when Han Sen first encountered the baby golden growler, he could not even injure its eyes.

This time, the situation was similar, but better. After repeated provocations, Han Sen gradually discovered the weaker part of the wolf.

However, it was only relatively weak. Even in its weaker part, Han Sen felt like it would take more than 35.0 in fitness, plus the sacred-blood sword, devil sword and flame lieutenant, to cause any injury.

Han Sen had learned that the weakest part in the metal wolf's body was its jaw.

Han Sen felt like metal wolf was always carefully protecting it jaw, so it would not be difficult to hit it there.

Fortunately, because the group of people were too weak for the metal wolf to stay alarmed. It had fought the group lots of times and started to think that they could never hurt it.

This was what Han Sen had been trying to achieve. The reason he did not use the sacred-blood sword and devil sword was to wait for this to happen.

He would only have one chance. If he could not make it, the wolf would be guarded in the future.

Therefore, Han Sen had been holding back and waiting for the best chance to make the fatal attack.