Super Gene - Chapter 35: Who Should Go

Chapter 35: Who Should Go

Chapter 35: Who Should Go

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a.s.s Freak was so infamous that a torrent of scornful abuse was lavished on him. The young men who were paying came to them, and one of them with harsh, angular features curiously looked at Han Sen and said, "You are the legendary a.s.s Freak?"

"Yes," Han Sen answered casually. He did not think it was a bad thing, because in the entire Steel Armor Shelter, he was the only one who had ever stabbed Qin Xuan in the b.u.t.t. This was a kind of achievement in a sense.

The young man was obviously curious about Han Sen. Suddenly he said, "You are also here for the job?"

Han Sen nodded: "If you don’t like the idea, I can go right now."

"No, if you do not have any questions, we can sign the contract right here," the young man quickly said.

A roar went up in the crowd as they heard the young man’s decision. Even the young man’s friends looked surprised. They pulled the young man to the side and said, "Yuan, that’s a.s.s Freak. What are you going to do with him?"

"That’s right, Yuan. If we are in danger, he will probably run even faster than us. It’s just a waste of money."

"I’ve hired him, and you can choose the rest," the young man named Yuan insisted and signed the contract with Han Sen.

The others didn’t say much after that and selected several more candidates who looked experienced. Han Hao showed them his mutant beast soul weapon and was chosen. The two coming with Han Hao showed some skill and got the job as well.

"a.s.s Freak, you got lucky thanks to your young master’s kindness and curiosity," Liu Feng, one of the two, said when walking past Han Sen.

"My luck has always been good," Han Sen said faintly.

The clients had selected ten experienced men to protect them in hunting primitive creatures. With such a team, they could even hunt primitive creatures by herd.

Those who had been hired were in a good mood and tried to flatter the clients all the time. They clearly understood the background of these young men who were paying them.

The clients actually had very good fighting skills, and they must have graduated from posh schools. Although they had just entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary, their fitness and skills were much better than Han Sen’s when he had just arrived. They were only lacking the experience of hunting.

When the clients were hunting primitive creatures, Han Sen was just practicing archery on the side. Initially he had chosen to practice archery because it was less demanding than other weapons. He was unlikely to be able to learn advanced techniques of sword or knife fighting in the public education system, while all he needed for archery was accuracy.

Han Sen was still getting to know the performance and characteristics of Doomsday, so he had selected some of the trees nearby as his targets to practice on.

"a.s.s Freak, you are just taking up s.p.a.ce. Why are you shooting in vain and ignoring our clients?" Liu Feng was confused by Han Sen’s behavior and looked at his shots contemptuously. "You can’t even shoot something within 60 feet."

Han Sen did not look at Liu Feng or reply to him. He was just trying the arrow and did not focus on one target, and that was why his shots looked messy.

"Just let him be. It was just a charity act. Our clients didn’t expect him to help at all," other hired hands laughed.

"That is true. Just be grateful, a.s.s Freak!" Liu Feng spit and joined the rest.

"Do not say you know me," Han Hao found a chance to whisper to Han Sen and went back to laugh with his friends.

The clients were making incredible progress. In the beginning, they needed some a.s.sistance, while they soon became better and could hunt some rather vicious primitive creatures one-on-one. Indeed, posh schools had great teaching outcomes.

Those who were in integrated compulsory education wouldn’t dare to hunt primitive creatures alone with no previous experience.

It went so well that everyone lost their vigilance. When the clients were hunting three primitive spotted beasts, one of the beasts played dead and attacked a young client when he approached it.

Han Hao and others didn’t expect this, and the spotted beast was too close to the client for them to rescue him. In an instant, the claws of the spotted beast were on the delicate neck of the young man.

The young client was horrified, regretting that he wasn’t wearing his alloy helmet. But it was too late for that. Everyone watching screamed in horror.


An arrow flew by the client’s face and hit the spotted beast in the left eye. The beast whimpered and fell to the ground.

Han Hao and the rest swarmed to the spotted beast and cut its corpse into pieces.

"a.s.s Freak, why did you shoot the arrow? You almost hurt Qing!" Liu Feng turned around and scolded Han Sen.

Other people all followed him, criticizing Han Sen. They were secretly ashamed, but instead of self-reflection, they chose to blame Han Sen. In their view, Han Sen just shot the beast by pure luck, because a.s.s Freak could never be so good at anything.

"Get lost!" Yuan suddenly shouted with a dark face.

"Did you hear that a.s.s Freak? Yuan just asked you to go," cried Liu Feng.

"I’m letting you go." Yuan stared at Liu Feng coldly. "I paid you to protect us, and what did you do when Qing was in danger? Nothing! And you even tried to blame the only person who did his job. All of you, get lost, and I don’t want to see you again."