Super Gene - Chapter 34: A Bow in Hand

Chapter 34: A Bow in Hand

Chapter 34: A Bow in Hand

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The bow for sale in the post was "Doomsday" in the Black Vader series, which cost 6,680,000 dollars in the store. Its farthest range could reach 2,400 feet. Using this bow, Saber arrows could pierce steel armor and the skin of most primitive creatures from more than 900 feet away. However, one would need to have a 7.0 strength rating to draw the string of Doomsday.

Normally only those who had maxed out on mutant geno points could reach a 7.0 strength rating, and this requirement was only to draw the string. Unless you could kill with only one shot every time, so that you didn’t need a second draw, you would need a rating of more than 8.0 to use the bow.

Generally, if one had maxed out on original, primitive and mutant geno points, one’s strength rating would reach 10.0, but many would choose to complete evolution and go to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary before their rating reached 8.0.

"No wonder no one would buy this bow, those with the ability to use the bow wouldn’t care about such a small amount of money and try to save with a second-hand weapon. Those who couldn’t use it wouldn’t bother to buy it either." Han Sen sent the poster a message and offered one million for the bow and arrows, which altogether would probably cost more than seven million at a store.

He had only kept two out of the six million he earned from selling the golden axe and gave the rest to his mother. Having spent a million learning Ghosthaunt, he wasn’t sure if he could purchase the bow and arrows with just one million.

The poster didn’t reply. He was either offline or didn’t want to dignify his offer with a response. Han Sen waited for more than half an hour and almost lost hope. He checked other posts and found nothing.

"Well, some cheap stuff will have to do for now. Maybe I can get an arrow beast soul in a few days," Hansen comforted himself and went into the shower.

When he was back in front of the screen, he found the poster had sent a message to him, which only contained a webpage of a well-known trading site, where the price was marked as one million.

Han Sen almost jumped with joy and paid for the items after confirmation.

Soon the item was s.h.i.+pped, and would reach Planet Roca the next day.

G.o.d’s Sanctuary could be used as a transfer station for transporting goods produced in the Alliance, so many transactions between different planets were completed this way, and it was also much faster than interstellar s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

The next morning, Han Sen got a package from a robot postman. After signing for it, he couldn’t wait to open it.

The black and purple metal bow had a bow string like a silver line. Holding the bow in his hands, Han Sen immediately felt powerful. The bow was also carefully kept and looked almost like new except for a small scratch.

Six brand new Saber alloy arrows were gleaming with a cold s.h.i.+ne. To Han Sen's surprise, they even came with a matching quiver. It was used, but there was no damage.

"A bow in my hand, the world is mine. I won’t have to risk approaching it the next time I steal a sacred-blood creature from Son of Heaven." Han Sen stroked the bow and laughed.

With no shooting range nearby, Han Sen could only try to draw the string a few times. It was indeed quite heavy. Even with his strength, he could only draw a dozen times before his arms started to ache.

"Not bad." Han Sen was pleasantly surprised. He hadn’t tested his strength recently, but his rating must be more than 8.0 now, or else he couldn’t have used this bow so well.

Han Sen went to a weapon shop nearby and bought 20 Thunder arrows and 20 Skyfall arrows. The quiver that could hold 50 arrows still looked a little empty, even with the arrows in it.

Although these arrows had impressive names, they were in fact cheap. Each Thunder arrow only cost a thousand, and only the arrowhead was made of alloy. It was too stiff and would chip easily on bones or

Skyfall arrows were even cheaper, a hundred each. They looked like Saber arrows but didn’t function that well. Han Sen only bought Skyfall arrows to practice with, as Thunder arrows were too easy to break and the six Saber arrows were too expensive to be used for practicing.

Han Sen played with his new bow, Doomsday, for quite a while and fell in love with it. When it was almost time for him to meet his young clients, Han Sen took his bow and arrows and entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

When he arrived where they were supposed to meet, he saw dozens of people surrounding several young men in biological armor and realized that he wasn’t the only candidate.

Walking around to earn ten thousand easy dollars per day seemed to be a great deal for many. After all, a primitive creature was only worth several hundred, and it also took energy to hunt and move the dead creature around.

Han Sen frowned at the crowd and was ready to turn away. He just wanted to find an easy job to earn some money. With such compet.i.tion, he’d rather look for another job.

When he was ready to leave, Han Hao and a few people came together. It looked like they were also coming for the young men.

"Well, well, a.s.s Freak himself here, looking sharp with the bow and arrows. Did you come to protect the masters as well?" a young man next to Han Hao ridiculed him, with a tone of exaggeration.

His remark got the attention of the crowd, as a.s.s Freak was well-known in Steel Armor Shelter. People suddenly started to heckle Han Sen.

"a.s.s Freak, who do you think you are?"

"a.s.s Freak, can you even beat the original creatures?"

"It’s more likely that the young masters will need to protect him."