Super Gene - Chapter 345: Risky Practice

Chapter 345: Risky Practice

Chapter 345: Risky Practice

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Very soon, Han Sen was certain that Fang Guotao was not the author of Primal Innocence, but a con artist.

"Brother, your faith is strong. I have never seen a young man so sure of himself under the influence of Primal Innocence," Fang Guotao said to Han Sen, holding the student's hand.

"Brother Fang, you are the true inventor of Primal Innocence!" Han Sen was wondering whether Fang Guotao had invented Primal Innocence, but he did not want to offend the guy.

Fang Guotao did not mean to hide anything and chuckled. "Brother, I will not lie to you. I am not the one to invent such a great thing. This is written in a book pa.s.sed down from my previous generations named Innocence Mantra. Unfortunately, the mantra was incomplete, and I based my invention on the remaining chapters. I need to thank my ancestors for my good life."

Han Sen did not understand why Fang Guotao would tell him everything since they had just met. What Fang Guotao said next appalled him even more.

"Brother, I think your fitness level should be more than sixteen, right?" Fang Guotao asked Han Sen with his eyes lit up.

"More or less that." Han Sen thought, here we go.

Fang Guotao looked Han Sen up and down and said, "I am not good at other things, but an eye for talent. I think you are a well-rounded fighter and should have high scores in every aspect."

Han Sen did not say anything but grinned at Fang Guotao.

Fang Guotao said hastily, "Don't get the wrong idea, brother. I am not trying to be a snoop. All I want to say is that, on average, an unevolved person could reach fifteen maximum, even with the sacred geno points maxed out. You are a rare talent and have a higher fitness level than that. If you work together with me, we could make big money."

Han Sen almost vomited blood. He eventually understood why Fang Guotao was being so truthful with him. The guy was asking him to be a real plant.

If it was before, Han Sen would have agreed without thinking twice. However, he did not need the money now, so there was no need for him to do something like this.

"Brother, I am still in the military school. Even after I graduate, I will have to serve in the military. I'm afraid there is no chance we could work together," said Han Sen.

Fang Guotao became upset. He thumped his chest and said, "Brother, you think too little of me. I want to work with you exactly because you are about to enter the military."

"Why?" Han Sen looked at Fang Guotao, surprised. He wondered how this con artist could wiggle his way into the military.

Fang Guotao chuckled and said, "Because of the family legacy and my own work, I am considered a martial art master not only in academia, but also the military. Primal innocence is almost made a mandatory subject in the military, so I would have a lot more to opportunities to give speeches there."

Han Sen thought it was reasonable. Fang Guotao and Primal Innocence was indeed extremely popular currently. It was something effective on potential developments. Although it was not too strong, it almost suited everybody.

"Once it's official, I would be made a general. Although I would not have too much actual power, I could always ask for you to be my guard. Once you start to serve, I…" Fang Guotao continued.

"Brother, let's forget about it. I have not even graduated," he stopped him quickly. He was not at all interested in being Fang Guotao's guard.

As a con man, Fang Guotao immediately understood what Han Sen was thinking and did not bring it up again. However, he was still implying the benefits Han Sen could gain.

"Brother, at your level, you don't need me at all. Your guard has to be at least an evolver. I am merely an unevolved person and it would not serve you well," set Han Sen with a smile.

"Let's forget about this then… In the future, if you changed your mind, you can always come to me," said Fang Guotao.

Han Sen did not know what Fang Guotao had seen in himself. Either way, Han Sen was not interested. After the meal, Han Sen went back to the gravity trainer and started to train again.

"What a shame…" Watching Han Sen leave, Fang Guotao's smile disappeared. He licked his lips and had a sinister look on his face.

Returning to the gravity trainer, Han Sen set the parameters around twenty-five.

Han Sen's fitness index was a little more than twenty at this point. Without using Heresy Mantra, it was still hard for him to pa.s.s the 25.0 test using only Overload.

Heresy Mantra did not have much side effects, because all his organs had been strengthened during the first stage. However, Overload was completely different. It was simply squeezing clean every last drop of his potentials, with no holdback. Therefore, Overload was extremely dangerous. Once he went overboard, his body would collapse right away.

There were ten items in the test of the gravity trainer. Han Sen had only finished three when he was completely soaked in his own sweat. His entire body became red like a cooked shrimp. The scarier thing was that his body temperature was much higher than someone with a fever, which was already under the effect of Jadeskin.

It felt like all his body cells were moaning.

Han Sen gave up on continuing his training. The gravity within the device gradually fell back to normal. Han Sen lay on the floor like a dying dog, breathing heavily.