Super Gene - Chapter 344: Is He A Plant

Chapter 344: Is He A Plant

Chapter 344: Is He A Plant

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Seeing everyone gazing at himself and hearing Fang Guotao's words, Han Sen was mortified.

Although he was not interested in Primal Innocence, Fang Guotao was invited by the school and never offended him, so he decided not to embarra.s.s Fang.

Reluctantly, Han Sen walked toward Fang Guotao.

"What is your name…" Fang Guotao repeated the process and asked the questions.

Han Sen answered everything and simply wanted to go back to his training as soon as possible.

Fang Guotao asked what level Han Sen could pa.s.s in the gravity trainer, and Han Sen answered 13.0. Fang Guotao said he was able to raise Han Sen's level to 14.0.

Han Sen did everything he said and indeed pa.s.sed the 14.0 test.

Fang Guotao was expecting applause, but there was none. All the student cast an odd look to his side, but Fang Guotao did not know what had happened. He almost thought his fly was open, looked down and found nothing wrong.

Fang Guotao was puzzled. As an evolver, he did not pay much attention to military schools, less the military school students. There was no way he would know how famous Han Sen was.

When Han Sen said 13.0, his schoolmates were already amused. When he pa.s.sed the 14.0 test, they were about to burst out laughing.

They had only one thought on their mind: Is the genius a plant?

Although they did not know specifically what Han Sen's fitness index was, they did know that Han Sen beats Jing Jiya whose fitness index was more than fifteen.

There was no way Han Sen would be weaker than fifteen.

Han Sen was only trying to get it over with as fast as he could, while in others' eyes, he was obviously a plant. When Han Sen was ready to step down, someone in the audience yelled, "Genius, you need to be more professional if you're a plant. You can pa.s.s a 14.0 test single-handedly. What kind of improvement is that?"

"Ha-ha, brother, you must be kidding."

"This is blatant fraud, LOL."

"Now this is highly inappropriate, genius."

"Do it again, genius."

The students would not let Han Sen off the hook easily. It was rare that they could see Han Sen perform, and they would not let go of the opportunity. Seeing the reaction of the audience, Fang Guotao became nervous. Although Primal Innocence was effective, it depended on who the user was. Han Sen was pretending the entire time, while Fang Guotao was not able to tell he was faking it. The fact that Han Sen was able to control his strength so well indicated that Han Sen had both strong confidence and abilities.

On those who were confident, Primal Innocence was less effective. On someone like Han Sen, Primal Innocence basically had no effect.

Fang Guotao regretted so much that he had called this person. How could he ever expect this to happen?

"Professor, do it again. If you can help Han Sen increase by 1.0, then I would become a true believer."

All the students were kicking up a fuss. Fang Guotao looked at Han Sen, and Han Sen threw a glance at Fang Guotao.

Fang Guotao walked to Han Sen, patted him on the shoulder, and said in an intimate tone, "Han Sen, it seems that you are a popular figure in Blackhawk?"

While saying that, Fang Guotao hugged Han Sen. As Han Sen was wondering why Fang Guotao was being so pa.s.sionate, he heard Fang whispering into his ear, "Fake it again, please. You will be rewarded."

"How?" Han Sen whispered back.

Since Han Sen already faked it once, Fang Guotao thought he would try his luck. To his surprise, Han Sen answered him.

Fang Guotao became overjoyed and whispered, "Whatever you want. I promise."

"Okay." Han Sen nodded. Fang Guotao was the guest of the school and had promised him benefits, so there was no need for Han Sen to embarra.s.s him in public.

Furthermore, Primal Innocence was quite helpful to build up one's confidence and its harm was minimal, which was why Primal Innocence was so popular. Otherwise, the Alliance would not allow it to be circulated and the leaders.h.i.+p of Blackhawk would never have invited Fang Guotao as a guest speaker.

Getting a yes from Han Sen, Fang Guotao was pleased and let go of Han Sen naturally. He said to Han Sen in an authoritative tone, "Han Sen, be honest with me, what is your level? I am confident in Primal Innocence. It will help you."

Han Sen played along again and increased his performance level. He was not sure whether his schoolmates would buy it, but he had done his best.

Fortunately, his schoolmates were satisfied with the 16.0 that Han Sen showed them.

After finis.h.i.+ng his speech, Fang Guotao talked to Han Sen over comlink and asked him to meet in a private room in a cafeteria on campus.

Han Sen did not want anything from Fang in the first place, so he did not even give Fang Guotao his number. However, Fang had somehow found out about his contact information and insisted that Han Sen meet him. Han Sen had to go in the end.

After arriving at the private room, Fang Guotao immediately took Han Sen's hand and ordered the most expensive food and drinks on campus.

"Thank you so much, Han Sen… Otherwise, I would not know how to save the day…" To Han Sen's dismay, Fang Guotao did not even look like the master he pretended to be. Han Sen even doubted whether Fang Guotao really invented Primal Innocence.

The person who could invent Primal Innocence must be someone with a strong mind. This Fang Guotao, however, looked more like a con artist.