Super Gene - Chapter 342: Trial

Chapter 342: Trial

Chapter 342: Trial

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Han Sen was not able to refuse them and summoned the sacred-blood phantom ant armor.

Yang Zikun was dumbstruck. He asked directly, "Brother, could you sell me this armor? I will trade the other sacred-blood beast soul in Sapphire Shelter for this one. One for one."

"It is just sacred-blood armor. Why do you want it so much?" Han Sen gazed at Yang Zikun in surprise.

Yang Zikun said quickly, "This armor is so beautiful that few women could resist its temptationā€¦"

Realizing what he had said, Yang Zikun hastily changed the subject, "If you don't need it, you have to sell it to me."

Han Sen quickly took back the sacred-blood phantom ant armor and said with a wry smile, "I have already agreed to sell it to someone else if I were to sell this armor."

Although Yang Zikun was very interested in the armor, he did not insist after hearing Han Sen's words.

After Han Sen returned, he organized his beast souls.

The sacred-blood beast souls he had were black beetle armor, b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, purple winged dragon, fairy queen, horn bow, golden rock worm king, phantom ant, three eyed cat, color s.h.i.+fter, holy angel, beetle knight, flame lieutenant, and devil sword.

Last but not least was the super beast soul aqua reaper. Although Han Sen did not know how to use it at this point, Han Sen believed it must be an incredible beast soul.

He wanted to take a part of these beast souls to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. After all, he did not have any strong background and must rely on himself after entering Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. In the early stage, these beast souls could still provide some help.

There were, of course, some beast souls that he did not need. For example, the phantom ant and black beetle functioned the same, so he could sell the phantom ant armor to Lin Beifeng.

Although three-eyed cat was a sacred-blood pet, it probably would not be of too much use in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. And the horn bow was the same. Han Sen could use those beast souls to trade for the beast souls of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, which could help him in the future.

As for what to keep when he evolved, he would have to decide later.

Since Han Sen had not found traces of super creatures near Steel Armor Shelter, he did not enter G.o.d's Sanctuary again and returned to improve himself.

Han Sen had not yet reached the ultimate level of Overload, which was his biggest concern. The best way to practice Overload was to put himself under extreme pressure. Han Sen pondered and decided that the gravity trainer was a great option, which would put burden on his body all over as long as he adjusted the parameters.

When he was about to go inside a gravity trainer on campus, Han Sen heard someone calling him.

"Professor Yan?" Han Sen looked at the person in surprise.

According to his impression, Professor Yan was someone meticulous and inflexible both in and out of the cla.s.sroom. Han Sen thought something must be up for Professor Yan to talk to him.

Professor Yan walked to Han Sen and asked, "Han Sen, I need to collect some data for a study and hope that you can help me. You will get extra credits as a reward."

Han Sen was interested. His credits would decide his rank in the military upon graduation. Because he had missed many, although he had enough credits, it might still be hard for him to become a major.

Since Professor Yan was offering him credits, Han Sen was interested, but he was scared that he would be turned into a guinea pig. Clearing his throat, Han Sen asked, "Of course I would love to help you. I'm just wondering what kind of data are you looking for and whether I would be capable to provide them."

Professor Yan just sent a file to Han Sen and told him to come to the lab 8 AM the next day.

Watching Professor Yan leave, Han Sen was slightly upset. However, he knew that the professor was someone who was more or less a social misfit, so he was not offended.

After reviewing the files, Han Sen understood why Professor Yan would find him.

The study Professor Yan was doing was t.i.tled Unevolved Geno Point Surge. Professor Yan was collecting the steepest surge among the unevolved, which was why he had come to Han Sen.

However, Han Sen was having a headache about this. It was easy for him to increase his force in a short amount of time, but his strength was too strong for an unevolved person.

If Professor Yan was able to record his authentic data, Han Sen might be cut into pieces for the research.

However, if he did not use all he got and used Jadeskin to control his strength instead, the data would be useless to Professor Yan.

Han Sen did not want to mislead a scholar was very much committed to his own study.

"Han Sen, I have perfected my archery skills. Let's do a show down again. This time I will not lose to you." When Han Sen was having a headache, Jing Jiya walked toward him and challenged him again.

"Jing Jiya, this is perfect timing." Seeing Jing Jiya, Han Sen was quite delighted.

Jing Jiya was dazed and did not understand why Han Sen would say "perfect timing." Nor did he know why Han Sen was smiling at him. Jing Jiya suddenly smelled something fishy.

"Let's go to the shooting range for another match," said Jing Jiya though feeling weird.

"All right. However, if you lose again, you must do something for meā€¦" said Han Sen, grinning at Jing Jiya.

"What is it?" Jing Jiya looked at Han Sen vigilantly.

"Professor Yan asked me to take part in a trial for him. If you lose, you need to come with me and help with it," said Han Sen.

"Okay," agreed Jing Jiya.

In less than half an hour, Jing Jiya left the shooting range following Han Sen. He lost to Han Sen once again.

"Remember what you have promised me. See you tomorrow in the martial arts lab at 8 AM," Han Sen waved to Jing Jiya with a huge grin and returned to the gravity trainer.

The next day, Han Sen would bring Jing Jiya along to the lab and hide his own ability, letting Jing Jiya's data speak for itself. By that time, Professor Yan would be more interested in Jing Jiya for sure.

Since I would be the one who introduces Jing Jiya, I would still get the extra credits, right? Han Sen entered a gravity trainer with the thought.