Super Gene - Chapter 341: Cross-border Trade

Chapter 341: Cross-border Trade

Chapter 341: Cross-border Trade

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Mr. Xu frowned upon Han Sen's words. Although the sacred-blood beast souls in First G.o.d's Sanctuary were rare, the normal value of a sacred-blood beast soul from the First and one from the Second were 3 to 1.

Although the sacred-blood armor and sacred-blood mount in Sapphire Shelter were not the best, he would not necessarily trade them for even six sacred-blood beast souls in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, Han Sen was trying to exchange for both using just three, which made Mr. Xu sneer.

"Brother, can you show us the beast souls you have?" Yang Zikun said with a smile.

Han Sen summoned his three-blade harpoon, brandished it briefly and said, "I think you should recognize this three-blade harpoon. Huangfu Pingqing once showed it at an auction. It is rather sharp among sacred-blood weapons."

Mr. Xu was dazed. He had heard of this harpoon. In fact, they did a lot of business with Ares Martial Hall. And he had thought about acquiring this harpoon before. In terms of sharpness, the three-blade harpoon was more than just "rather sharp," but definitely one of the sharpest weapon in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Mr. Xu did not expect Han Sen would produce this weapon first. It was a top-notch sacred-blood beast soul. Normally speaking, one would not let go of it.

"Brother, are you really going to sell this?" Yang Zikun asked Han Sen in surprise.

"Sure." Han Sen smiled. This three-blade harpoon did not mean as much to him at this point. He could not kill a super creature with this harpoon. And since the harpoon was not a sword, he could not attach the devil sword to it.

Han Sen still had the pair of skeleton's daggers, which were as sharp as the three-blade harpoon. Although they were not as valuable as the beast soul, to Han Sen, they functioned equally well. Therefore, Han Sen wanted to sell his harpoon.

For the second piece of beast soul, Han Sen summoned the tornado wolf.

"A mount?" Asked Yang Zikun, gazing at the tornado wolf.

Yang Zikun had never seen such a mount before and did not know what it could do.

Mr. Xu frowned slightly. Although the three-blade harpoon was great, a sacred-blood mount from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary was definitely worth at least three sacred-blood mount in the First.

Han Sen smiled and explained, "It is a mount called tornado wolf. It is nothing but fast. You should have heard about blast horse?"

"Of course, blast horse is the fastest mount in First G.o.d's Sanctuary," Yang Zikun nodded and said.

"This tornado wolf is slightly faster than blast horse. What do you think of it now?" said Han Sen casually.

Mr. Xu stared at the tornado wolf and asked, "Are you serious? Is it really faster than blast horse?"

"If you don't believe me, you can try it out. If it is not faster than blast horse, I will give it to you for free," said Han Sen with a smile.

There were a lot of videos of blast horse on the Skynet. Han Sen had no doubt that the tornado wolf was faster.

Mr. Xu changed his look. If this tornado wolf was really faster than blast horse, its value was hard to say.

Although a sacred-blood mount from the First G.o.d's Sanctuary was not as valuable as a sacred-blood one from the Second, it still very much depended on what sort of mount it was. If the tornado wolf was the fastest mount in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, then it was invaluable.

"Fantastic," Yang Zikun said. It seemed that he liked the tornado wolf quite a lot.

Mr. Xu now had high hopes for Han Sen's third beast soul. Although the two beast souls Han Sen had shown them were both top-notch, he still needed the third beast soul to wow him before he would consider the deal. As he was still thinking, Han Sen had summoned the third beast soul. Han Sen suddenly shapes.h.i.+fted into a giant bear.

"A shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul!" Yang Zikun and Mr. Xu were overjoyed.

Sacred-blood shapes.h.i.+fting beast souls were very rare, and the one Han Sen was showing could even use different martial arts and weapons. A beast soul like this would be bid to the sky.

Han Sen took back the beast soul and said to Yang Zikun, "The sacred-blood shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul is named ghost-eyed bear. It could greatly enhance one's strength and speed. If I were to trade these three beast souls for the two sacred-blood beast souls you have in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, what would you think?"

"Let's do it," Yang Zikun said without hesitation. Although he would not profit much from the deal, it was a great deal nonetheless. Han Sen had produced three excellent beast souls, which were the top in their own type.

In addition, Yang Zikun liked the three sacred-blood beast souls very much, especially the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear.

Mr. Xu had changed his point of view on Han Sen. Three sacred-blood beast souls like this were so hard to come by that they were totally enough to match the two sacred-blood beast souls they have in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Yang Zikun asked Mr. Xu to prepare the contract. After they both signed, Mr. Xu arranged for a guy to transfer the two sacred-blood beast souls to Luo Sulan.

Han Sen called his mother and asked her to receive the two beast souls.

With the sacred-blood armor and sacred-blood mount, even if Luo Sulan was in danger, she would be able to keep herself alive.

Han Sen and Yang Zikun used the teleport device in the private club to enter Steel Armor Shelter and completed the deal.

Han Sen had wanted to do this for a long time, but he hadn't found the right opportunity or people whom he trusted. Eventually, he was able to accomplish the deal.

After completing the deal, both parties were satisfied about the transaction.

Originally, Yang Zikun only wished to gain one or two sacred-blood beast souls. In the end, he was able to obtain three top-notch beast souls, which were all practical as well.

"Brother, you have so many excellent beast souls. Can you show us a few more?" Yang Zikun looked at Han Sen excitedly.

Mr. Xu also looked at Han Sen curiously. A person that had so many amazing beast souls triggered his curiosity. Since Han Sen was selling incredible beast souls, what beast souls would he keep for himself?