Super Gene - Chapter 318: The Favor Is to Let You Live

Chapter 318: The Favor Is to Let You Live

Chapter 318: The Favor Is to Let You Live

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There were a variety of creatures in Copper Mountains, while Han Sen was in no mood to hunt. Most of the creatures were ordinary and primitive ones. Occasionally, there were several mutant creatures, but they were all too large in body size for Han Sen to consider.

The tornado wolf had an amazing speed. Han Sen had not quite seen any mount like it. Almost no creatures could catch up with the wolf.

According to what Ma Mingjun had told him, Han Sen rode the tornado wolf and searched around.

Maybe it was good luck, or maybe it was how fast the tornado wolf was, Han Sen found the legendary turtle after one day.

The turtle was too big for anyone to ignore. It was a black turtle as large as a car, climbing on the copper-colored mountain.

Although the slope was steep, the black turtle was climbing at a high speed with all four feet. Han Sen did not hurry over, but decided to observe it.

The turtle has a black sh.e.l.l and dark green neck and limbs. With a closer look, there were burgundy patterns on the dark sh.e.l.l, which were hardly noticeable.

On the turtle’s head, there were a pair of ram’s horns. And its limbs were covered with dark green scales.

After a while, the turtle was about to reach the mountaintop.

Oddly, despite that the Copper Mountains barely had any plantation, a lush fruit tree was growing on the top of that mountain. The fruit tree was about 15 feet tall and had many white flowers. Some flowers had already faded, and fruits as red as rubies were growing.

When the turtle reached the tree, it managed to stand on its hind legs and put its forelegs on the tree trunk. Stretching its neck, it tried to bite the fruits.

"Is it because it wants to eat the red fruits that it came out from the ocean?" Han Sen was dumbstruck.

During the compulsory education, Han Sen had learned that the plants in G.o.d’s Sanctuary should not be eaten, especially the fruits and roots. Maybe it was because of the difference between human genes and the creature genes, eating plants from G.o.d’s Sanctuary might have more harm than benefits on one’s body.

There were edible plants as well, but one must be an expert in the area to tell.

In this era, hardly anyone would try the plants for themselves. Since scientific testing did not work in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, normally no one would eat the plants in G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Last time when Xu Ruyan and people from Green Shelter were trapped on the Windend Island, they had tried a lot of times before finding the edible plants and fungus.

The turtle could eat these fruits, but it did not mean the fruits were safe for human.

The turtle was gobbling away, sometimes swallowing the leaves and white flowers together with the fruits. Very soon, all the fruits were gone. The turtle smacked its mouth, looking like it wanted more. Then it turned slowly and went down the mountain.

As Han Sen was still deciding if he should test whether the turtle was a super creature, he suddenly heard hoof beat from afar.

Han Sen turned and saw Zhao Guqing leading his group in this direction. Seeing Han Sen and the turtle, Zhao Guqing’s face became grim.

The group of people rode to Han Sen and hemmed him in. Sitting on the back of a giant tiger, Zhao Guqing said coldly to Han Sen, "Do you want to live or die?"

"What if I want to die? And what if I want to live?" asked Han Sen calmly.

"It is easy for you to die. We can kill you right here," Zhao Guqing said and scoffed. "If you want to live, you need to let us lock you down and kick you out of the Copper Mountains."

Han Sen was not even upset, because these people did not deserve any of his emotions. He looked at Zhao Guqing and smiled, "Don’t you think you’re being ungrateful to someone who had done you a favor?"

"Boy, what are you talking about? When have you ever done us a favor? If you want to, you can try licking our shoes," Liu Heijie bristled, pointing at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not even deign to reply him. He continued in a quiet tone, "Don’t you know what the favor is?"

"What?" Zhao Guqing frowned and was alarmed by Han Sen.

Han Sen was too calm. It looked like he did not even fear them.

Zhao Guqing threw a look at someone next to him. Two persons immediately searched around, but found no ambush except for Han Sen himself.

Han Sen sighed and said, "The favor is to not kill you. I haven’t killed you yet, which is a huge favor. Instead of considering how to repay me, you are trying to harm me. If you are not ungrateful, what are you?"

"Dammit!" The group of people raged and threw themselves at Han Sen with long weapons in their hands.

Although Zhao Guqing remained skeptical, there was indeed no one but Han Sen himself. Without thinking any further, Zhao Guqing summoned the spear and stabbed it at Han Sen.

Seeing the weapons coming at him, Han Sen reached back and drew the spinning spear from his backpack.

With a sweep, the spear flicked away all the incoming weapons, breaking those that were weaker than sacred-blood. Although Zhao Guqing and Liu Heijie’s weapons were not broken, they could barely hold their weapons, because their hands were numb and bleeding.

Everyone was dumbstruck, unable to believe that the person was able to parry with all of them with just a spear. Regarding the figure sitting on top of the silver wolf, they were all frightened.

Han Sen was in no mood to appreciate their looks. He quickly stabbed the spinning spear at one person among them.