Super Gene - Chapter 317: No Need to Know Me

Chapter 317: No Need to Know Me

Chapter 317: No Need to Know Me

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Su Xinmei thought the notion of appearance fee was ridiculous, but seeing Han Sen’s arrogant look, she became worked up and said, "A mutant beast soul? Hear it is. Summon your pet. I would like to see what kind of pet deserves to be fed sacred-blood meat."

Su Xinmei transferred a mutant beast soul to Han Sen, which was nothing to her.

Seeing the mutant weapon transferred to himself, Han Sen smiled. Since they are willing to pay, I will show it to them.

Han Sen summoned the golden rock worm king, whose huge body appeared on the gra.s.sland, looking like a golden armored vehicle.

Both Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei were shocked. They had never seen such a large pet before.

"Brother Han, has your pet transformed already? It must be a sacred-blood pet," said Ma Mingjun in surprise.

"A sacred-blood pet indeed. But it has not transformed," said Han Sen quietly.

Su Xinmei remained silent, while Ma Mingjun had complex feelings. Seeing the golden rock worm king, the puzzle was solved. However, the fact that Han Sen would feed his pet sacred-blood meat shook them.

Han Sen was the only person they had seen that fed his pet with sacred-blood meat.

"Brother Han, are you going to Steel Armor Shelter?" Ma Mingjun started the conversation again.

"I heard people had spotted a sacred-blood turtle some time ago and want to have a look." Han Sen did not hide the fact.

"So you have come for the sacred-blood turtle. That’s easy. It had entered Copper Mountains, which we are familiar with. How about we guide your way?" Ma Mingjun suggested, smiling.

Ma Mingjun believed it was useful to make a powerful friend who could travel between shelters and feed sacred-blood meat to his pet.

Han Sen liked the idea. Although he had done his research on the Skynet about the location of Copper Mountains, the mountains were huge, and it would not be easy for him to locate the turtle.

With someone leading the way, he could save a lot of trouble. In addition, Han Sen did not really worry that Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei might harm him. In the entire First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, barely anyone could injure him.

Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei accompanied Han Sen to Copper Mountains, saving Han Sen a lot of time.

Seeing the tornado wolf Han Sen was riding on, Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei felt a bit upset. However, they were not able to kill the tornado wolf in the beginning and would not have been able to fetch more people to help them in any case, since they did not have extra sacred-blood wings.

In two days, the three arrived at Copper Mountains. The body of the mountains had a burgundy tint, which made the stones look like copper.

There was little plantation on these mountains, so it was easy to spot someone in the mountains. However, with the peaks rising one of over another, it was hard to find the turtle even though Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei saw which direction it went.

Either way, having them as guide was much better than figuring out the direction alone. Han Sen followed Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei deeper into the mountains. After less than a day, they saw a group of eight people who had noticed them as well, waving at them.

Very soon, the group came over. Among them, a guy of Han Sen’s age greeted Ma Mingjun.

"Mr. Ma, how come you are also in Copper Mountains? Are you also interested in that sacred-blood turtle?" Although the guy was smiling, he did not sound like he was joking around.

"You are kidding, Mr. Zhao. We Glory Gang suffered greatly last time. How do I dare to take the risk again? Just taking a friend to look at it," said Ma Mingjun.

Zhao Guqing’s gaze fell upon Han Sen. He asked with a smile, "I don’t believe I have met this friend before?"

"Just a stranger. No need to know me," said Han Sen and bypa.s.sed the group of people, riding the tornado wolf.

"Mr. Ma, thank you for all your help. I think this is where we should part ways," Han Sen turned and said to Ma Mingjun, then continued to travel.

Anyone could tell that Zhao Guqing clearly had an invested interest in the sacred-blood turtle. Since Han Sen also came for the turtle, they were compet.i.tors and Han Sen did not want to waste time on small talks.

For Han Sen, his time is so precious, and Zhao Guqing did not even deserve to be his opponent.

The other people in Zhao Guqing’s group bristled and wanted to stop Han Sen, while Zhao Guqing stopped them. He stared at Han Sen riding away on the tornado wolf, turned back to look at Ma Mingjun and asked, "Mr. Ma, your friend is quite full of himself. I wonder where he is from?"

Looking at Han Sen who had left, Ma Mingjun did not say anything. Although he wanted to make friends with Han Sen, but it will not make sense for him to offend Zhao Guqing either.

Ma Mingjun hesitated and told Zhao Guqing how he met Han Sen. Glory Gang and Zhao Guqing had constant collaborations, and Zhao Guqing also provided Glory Gang with equipment including Z-steel weapons. Ma Mingjun simply could not afford to displease Zhao Guqing for an irrelevant person.

"A n.o.body from another shelter! How did he dare to talk to us like that? He probably did not plan to be alive for long," sneered Liu Heijie who was standing behind Zhao Guqing.

Zhao Guqing said, "If he only wanted to look at the turtle, that’s fine. However, if he tries anything, he will not be far from death."

After inquiring about the details of Han Sen’s situation, Zhao Guqing fared Ma Mingjun well and continued to look for the sacred-blood turtle.

"Are they really trying to kill Han Sen?" asked Su Xinmei with her brows knitted.

"You know them well. They are a bunch of outlaws who made their fortune through smuggling. If Han Sen notices it earlier, maybe he could live. Otherwise it’s hard to say," said Ma Mingjun with a wry smile.

Ma Mingjun knew that Han Sen fought well, but the group of people were all ruthless and had high geno point counts. Even if Han Sen had already maxed out on his sacred geno points, he might still be defeated by this group.