Super Gene - Chapter 283: Trading for Beast Souls

Chapter 283: Trading for Beast Souls

Chapter 283: Trading for Beast Souls

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Han Sen had carefully observed the footwork and dagger skills of the white jade skeleton. In addition to the skeleton's movements that could not be achieved by any human, its footwork and dagger skills alone were very impressive.

Both its footwork and dagger skills were always out of order. Even Han Sen who was great at prejudgment cannot capture held the skeleton moved and attacked.

Without a doubt, it was a special kill set, which Han Sen was very eager to imitate.

You must know your enemy before you could beat him. And the best way to understand your enemy was to learn his special tricks.

Also, the skeleton's trick would be a great supplement to Han Sen's skills, which was also why Han Sen would like to invest a lot of time in learning it.

If he could master this trick and create the same disorder, then his target would be less likely to have the chance to fight back.

These days when fighting the skeleton, Han Sen could only use the three-blade harpoon single-handedly, which weakened his attacks.

"I wish I had a sacred-blood dagger!" thought Han Sen secretly.

The skeleton was good at close combat, which was why Han Sen could hardly use the diamond sword or the beetle knight's spear, since the longer weapons would be more of a burden than a help when fighting the skeleton.

At this point, Han Sen's issue was that he could not prevent the white jade skeleton from getting close to him. The white jade skeleton could approach him in no time with its disordered moves.

"Here is a mutant beast soul. Do you dare to accept my challenge? If you win, you could take the beast soul and I want nothing from you. However, if you lose, how about you give me a ghost-eyed bear for free?" A young man came to Han Sen with a mutant beast soul machete in his hand.

Han Sen glanced at him. If Han Sen remember correctly, the young man's name was w.a.n.g Junfeng, one of Xu Ruyan's guys.

"It seems that Xu Ruyan has become impatient and wants to test my true ability." Han Sen sneered and asked coldly, "how will you challenge me?"

"Hand-to-hand combat. Falling or admitting defeat will be considered losing," answered w.a.n.g Junfeng.

Han Sen curled his lips and threw a contemptuous look at w.a.n.g Junfeng. "In my dictionary, there is no such word as losing. The winner will lose and the loser will die. If you dared to play, then we can have a go. If not, go back to your cave."

Xu Ruyan wanted to test his ability, and Han Sen would not let her do that. The woman was unkind, but Han Sen did not think he himself could beat all these people. In addition, he was also in the special squad, so it would be inappropriate to kill a client of his organization, especially in front of his colleagues. Otherwise, it would be much easier to just kill the woman.

w.a.n.g Junfeng heard Han Sen's words and turned pale. He looked back at Xu Ruyan who was standing by the cave.

After some hesitation, Xu Ruyan walked over and said, "Han Sen, we're just fooling around. Why are you being so serious?"

"Fooling around?" Han Sen looked at her with a half smile. "A challenge means human life to me. If you want to challenge me, you're welcome anytime."

It was clear what Han Sen meant, so Xu Ruyan was rendered speechless.

After a long while, she turned around and went back to the cave. w.a.n.g Junfeng quickly followed her back and did not dare to lay a hand on Han Sen.

Han Sen wished that they would have the guts to fight. Since the woman meant him harm, he would welcome any chance to kill her minions.

And if the other party was the one who started the fight, the Green Special Squad would have no reason to blame him.

Han Sen had set up his barbecue every day near the cave for half a month. Eventually, someone came to him. It was Fu Shan instead of Xu Ruyan. He was alone, too.

"For a ghost-eyed bear," said Fu Shan and transferred a mutant beast soul to Han Sen.

Taking a look at the mutant beast soul which was a spear, Han Sen smiled and said, "No problem, tomorrow morning I will deliver the ghost-eyed bear to you."

Fu Shan nodded but did not leave. He sat down next to Han Sen and said quietly, "I am not sure if you are in the special squad. Either way, since you have come here, you have to rely on the Starry Group's rescue team to go back. To that end, try not to p.i.s.s off Xu Ruyan too much."

Hearing the down-to-earth suggestion, Han Sen said, "Does this mean that if I were in the conflict with her, you will be on her side?"

"I brought my team members with me, and one of them has already died. I have to take the rest of them back alive," answered Fu Shan calmly, without answering Han Sen's question.

Han Sen nodded. He understood the load on Fu Shan's mind. He would choose to do exactly the same if he were in Fu Shan's shoes. Han Sen did not completely antagonize Xu Ruyan also because he knew that he would be putting the Green Special Squad in an awkward position, which would probably lead to consequences when Han Sen got back to the Alliance.

Although the special squad was a military organization, their management team would not be able to save them from a random island in G.o.d's Sanctuary. The only possible rescue would be from the Starry Group, since they were the only ones who knew where Xu Ruyan went.

"If you trust me, I could make peace between you and Xu Ruyan. When the rescue comes here, I will make sure that you leave this place together with us," said Fu Shan sincerely.

"I thank you for your kindness, but I am not going to bow my head to the woman. The worst-case scenario, I will die here of old age, and even that is better than begging Xu Ruyan." Han Sen did not even need the Starry Group's s.h.i.+p to go back.

Fu Shan gazed at Han Sen and got up. "Think about it. If you need anything, come to find me."

Han Sen watched Fu Shan leave and continued to think about the skeleton's footwork and dagger skills.

Han Sen believed that Fu Shan meant well, but Han Sen would not consider his proposal. Han Sen hated Xu Ruyan and Starry Group. There was no way he would make peace with them.

"If I don't blackmail her enough, how could I thank Son of Heaven for what he had done to me?" Han Sen thought with a sinister smile.