Super Gene - Chapter 282: Same Price

Chapter 282: Same Price

Chapter 282: Same Price

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Xu Ruyan was a bit worried that Han Sen might know about the life lotus. Although few people had seen a nest, all the information was readily available on the Skynet. If Han Sen could tell that there was a nest here, that would be horrible news to her.

Not seeing Han Sen all day, Xu Ruyan became a bit uneasy. She quickly consulted with Fu Shan and went to find Han Sen along with him and some other guys.

They found Han Sen rather easily. Han Sen did not plan to hide anyway, since he did not want to make her overly suspicious.

Xu Ruyan and the Green Special Squad were not weak at all. If they were willing to sacrifice some lives, they might be able to enter the nest as well.

At this point, they were not willing to take that kind of risk, and Han Sen did not want to push them.

Han Sen was not sure how strong Xu Ruyan's followers were, but he could tell that the Green Special Squad had strong members. Based on the criteria of a special squad, Han Sen a.s.sumed that all of them might be as strong as Gambler.

When Xu Ruyan and the rest came to find Han Sen, he was sitting on the lee side of the hill, enjoying delicious ghost-eyed bear barbecue. On the fire there was more meat sizzling with grease. In fact, they had followed the fragrance to find him.

It seemed that Han Sen had gotten another ghost-eyed bear. Others could not tell the level of the ghost-eyed bear anymore, since it was already cut into pieces.

"Welcome! What brought you here?" Han Sen did not mean to stand up. He continued to chew on the BBQ meat and licked his fingers once in awhile.

Others were very much tempted by the barbeque. Although they each got some meat from the mutant ghost-eyed bear purchased by Xu Ruyan, it was only a small piece. Most of the meat was kept as their food reserve.

For people who had not tasted meat for a year, the small piece only triggered more greediness.

Seeing Han Sen eating away, they all could not help swallowing.

Xu Ruyan saw that Han Sen was still here and felt much more relaxed. Everything would be fine if Han Sen did not enter the nest.

"Han Sen, we came to talk about buying more ghost-eyed bear meat. You should know that the ghost-eyed bear would not last very long with so many people in the group," Xu Ruyan smiled and said.

She was only trying to tempt Han Sen to kill more mutant ghost-eyed bears.

Han Sen pondered and replied, "That is not easy. I hunted again today and did not find any chance to kill a mutant ghost-eyed bear, so I had to kill a primitive ghost-eyed bear. How much will you pay for a primitive one?"

Xu Ruyan did not really need the meat, and a primitive ghost-eyed bear would be useless to her.

She smiled and said, "We've all witnessed your ability. It is so easy for you to kill a mutant ghost-eyed bear. Now don't be humble."

"Yes, we maxed out on our primitive geno points a long time ago. We hope that you could get us a few more mutant ghost-eyed bears, and we would pay you well," one of the guys working for Xu Ruyan said.

Han Sen smirked inwardly, but pretended to be ignorant, "It's not that I do not want to earn more beast souls. The mutant ghost-eyed bears were not that easy to kill. If they keep moving in groups, there is nothing I can do. I am even eating primitive ghost-eyed bear myself. If I could hunt a mutant one, why would I eat this?"

The rest believed Han Sen's words, since they did not believe that mutant creatures were convenient to kill either.

After all, ghost-eyed bear was a strong creature. As an unevolved person, Han Sen could not be that strong.

Xu Ruyan suddenly smiled and said to Han Sen, "So how much do you want for a primitive ghost-eyed bear?"

"Same price," Han Sen said, not even thinking.

The group of people were dazed and did not understand what Han Sen meant.

Xu Ruyan looked at Han Sen and asked, "Sen, you did not mean that you want a mutant beast soul for this primitive ghost-eyed bear?"

"Exactly," said Han Sen, nodding.

"That makes absolutely no sense. A mutant ghost-eyed bear for a mutant beast soul, so why is a primitive ghost-eyed bear also worth a mutant beast soul?" asked Liu Zhi.

Liu Zhi was planning to exchange one of his less advanced beast souls for a primitive ghost-eyed bear so that he could eat better. Who knew that Han Sen would ask for a mutant beast soul?

Those who worked for Xu Ruyan immediately protested and wanted to bargain with Han Sen.

Han Sen insisted on the price. "What I'm selling is meat, so it does not matter whether it is primitive or mutant. Same price, take it or leave it. I am trapped here anyways and have no use of your beast souls. As long as I can fill my own stomach, I would rather not to take any risks."

None of them was willing to trade a mutant beast soul for a primitive ghost-eyed bear, so they all had to go back to the cave empty-handed.

Han Sen did not mind that. Every day at lunch time, he would go to the windward side of the cave and start a barbecue, trying to tempt the group.

In the beginning, they could still hold it back and just eat pieces of the first ghost-eyed bear they bought.

However, the taste of meat is addictive. After eating meat, they could hardly swallow the plants anymore. In addition, that first ghost-eyed bear did not last very long. Smelling the delicious barbecue every day, all of them wanted to kill Han Sen and take the meat for themselves.

Han Sen was doing that every day both to keep them hooked and to rea.s.sure Xu Ruyan that he had no idea about the existence of the nest.

In fact, Han Sen would enter the nest every evening to fight the white jade skeleton. However, the white jade skeleton was so powerful that Han Sen could not get rid of it anytime soon.

In the process of fighting the skeleton, Han Sen gradually became familiarized with its dagger skills in footwork. He was obsessed with finding a way to beat the skeleton.