Super Gene - Chapter 234: Unstoppable

Chapter 234: Unstoppable

Chapter 234: Unstoppable

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Yang Manli was very satisfied with her performance. She had outdone herself because of her strong desire to beat Han Sen and prove herself to Qin Xuan. Although she was still rated A, her score was among the top in A level. She had killed much more black birds and had also increased her speed by three minutes.

As Yang Manli walked out of the test scene, she saw that both Qin Xuan and Han Sen were there and thought, "He is out so early, which meant he was even faster than me. Then he must have not killed enough black birds or have even shot a white one."

"Here's my score." Yang Manli directly demonstrated her report to Qin Xuan.

"A level, 964 black birds killed. Well done, you've made a huge progress by only missing 36…" Qin Xuan read the statistics in the report and complimented.

Indeed, a score like this was outstanding him on the unevolved.

"So," Qin Xuan thought secretly, "Yang Manli would have been invincible in Steel Armor Shelter. It's just there is Han Sen."

"How about you?" Yang Manli asked Han Sen. She was not happy that her position was stolen by a teenager.

Han Sen did not speak and showed her his report.

With only one look, Yang Manli suddenly narrowed her eyes and looked incredulous.

A golden S on the report told her that she had lost.

He must have killed all a thousand black birds, and he was also faster than her.

"How is that possible?" Yang Manli could not believe that Han Sen was so strong. Half a year ago, she trained him. And he had made such progress in just six months.

S level! Many professional archers would not even be able to get such a rating. Although Han Sen was in the archery department, his progress was still awe-inspiring.

According to Yang Manli's knowledge, Han Sen was in the warframe contest and black and white boxing compet.i.tion. He even starred a commercial. How much time did he have left to practice archery?

Yang Manli regarded Han Sen. No matter how reluctant she was to admit this fact, the fact is the fact. S level, she could not even try to compete.

"All right. This is a done deal then," Qin Xuan did not say much, but felt satisfied with Han Sen's performance secretly. However, she was not willing to put Yang Manli down, so she did not pay him any compliment. She also knew that compliments did not really work on this guy.

When the three left the online community, Su Xiaoqiao was still thrilled, watching the video he just took.

"I had never thought Han Sen's archery skills are so strong." Su Xiaoqiao watched the video repeatedly and could not stop.

The hunting frenzy was like the best movie, full of excellent frames. Han Sen's figure stood aloof and cold, and his movements smooth and perfect. Without any edit, this video was comparable to any well-designed movie.

"You're keeping such a secret from me. Now it's time for a punishment." Su Xiaoqiao grinned and uploaded the video to the farm of Sagittarius. He also named it "S level - White Birds Forest."

Su Xiaoqiao hesitated for a second and still blurred the facial features of Han Sen to protect his ident.i.ty.

"S level? For real?"

"I don't believe it's real."

Many watched the video with suspicion, and started a heated discussion in the forum.

"This is unbelievable. Must be special effect."

"I just checked on the official website. In this test was indeed rated S."

"Super! How did he do it?"

"I watched more than 10 times and could not stop myself."

"I'm totally hooked."

"Who is this person?"

"I cannot stop watching this. Help…"

"I'll go help you after watching 10 more times."

The video soon caught the website management's attention and was stickyed. It became so popular that many evolvers heard about this video and came to check it out.

After all, evolvers were unevolved once, and they had all practiced in White Birds Forest and never heard of an S rating.

The evolvers also felt shocked after watching the video. This person's archery skills were beyond their imagination, although his speed and strength might not be as strong as theirs. They could not even guarantee no miss with such a speed.

This was simply too demanding on one's techniques. No error allowed. After all, a person was not a machine, and how could you expect absolutely no mistake?

This person in the video did not hesitate at all. It looked like he did not even look at his targets. This incredible control and confidence were beyond strength and speed.

"This must be fake."

"Is he actually so strong?"


"It's absolutely real, since the official website has recognized it."

"Who is him?"