Super Gene - Chapter 233: A Natural

Chapter 233: A Natural

Chapter 233: A Natural

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Qin Xuan also chose to watch Han Sen's test. Yang Manli was her subordinate and best friend, and she did not need to watch to know her skills.

All she wanted to find out was whether or not Han Sen could give her another surprise. Having done detailed a.n.a.lysis and research on the guy, she was surprised by his potentials.

He was from an ordinary family and was able to get this far. Other people might think that Han Sen had benefited a lot from her help, but Qin Xuan herself knew very well that his achievements were all accomplished on his own. Even the help she had offered to him was because of his contributions.

If Qin Xuan had not hypnotized him to learn the truth, she would strongly suspect that Han Sen was Dollar.

"Although Yang Manli is very powerful, she is not the best leader. And Han Sen is much better in that regard." Qin Xuan sighed. It was not an easy position to be in, pressured from the upper and lower level at the same time.

If Qin Xuan could choose, she would rather be just a soldier whose only responsibility was to fight. But since she was put on the spot, she had to shoulder her responsibilities.

"I hope he will not let me down." Qin Xuan did not want Han Sen to lose, because if Yang Manli was to take over the squad, she might run into crisis being so straightforward. Qin Xuan believed that Han Sen was the better candidate to take care of all kinds of issues.

When the test began, all Qin Xuan's attention was attracted by Han Sen. She was unable to move her eyes from him.

"Wow, Han Sen is awesome!" Exclaimed Su Xiaoqiao. He had seen many videos of this game room, but had never seen anything quite like this.

Normally speaking, no matter how fast one was, one would have to pause in the process of shooting. However, Su Xiaoqiao could not see any pause in Han Sen's movements and steps. Every step Han Sen took, and arrow would fly out like lightning bolt, piercing a black birds body.

Those arrows looked like they had life and could always. .h.i.t the target. No matter where the black birds were, the arrows could always pierce their bodies. In the darkness of the forest, there was no miss. Even in a flock of both black and white birds, the arrows could always find the black ones and never hurt any white.

Some arrows seemed like they were shot aimlessly, but eventually hit the black birds hidden in the trees.

Su Xiaoqiao felt like he was watching a movie, an action movie that made him feel hot. He wished that he could join his friend and take up his bow and arrow.

"This is amazing… Unbelievable…" Su Xiaoqiao clenched his fists and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Qin Xuan was extremely shocked. Although Qin Xuan was not a great archer, her eyesight was much better than Su Xiaoqiao's, so that she could notice more details that escaped Su Xiaoqiao.

Han Sen almost started shooting immediately since the beginning, and Qin Xuan never saw his arrows miss.

He never hurt any white bird. Sometimes, Qin Xuan only saw the black birds after he shot the arrows. Some arrows were significantly slower than others and did not even aim at the black birds in the beginning. However, the arrows would always end up in the bodies of black birds. If it was occasional, Qin Xuan would not be impressed, but she had seen the situation happening repeatedly.

"His judgment, eyesight, and archery were all super impressive," Qin Xuan had to admit. Han Sen was indeed a natural in archery.

He was more than accurate. The judgment he made allowed him to achieve excellence.

If Qin Xuan had to describe Han Sen's archery, then she would say that he was using his brain to shoot his arrows.

One could practice on one's accuracy and strength, but hardly one's level of understanding.

Without any error, Han Sen walked across the forest nonstop.

"This is not real…" Su Xiaoqiao suddenly realized something as he saw the exit was closer and closer. He did not see a single miss from Han Sen, but he was not sure if Han Sen had missed any black birds. If there was no miss, when Han Sen reached the exit, he might be able to get a legendary S rating.

Even Qin Xuan got nervous. Although Yang Manli was very strong, she could only get an A rating. If Han Sen were to be rated S, there was no doubt that Yang Manli would lose.

This was a result that Qin Xuan was willing to see. After all, if a leader of the team did not have the absolute authority, the stability of the team would be endangered. If Han Sen was able to beat Yang Manli in her strongest field archery, he would be able to establish the necessary authority to deter Yang Manli from questioning his ability.