Super Gene - Chapter 225: Training

Chapter 225: Training

Chapter 225: Training

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The semi-annual a.s.sessment began.

When it was the turn of the group that Han Sen was in, many students who had finished their a.s.sessment or were still waiting for it came to see how well Han Sen could do.

"The genius is great at war frames and black and white boxing. I wonder how well he could do with archery."

"He's in the archery Department. That's what he does."

"Of course he's even better at archery."

"For sure he's the first place."


The students' discussion was upsetting to Situ Xiang.

"It seems that Han Sen is really popular," one of the supervisors Liu Dong smiled and commented.

Situ Xiang said with some contempt, "Being popular does not mean that he will do well in the a.s.sessment. I wonder if the students will wors.h.i.+p him after looking at his grades."

Liu Dong looked at Situ Xiang in surprise. Normally speaking, a star student like Han Sen would be popular among the instructors. However, this student advisor did not seem to be a fan.

"Does he have bad grades in archery?" asked Liu Dong.

"Just average. I barely see him," replied Situ Xiang.

While the two are talking, it was Han Sens turn to shoot at the fixed target. He made ten shots instantaneously, all of which ended up on the bullseye.

Liu Dong widened his eyes, "Coach, you call this average? You're so humble."

Liu Dong thought she was being humble. Skills like this would definitely get the student an S level rating.

Situ Xiang also paused, because Han Sen was more than accurate, he was really fast.

"The genius is so amazing."

"It was like he shot ten arrows at same time."

"For sure he will have an S level rating in the a.s.sessment."


The semi-annual a.s.sessments in military schools divided grades into eight levels S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. A student would get a rating in each subject, ratings below D level would be considered fail. And all subjects below D needed to be retaken.

If the overall rating was below D, then the student would most likely have to drop out.

Han Sen’s performance was directly rated by the AI as S. All the students would be rated by AI, which was faster and more accurate than manual rating.

"Coach, I'm jealous that you have a student like this in your department." Liu Dong was from a different department.

"It was just the fixed target. We should wait until he does the entire a.s.sessment." Situ Xiang could not believe that without showing up at all, Han Sen could maintain his grades, and even show improvements.

"No need to be humble, Coach. We could all see Han Sen’s level."

Situ Xiang did not say a word and cast an odd look at Han Sen.

After the fixed target test, it was the moving target test. When it was Han Sen’s turn, the bow and arrow became a rifle gun in his hands. Wherever he wanted to hit, there was no missing. Again. he was rated S.

In the combat simulation, Han Sen acted like a professional Soldier. There was no miss, no error, and no accidental injury. With his high speed, he got an S without doubt.

His grades did not bring Situ Xiang joy, because with his skills, he never thought of joining the school team or the Archery Society, which was unforgivable in her eyes.

"As a specially recruited student in our department, he never thought about contributing to his own major. I need to teach him a lesson." Situ Xiang of course wanted to use him. However, since Han Sen did not apply to join the school team, she did not want to ask him herself.

In her heart, she had already treated Han Sen as one of the core players to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament. But she had to make him suffer a little before that.

In her room on campus, Situ Xiang watched the video of Han Sens a.s.sessment repeatedly. In the end, she dialed the number on her comlink, and it went through.

"Xiang, it's been a while since you came to visit me..." a man's voice sounded in her comlink.

After a long while, Situ Xiang turned her comlink off and had a smirk on her face.

She had to ask for her dad's help this time to frighten Han Sen into joining her team. On the other hand, she hoped this could also improve his archery skills and make him perform better in the upcoming game.

Situ Xiang had a lot of trust in her father. He used to be an archery coach in the military, and that was why she had been practicing archery since she was a little girl.

"Boy, pray hard. That's your punishment for not joining the team yourself." Situ Xiang thought of the nickname of her father and smiled.

Before Situ Xiang's dad retired, he was the famous "n.a.z.i" in the military.

The soldiers trained by him with go limp when hearing his name.

After Situ Qing retired, he came to Blackhawk and became a vice president, but there was not much to be done.

When he just came to Blackhawk, the President asked him to train the archery students. However, within the few days, no student could get out of bed, since they were either injured or sick. The archery students were about to write a blood letter co-signed by 10,000 people, which scared the President. Situ Qing was then asked to do no more.

Situ Xiang had repeatedly told Situ Qing to train Han Sen according to the highest standards.

"I'll see how long you can last." Situ Xiang thought of the miserable look of Han Sen under her dad's training and secretly celebrated.