Super Gene - Chapter 224: Black Sheep

Chapter 224: Black Sheep

Chapter 224: Black Sheep

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Bai Yishan asked Han Sen to practice Yin Yang Blast often, and told him how to cooperate in the Saint Hall when they came to collect Yin Yang Blast.

Han Sen nodded and went directly to the teleport station after Bai Yishan had left. The creature he was feeding had evolved into a sacred-blood creature.

He was feeding a color s.h.i.+fter this time. It was a primitive creature like a chameleon. The reason he had chosen a color s.h.i.+fter was its beast soul.

Its beast soul was a shapes.h.i.+fting one. After using the beast soul, one would not only be able to gain better fitness, but could also get protective coloration.

If one stood in the same spot for a while, then the protective coloration would allow one to be integrated into the surroundings, as if one was invisible.

However, when using the beast soul of a primitive color s.h.i.+fter, the color s.h.i.+fting was slow and not really that effective.

If he could get the beast soul of a sacred blood color s.h.i.+fter, then the effect would be much better. For Han Sen, who was good at, there was no better ability than this.

If he could hide next to his enemy, then he would be a huge threat to anyone. After all, he now had a sacred-blood beast soul weapon three-blade harpoon, the only disadvantage of which was its length. If Han Sen could approach his enemy, then the setback would be mitigated.

"My dear G.o.d, Jesus Christ, buddha, please show your mercy..." Han Sen was praying to all kinds of G.o.ds while killing the color s.h.i.+fter with his three-blade harpoon.

"Sacred-blood color s.h.i.+fter killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood Color s.h.i.+fter gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly."

Maybe the G.o.ds had heard his prayer. Han Sen actually gained the beast soul of the color s.h.i.+fter. Hearing the voice in his mind, Han Sen jumped.

Putting the meat in his pot on the stove, Han Sen started to feed a primitive cloud beast. He had fed one before, but failed to gain its beast soul. Han Sen was very interested in this beast soul as well, so he wanted to try again.

After preparing everything, Han Sen could not wait to summon the beast soul of the color s.h.i.+fter and shapes.h.i.+ft. After some experimenting, Han Sen was overjoyed because the sacred-blood beast soul of a shapes.h.i.+fter was even better than he had thought.

As long as he stood still, he would immediately become part of the surroundings. Even someone like himself could hardly tell.

And the protective coloration would also extend to his armor and weapon.

However, once he moved, the speed of color s.h.i.+fting would not be able to catch up with his movements. And a keen observer could always tell.

Even so, Han Sen was very happy with the result. There was no doubt that this beast soul was fantastic for and running for life equally.

This sacred-blood color s.h.i.+fter added 5 more sacred geno points for Han Sen. Now he had 50 sacred geno points, halfway down the road.

"Han Sen, it's almost the semi-annual a.s.sessment. I've never seen you on the training field of archery. Can you pa.s.s?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang muttered when Han Sen came back to the dormitory.

Han Sen then realized he had been in the school for half a year and the a.s.sessment was impending. If he failed the a.s.sessment, it would be a lot of trouble.

"I should do fine." Han Sen had confidence in himself. He had studied hard for the past few months.

And the most important archery a.s.sessment was his strong suit, so he was not worried either.

However, others might not agree with him, for example, his student advisor Situ Xiang.

As one of the leaders in revitalizing the Archery Department in Blackhawk, Situ Xiang had high hopes for the freshmen in the department.

Han Sen was obviously a bad student in her eyes.

Although his grades were good, they were not outstanding. And she could never see him in archery lessons.

As a member of the Archery Department, instead of partic.i.p.ating in archery contests, he kept competing in warframe and black and white boxing contests. What was worse was that he even went to shoot a commercial.

These behaviors told her that he did not commit himself to study.

Situ Xiang felt it was necessary that she have a talk with Han Sen. As a specially recruited student in Archery Department, Han Sen’s behavior was a big disappointment to her.

However, Situ Xiang did not go to Han Sen straight away. She planned to talk to him after the semi-annual a.s.sessment. After his grades were out, her words would make much more sense to him.

Archery needed tons of practice. One day without practice meant you would fall behind.

According to what Han Sen had done in the past few months, Situ Xiang believed that his grades would definitely fall.

After all, he rarely went to archery and did not join the Archery Society. In addition, he spent most of his time practicing driving warframes in Heavy Warframe Society. How would it be possible for him to maintain his archery level?

"Even if he had good skills originally, he would not do as well after all this slacking. I would talk to him after he realized that." Situ Xiang watched Han Sen entering the test field.

She was ambitious about revitalizing the Archery Department in Blackhawk and did not expect to run into especially recruited students with no interest in archery.

She was even thinking that if he failed this a.s.sessment, she should probably suggest to the school management to transfer him to another department.

Since he was so into warframes, then they should transfer him to the Warframe Department. He was not contributing anything to Archery Department at all.

Although the archery tournament in the military school league was not as popular as other compet.i.tions, it was still difficult to gain a good ranking. As the coach of the Archery Society, Situ Xiang had to give a lot of thought to the lineup of her team.

Although there were a few good seed players in the specially recruited freshmen, they needed more training and could not be immediately put to use.

As one of the freshmen, Han Sen was naturally listed as a black sheep in Situ Xiang's mind.