Super Gene - Chapter 222: A Walking Treasure

Chapter 222: A Walking Treasure

Chapter 222: A Walking Treasure

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After going back to his dorm, Han Sen checked out the details of E-blast that he just purchased, playing with a bottle of purple geno solution in his other hand.

"This is neat for a C-Cla.s.s martial art." Han Sen was surprised. He had little hope for a C-Cla.s.s martial art, but this one was even more complicated than Sparticle.

"Maybe it's a C-Cla.s.s because it is very hard to practice, and the result is not great."

Since it was in the military school and Han Sen had purchased the martial arts from the vending machine, he did not suspect there to be any issue.

Most importantly, after he had checked out E-blast, he was immediately attracted by the content. It was exactly something he would have wanted.

But after checking it out, Han Sen did not immediately start to practice E-blast. Nor did he use the geno solution. He locked them all in his locker.

Although E-blast did not seem to have any problems, Han Sen felt that the middle-aged man acted weirdly. As observant as Han Sen, he could even tell that the middle-aged man came for him, and helping Qu Lili pick her hyper geno arts was merely a cover.

Therefore, Han Sen did not immediately start to learn E-blast.

Han Sen was not wrong. The middle-aged man was in fact Bai Yishan from the Saint Hall. And the E-blast bought by Han Sen was the Yin Yang Blast invented by Bai.

Bai Yishan believed that Han Sen was the perfect candidate to practice Yin Yang Blast. He had tried the official way and did not get Han Sen's consent. In a few days, the Saint Hall would pa.s.s the resolution to ban Yin Yang Blast.

At that time, even Bai Yishan himself could not teach Yin Yang Blast to anyone else. Using a banned hyper geno art was a severe crime in the Alliance, and the punishments included death sentence.

So, Bai Yishans had to make Han Sen learn E-blast in these few days. Those who had practiced the hyper geno art before it was banned would be exempt from the law.

Originally, Bai Yishan did not want to use this method. However, he had no time to prove himself in the Saint Hall and had to make Han Sen learn.

Fortunately, the President of Blackhawk knew Bai Yishan very well and was himself a scholar addicted to martial arts. After reviewing Yin Yang Blast, he did not have the heart to let it be buried either. After some hesitation, he decided to help Bai Yishan.

Neither of them had thought that Han Sen would be able to tell and decided not to practice it.

In the next two days, Bai Yishan was observing Han Sen through the on-campus cameras. His face darkened, because obviously Han Sen did not use the geno Solution or practice Yin Yang Blast. Otherwise Han Sen's features would have certain change. As the inventor of Yin Yang Blast, Bai Yishans knew that very well.

"What's wrong? Why haven't he practiced Yin Yang Blast?" Bai Yishan became nervous.

He had applied for the eligibility to practice Yin Yang Blast on behalf of Han Sen as a volunteer. As soon as the Saint Hall banned Yin Yang Blast, they would collect the copy of Yin Yang Blast from Han Sen and ask him to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If at that point, Han Sen still had not used the geno solution, then the solution would be collected as well. So after that, even if he remembered the tutorial of Yin Yang Blast, without the special solution, he would not be able to succeed.

When Bai Yishan was feeling nervous about it, he saw Han Sen walking towards the teleport station, wanting to enter G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Bai Yishan panicked. The resolution would be pa.s.sed in the Saint Hall in 2 days. If Han Sen went to G.o.d's sanctuary, he would lose his last opportunity to practice Yin Yang Blast.

Bai Yishan had to go stop Han Sen.

"Han Sen." Bai Yishan stopped Han Sen before he went in the teleport station.

"You are?" Han Sen recognized Bai Yishan but did not know what his name was.

"My last name is Bai, and we've met the other at the martial arts store. I recommended you to buy E-blast. Why didn't you start practicing?" Bai Yishan didn't even think that much at this point.

With this question Han Sen was even more certain that Bai Yishan had some agenda.

"Professor Bai, i'm sorry I don't really have time. I'll practice it later," said Han Sen casually.

"No, you have to start practicing within 2 days." Bai Yishan said hurriedly.

"And why is that?" ask the Han Sen, staring at Bai Yishan.

Bai Yishan knew that it was out of the question to cheat him into practicing Yin Yang Blast. He hesitated and said, "Han Sen, let's go somewhere we can talk, and I could explain everything."

"Alright." Han Sen nodded. He also wanted to find out what was going on.

Bai Yishan showed Han Sen into a private conference room and told him everything.

"I'm sorry, Han Sen. I had to do that. You're the most suitable candidate among everyone I've seen, and you refused my offer to come to the Saint Hall. I just did not want to see Yin Yang Blast banned." Bai Yishan said apologetically.

Hearing Bai Yishan, Han Sen had a thousand thoughts in a sudden, " this is a surpa.s.ser and a Maester at the Saint Hall. He had been studying martial arts for years and is a walking treasure. G.o.d won't even forgive me if I don't blackmail him."

Han Sen have checked Bai Yishan's ID and searched him on the skynet. A celebrity like him had millions of photos online.

Han Sen smiled and threw a gaze at Bai Yishan. He thought, " don't blame me. You're the one who had the wrong idea first."