Super Gene - Chapter 221: Professor

Chapter 221: Professor

Chapter 221: Professor

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"I'm so sorry..." Ji Yanran held Qu Lili's arm and apologized.

"Forget it. I now understand that girls would give up anything for their men." Qu Lili looks to Han Sen and asked, "Genius, would you come with us?"

"Sure. But can't you call me by my name?"

"Bite me."

Han Sen decided to be silent, and followed the girls.

Although the military school would teach hyper geno arts, there were nothing advanced.

However, the military school students had certain benefits when it came to purchasing hyper geno arts.

Freshmen were allowed to buy a C-Cla.s.s hyper geno art, soph.o.m.ores were eligible to buy a B-Cla.s.s hyper geno art and two C-Cla.s.s ones; junior could buy two B-Cla.s.s and four C-Cla.s.s ones; seniors could buy one A-Cla.s.s and five B-Cla.s.s.

Unless they were in some special majors, they had to graduate and serve in the army after 4 years. After graduation, it would depend on their achievements in the army whether they could buy more advanced hyper geno arts.

Different from the Saint Hall, the hyper geno arts sold in military schools came with only one bottle of geno solution. And the D-Cla.s.s arts and under did not require any geno solution.

Both Ji Yanran and Qu Lili were juniors and according to the rules they could purchase to two B-Cla.s.s and four C-Cla.s.s ones. Han Sen could also purchase one C-Cla.s.s at this point. However, he was not interested in the less advanced hyper geno arts after seeing Holy Angel and Sparticle.

"Qin Xuan still owes Dollar an S-Cla.s.s license. How can I try to retrieve it?" Han Sen kept thinking about it but had no good solutions.

Qin Xuan asked Dollar to get it in the Steel Armor Shelter. However, it would be so dangerous with the strong guys and Son of Heaven in the shelter who hated Dollar's guts.

The three of them came to the schools hyper geno art store and there was no shop a.s.sistant but all vending machines.

The tutorials were up for download after payment and the geno solutions would pop from the vending machines.

"Ji Yanran, what do you think I should buy?" Qu Lili could not decide.

"Genius, give me some advice," She then said to Han Sen.

"Maybe you could try the B-Cla.s.s Momentum and Windbreak." A strange voice next to them sounded.

The three students looked to the direction of the voice and saw a well-dressed, mild-tempered middle-aged guy. He seemed to be at most 50 years old.

"How do you know that those two suit me?" Qu Lili looked to the middle-aged guy in surprise.

He smiled and replied, "The hyper geno art that you are practicing now should be Jediforce."

Qu Lili was even more shocked, "You can even tell this? Are you a professor at the Martial Arts Department?"

The guy did not reply and continued, "Jediforce focuses a lot on the speed, and you have made a lot of progress so that Momentum and Windbreak will bring you a step further."

"Really?" Qu Lili was overjoyed but still could not believe him completely.

"I believe your linear acceleration should have reached 13 in fitness index and your muscle strength 12.5, so you're the perfect candidate for those two."

"Ah!" Qu stared at the middle-aged guy, unable to believe that he could even tell this.

Her linear acceleration was 12.98 and her muscle strength was 12.51, almost exactly the same as what he said.

At this point, Qu Lili had believed that middle-aged was a professor in martial arts department. She gladly thanked him and said, "I will buy Momentum and Windbreak then."

Qu Lili swiped her card and purchased those two.

Han Sen and Ji Yanran regarded the middle-aged guy in Surprise. He must not be an ordinary professor with such keen observation.

"Do you need my help?" the guy asked Han Sen and Ji Yanran.

"You should really use the professor's help." Qu Lili checked out the details of her newly purchased martial arts and felt they did suit her very well.

"I don't have any quota left. how about you?" Ji Yanran said to Han Sen.

"All I have is a C-Cla.s.s quota and it will not be really useful to me, so I'll pa.s.s," said Han Sen.

"That's not right. Although advanced hyper geno arts are powerful, the foundation is also very important. Even C-Cla.s.s arts could lay a great foundation for many hyper geno arts. If you practice it well, it would even be helpful when you become an evolver or surpa.s.ser."

The middle-aged men looked at Han Sen and continued, "I will recommend you to practice a C-Cla.s.s and you will find out how helpful it is."

"That makes a lot of sense. Genius, you should try it," suggested Qu Lili.

Han Sen shook his head, "No, thank you."

Han Sen had just bought the three-blade harpoon and mailed some money to his family. Now all that was left in his account was 200 thousand Dollars. Even if it was cheaper in a military school, the C-Cla.s.s martial art would still cost 500 thousand, so he did not really have the money.

"The professor meant well. And you need it anyway so let's just purchase it," Ji Yanran also said.

"Ro be honest, all I have is 200 thousand Dollars at this point. I cannot afford that," Han Sen had to say.

"That's fine. I have it." Ji Yanran smiled and transferred 500 thousand Dollars to him.

"Since my girlfriend is rich, I'll get it then." Han Sen did not refuse and turned to the middle-aged man, "Professor, what's the C-Cla.s.s hyper geno art that you recommend?"