Super Gene - Chapter 189: Sacred-blood Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 189: Sacred-blood Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 189: Sacred-blood Ghost b.u.t.terfly

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Han Sen was startled and quickly dodged the boomerang. The boomerang’s sharp edge cut into the rock behind him and burst into blue flames.

"S*#t!" Han Sen was stunned by the power of a primitive ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerang. If he could get a mutant one, it would probably even be a great threat to sacred-blood creatures.

The shape of the boomerang was quite unique, and he must learn some special methods to use it.

Han Sen was very intrigued. There were ghost b.u.t.terflies in the cave and he could easily gain a lot of beast soul boomerangs if he killed all he saw on his way.

As for the danger, he was not worried at all. If he shot the arrows hidden in the underground river, he could make a dive whenever it seemed dangerous.

And he also had his mutant black barracuda mount and did not need to swim and dive himself. The ghost flame b.u.t.terflies could not harm him anyway.

"Well, I will go along the underground river and kill all the ghosts b.u.t.terflies I see. Then I can exit from where I fell. If I encounter the black-feathered beasts again, maybe I could even get a few more flying beast souls to sell," thought Han Sen, going up along the underground river.

The sacred-blood black-feathered beast king had actually taken him to a wonderland. Han Sen killed numerous ghost b.u.t.terflies, which could not cause him any damage at all.

Although there was no meat, Han Sen had harvested a lot of b.u.t.terfly beast souls.

In the end, he had gained two dozen primitive ones and seven mutant ones. There were indeed so many ghost b.u.t.terflies in the cave that he had almost got tired of killing. Han Sen had now walked for seven days in the cave and still had not got back to the exit.

In the beginning, he was using arrows, and later found that arrows were too slow. Then he put on his sacred-blood armor and rushed in, slas.h.i.+ng around with the chopper. Many would hit his armor or be cut by hit instantaneously. When he could not take the heat, he would simply throw him in the river, and let the black barracuda carry him to the bottom of the river. After some rest, he would repeat the process.

The process had been very satisfying, since it was the first time he got so many beast souls at once.

Another flock of ghost b.u.t.terflies flew over, and Han Sen welcomed them waving his chopper.

"Ouch!" In the blue flames, a ball of flame that was nearly purple burned on him. He uttered a piercing scream before jumping into the underground river like a rabbit.

"Sacred-blood creature ghost b.u.t.terfly killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly gained. Meat inedible."

When Han Sen crawled out from the river, his armor was greatly damaged. Many parts were melted, baring his charred flesh. The sacred-blood armor no longer had lost all its prestige.

Struggling to get up, Han Sen took the armor back. It was lucky that the armor was not ruined completely and could recover over time.

At the same time, Han Sen was also glad that the armor had blocked most of the harm brought by the sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly, which was very powerful.

Since Han Sen had gained the black beetle armor, he had not suffered so much as this time. He was burned badly all over. Had he been farther from the river or a bit slower than he was, he would have been burned into ash right now.

Han Sen still had some lingering fear. As his package was burned. He had nothing left, let alone medicine.

Han Sen had to use Jadeskin, hoping to ease his burn. He had to recover a little before he could leave the cave.

Using Jadeskin, Han Sen felt a coolness calming his burn and easing his pain.

Originally, Han Sen was worried that he might get an infection, which was the worst part of getting burned. However, his wounds were gradually scarring after he had practiced Jadeskin for a while.

To his delight, Han Sen had found all his wounds healing after using Jadeskin for a dozen hours.

"Jadeskin is indeed extraordinary. I wonder where Xue Longyan came from." Han Sen had been paying attention to see if there were any prominent clans with the family name "Xue." However, none of the large clans and demiG.o.ds had that family name, leaving Han Sen puzzled.

Although his burns still looked scary, he felt fine. When he went back and rest, he would recover in time.

Han Sen did not dare to risk his life like this anymore. He had gained quite a lot of beast souls already, one of which was sacred-blood and his first sacred-blood weapon. It was a shame that it was one-off. Even when hunting sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen would not use it easily.

Han Sen ignored those ghost b.u.t.terflies, and travelled underwater on the back of the mutant black barracuda. Once in a while, he would take a breath above the water, not daring to disturb the ghost b.u.t.terflies.

The ghost b.u.t.terflies were countless like stars in the galaxy. If he were to kill them all, it would probably take him forever.

Fortunately, Han Sen had found where he and the beast king fell at last. Before the b.u.t.terflies noticed him, he summoned his purple-winged dragon wings, shapes.h.i.+fted into fairy queen, and flew out.

Ready to fight with the black-feathered beasts when he came out, Han Sen had found none near by, which was a relief.

He could not use his sacred-blood black beetle armor for a while and he had given his other armor to w.a.n.g Mengmeng. It would be troublesome if he ran into the black-feathered beasts.

Leaving Devil Desert safely, he hunted several creatures for food on his way, and then met w.a.n.g Mengmeng and others who came to look for him.