Super Gene - Chapter 188: Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 188: Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 188: Ghost b.u.t.terfly

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The sacred-blood black-feathered beast king tried to wiggle free, but was pinned back down by Han Sen. Growling, it did not struggle again.

As Han Sen was wondering why it had stopped, he saw the lights were disturbed by the beast king’s growl and started to fly toward Han Sen and the beast king.

"What is that?" Han Sen was shocked. After taking a closer look at them, he noticed that the lights were each a blue b.u.t.terfly the size of his palm. Their blue wings were glistening.

And soon the blue b.u.t.terflies had reached them. only then did Han Sen know that the beast king was not here by accident. It was trying to use these b.u.t.terflies to get rid of Han Sen.

Han Sen became vigilant, and slashed at a b.u.t.terfly before it could fall on him.

"Primitive creature ghost b.u.t.terfly killed. No beast soul gained. Meat inedible."

As Han Sen was puzzled, he suddenly saw that dead ghost b.u.t.terfly burst into blue flames.

Han Sen rolled to the other side of the beast king and the flames fell on the beast king. It suddenly cried in pain, its fur burning.

Flocks of ghost b.u.t.terflies rushed over, hitting Han Sen and the beast king one after another. Once they were in collision, they would immediately burst into blue flames.

There were simply too many ghost b.u.t.terflies and neither of them could many to avoid them.

The beast king growled from time to time from pain; although Han Sen’s sacred-blood armor could protect him from burning, it could do nothing about the heat, and Han Sen was burned inside.

Han Sen cursed the beast king inwardly. But at this point, he was in no mood to deal with it. Han Sen threw himself in the underground river, since otherwise he would become barbecued.

As Han Sen jumped into the underground river, the beast king followed him and jumped. It was very swift considering its size. With its wings folded, it swam downstream quickly.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and followed up. There were so many ghost b.u.t.terfies, many of which were mutant creatures, generating great heat.

But the beast king was so fast that it almost disappeared from his sight. Han Sen would not like to see that and shot an arrow at it underwater. The arrow could not travel too far under water. Fortunately, Han Sen was not too far from the beast king. The black stinger arrow hit its wing and the thread attached to the arrow was entangled with its feathers.

When the beast king moved forward, Han Sen was carried to go as well.

It was faster than a fish, pulling Han Sen forward.

"Is it an amphibian?" Having followed the creature in the water for a while, Han Sen could no longer hold his breath. He had not evolved to the stage where he could breathe underwater, whereas the beast king seemed to be able to do that. Otherwise, it would have been out of breath by this time.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned the black stinger arrow back, leaving the beast king alone and stuck his head out of the water to breathe.

He looked around and found himself in the cave still. There were still some ghost b.u.t.terflies, but only several of them, staying still on the rocks and vines.

Since he had lost the beast king and this place was not dangerous, Han Sen was in no hurry.

Looking at a ghost b.u.t.terfly on the rocks, Han Sen shot an arrow at it. With a pop, the b.u.t.terfly turned into flames.

"Primitive creature ghost b.u.t.terfly killed. Beast soul of primitive ghost b.u.t.terfly gained. Meat inedible."

Han Sen was thrilled. He had good luck today in terms of beast soul. Although it was merely a primitive beast soul, it was a one-off beast soul like the wasp arrow that Son of Heaven once used, which was generally more powerful than the beast souls on the same level. Generally speaking, the beast souls of these inedible creatures were all one-off.

The other ghost b.u.t.terflies were alarmed and flew toward Han Sen. With his arrow, Han Sen soon managed to shoot them all dead. Blue flames bloomed in the air.

After killing all the ghost b.u.t.terflies, Han Sen climbed out from the water and started to review his trophy sitting on top of a rock.

In addition to the primitive ghost b.u.t.terfly beast soul, he had also gained a primitive beast soul and a mutant beast soul from black-feathered beasts.

Type of primitive ghost b.u.t.terfly beast soul: one-off hidden weapon.

Type of beast soul of primitive black-feathered beast: flying.

Type of beast soul of mutant black-feathered beast: flying.

Han Sen saw the latter two and became overjoyed. There were so few creatures near his shelter that would produce flying beast souls that few people had wings in the entire Steel Armor Shelter.

These black-feathered beasts actually produced flying beast souls, which was great. He needed the wings himself as well, since he could only use the purple-winged dragon wings when he was Dollar.

Han Sen only regretted that he did not manage to kill the sacred-blood beast king, otherwise he would have a chance to get another pair of sacred-blood wings.

"I need to go back and kill a few more black-feathered beasts. Even the primitive flying beast souls could be sold at a good price, since many youths would buy them just for the look."

Han Sen summoned the ghost b.u.t.terfly beast soul, and suddenly a blue b.u.t.terfly flew into his palm, changing into a b.u.t.terfly-shaped boomerang.

The two wings of the weapon were thin and sharp, looking rather scary.

Han Sen threw the b.u.t.terfly boomerang out, which whirled in the air and came toward Han Sen.