Super Gene - Chapter 167: Looking for Trouble

Chapter 167: Looking for Trouble

Chapter 167: Looking for Trouble

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Han Sen hesitated, since he did not recognize this student.

"It is natural that you do not know me. I am also in the Department of Archery. You did our department right in Starry Cup. I would give the seat to none but you. Come here." The student smiled and offered Han Sen his own seat.

"Thank you." Han Sen could not imagine he would enjoy such treatment.

"It really is Han Sen."

"His warframe game was so exciting."

"Is he also one of the stars’ fans?"


Many students whispered and cast a few glances his way, but they were too well-educated to bother Han Sen.

As the cla.s.s began, Professor Yan came in with two young men. One of them Han Sen was familiar with. With a handsome smile, Tang Zhenliu greeted the students.

Another guy had an angled face. Han Sen knew he was the Chosen that ranked sixth, Yu Zhiming. Since Han Sen did not go to the ranking rounds, he had never fought Yu.

Blackhawk students were polite and gave no more than applause. When Tang was introduced, Zhang Yang clapped so hard his hands were almost swollen.

Professor Yan still used his old-fas.h.i.+oned way to teach, but when talking about different theories, he would ask Tang Zhenliu and Yu Mingzhi to do demonstrations.

With the partic.i.p.ation of two stars, the teaching effect was perfect. Both stars showed high attainment in martial arts, and their demonstrations were successful.

"In a few words, the ultimate goal of the martial arts was to leverage one’s own strength. And in real combat, in addition to strength, the psychological factor would also be very important. Hence in the various categories of martial arts, there would be training for psychological gaming. For example, the focus of Tai Chi was the application of the true and false forces."

Professor Yan continued with his monotonous voice, "Another example is the black and white boxing. Please welcome Yu Zhiming and Tang Zhenliu to demonstrate black and white boxing for us."

Yu Zhiming cut in, "Professor Yan, if it is just the two of us, the students would not feel for themselves the essence of black and white boxing. Would you invite two students to spar with Tang and me?"

The proposal led to applause. To spar with such stars was of course a rare opportunity.

"Tang, what do you think?" Professor Yan looked at Tang, as the school did not arrange any interactions with the students and he must seek his approval first.

"This is your cla.s.s. I will follow your lead," Tang said with a smile.

Tang also glanced at Yu Mingzhi. He knew what Yu was thinking. Yu had fought him in the contest before and lost miserably. Now Yu was afraid he would lose again and did not want to be humiliated in front of the cla.s.s.

"That being the case, we will choose two students to spar with Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu in black and white boxing. Any volunteers?" Professor Yan glanced across the room.

Almost all the students raised their hands at the same time, except for Han Sen and a few others.

Tang had noticed Han Sen a long time ago. Seeing Han Sen not raising his hand, he felt relieved. Han Sen was so great at this that he would definitely lose if Han Sen came up on stage.

As Tang Zhenrong let out a sigh of relief, Yu Mingzhi suddenly asked, "Professor Yan, I heard that Blackhawk has a student named Ouyang Xiaosan who is in the top ten of the Military Academy League?"

"Sorry, Ouyang is not here today," Professor Yan said casually. "Would you choose someone else yourself?"

Yu Mingzhi smiled and asked the students, "Besides Ouyang Xiaosan, who is the best martial artist here?"

All eyes were on Han Sen. Although they had never seen him practicing martial arts, they could tell from his skills of warframe operation that his fitness was great.

Yu Mingzhi paused. He did not expect the students to have the same candidate in mind. It seemed that the student that was looked at was very influential in the school.

But Yu did not take Han Sen too seriously. There were so many military school students in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, yet few were among the Chosen. As one of the Chosen, he did not really think of the students as his true opponents.

Tang Zhenliu saw the look in Yu’s eyes and knew he was about to do something stupid.

But Yu did not know what was on Tang’s mind. He smiled at Han Sen and asked, "What is your name? Would you spar with me in black and white boxing?"

Han Sen was a bit upset. He did not raise his hand, so why would Yu appoint him?

"Go ahead, Sen."

"You will be great."


His cla.s.smates were very supportive and curious about Han Sen’s martial arts skill level.

Yu Mingzhi was glad to see that Han Sen’s popularity even exceeded himself as a star.

He wanted to appoint Ouyang Xiaosan to show off, so that these students would realize the difference between a military student and the Chosen. However, Ouyang was not there, and beating a n.o.body would not help him achieve his objective.

"Friend, your cla.s.smates have strongly recommended you, so please come up. It is just a practice, and the result does not matter," Yu Mingzhi smiled at Han Sen and said.

"Wow. Yu Mingzhi is simply asking for trouble!" Tang smiled bitterly. He had never seen someone praying for his own destruction like this.