Super Gene - Chapter 166: Lucky Guy

Chapter 166: Lucky Guy

Chapter 166: Lucky Guy

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"Say it." Yang Manli did not want to spare any words on this lucky yet shameless guy.

If soldiers had the chance to endorse any Digang products, they would probably even do it for free. Not to mention Digang’s offer had been very generous considering Han Sen’s ident.i.ty.

Such an offer was more than enough to hire a big unevolved star such as Tang Zhenliu. Now Han Sen was getting this great offer as a student and he even dared to ask for more.

"I have a warframe from a Digang lab and wish that Digang could install a weapon system to it and give it the same free lifelong after-sales service." Han Sen knew that although his was a prototype, the military standard was applied during its making.

And the ones that he would endorse would be for civil use and not as great as Silver Killer.

The only beef Han Sen had with Silver Killer was the lack of a weapon system. Using independent weapons was not convenient and he did not want to carry the weapons around, which would defeat the purpose of portability.

Also, once Silver Killer was damaged, ordinary repair stations would not be able to fix this super biological warframe. Hence he really needed Digang’s service.

"Any other conditions?" Yang Manli asked mechanically.

"Not at this time," Han Sen said with a smile.

Yang Manli got up and said, "I will submit your request and the leaders.h.i.+p will negotiate with Digang. Go back and stay in Blackhawk so that I could notify you with the result."

Yang Manli turned to leave, not wanting to spend one more second with this guy.

"I am finally rich! Twenty million endors.e.m.e.nt fee per year and the latest warframes to use. If Digang could agree to my conditions, it would be perfect," After Yang Manli left, Han Sen excitedly shook his fist.

Han Sen naturally would never have turned down such a good deal in the first place.

Little did he know that Ji Yanran was simmering with anger at this point.

After that night, Ji Yanran had quite complex feelings, not sure what she wanted to do—to become Han Sen’s girlfriend, or turn him down.

But how could she make him give up? He had shown her that he would not easily let go.

Ji Yanran thought about all kinds of possibilities for the entire night and was expecting hot pursuits from Han Sen to follow. However, she never even saw him again.

The first day she did not see Han Sen, Ji Yanran curled her lips and thought, "Playing hard to get? I’ve seen this trick before. I will ignore you and see what kind of excuse you’d come up with to see me tomorrow."

But on the next day, Ji Yanran still did not see him.

"You do have some patience, but this would never work on me."

On the third day, Han Sen was still nowhere to be seen. Ji Yanran became a bit impatient.

"He must have been in an accident. Was he hit by an aircraft? Is his leg broken?" Ji Yanran thought.

On the fourth day, still no Han Sen.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d must feel that he doesn’t deserve me who is gentle and pretty, regal and s.e.xy. That must be why he did not dare to approach me. Certainly, that must be the case."

The fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day... after ten days she still had not seen him. And she lost her temper.

"Han Sen you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what do you take me for? You want to kiss and run? There is no such thing in my world." Ji Yanran was mad.

And at this time, Hen Sen had just come back to school and did not even have the chance to find her.

"Sen, you have come back just in time. Come with me to Professor Yan's cla.s.s." Han Sen met Zhang Yang in the dorm room, who took his hand and dragged him away.

"How come you are going to Professor Yan's cla.s.s?" Han Sen was puzzled.

Zhang Yang was a hot-blooded guy. He learned everything fast, but when it came to boring theories, he would feel tortured.

Professor Yan's new course, Modern Theories of Martial Arts, was one of the courses that would give Zhang Yang a headache. The professor himself also had a dull style and expression and was not Zhang’s favorite.

But Modern Theories of Martial Arts was a compulsory course, and Zhang Yang had to go for fear of failing. This time however, he seemed excited to go, which was odd for Han Sen.

"You have not heard? Two of the Chosen, Ding Zhiming and Tang Zhenliu have been invited to do a teaching demonstration today at Professor Yan's cla.s.s." Zhang Yang was filled with excitement.

Han Sen then suddenly realized why the he was so excited. Tang Zhenliu was Zhang’s idol. It was a poster of Tang instead of a hot girl that Zhang was hanging next to his bed.

Zhang Yang's ideal major was not archery, but martial arts. Because his fitness index was not high enough, he had to take the special enrollment program.

Han Sen had also wondered why someone like Zhang would study archery which needed patience, and learned the reason later.

Tang Zhenliu’s fierce style was Zhang’s favorite. No wonder he was so excited.

Han Sen was taken to the cla.s.sroom by Zhang Yang. For an unpopular cla.s.s, the cla.s.sroom was overcrowded on this day.

There were no seats and even the stands on the second floor were full.

A lot of girls were chatting excitedly about Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu.

"Han Sen, you have also come to see Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu. Come here and have a seat." A student saw Han Sen and offered him a seat very enthusiastically.