Super Gene - Chapter 154: Brutal Force

Chapter 154: Brutal Force

Chapter 154: Brutal Force

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The Warframe Society members were overjoyed to see this. They were slowing their warframes down to bypa.s.s the obstacle wall, while Han Sen could not do that at the speed he was going.

"What a fool! Doesn’t matter if his warframe is good," thought the Warframe Society members contemptuously.


The silver warframe in leading position knocked out the obstacle wall and kept rus.h.i.+ng forward at the same speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One wall after another was crushed by Silver Killer. Foot-thick concrete walls were like bubbles under the impact created by the silver warframe.

The viewers of the live show were in an uproar.

"S*#t! Is this a foul? Can you do it this way?"

"There is no provision that prohibits this either."

"That warframe's performance was so incredible that it could withstand such collisions and maintain the speed at the same time."

"Ha-ha, this is a man's way of driving!"


"This is not even a fair game. It’s more like a test of warframe performance."

"Other players are almost bursting into tears. It is even faster than others after knocking out a wall. I don’t recognize this warframe. Whose product is it?"

"What kind of warframe is that? I want one."

"Boring. You think you can bully people if you are rich? This game does not make any sense, it’s only fair if they all use the same type of warframe."

"I did not see a star, only a rich b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

"Fang Mingquan actually supports such a person. Is he the same Fang Mingquan I used to know?"

"What are you talking about? Winning is winning. The warframe performance is a part of a warframe game. What is your problem?"

"Right. When you fight the Shuras, would you go off your warframes if they don’t use any?"


Han Sen’s approach caused a lot of controversy, while Ji Yanran was even more upset by his crus.h.i.+ng wall after wall.

"He is a cheater indeed. With such a warframe, it is highly likely that he will win five champions.h.i.+ps." Ji Yanran regretted so much that she had signed a contract with this guy.

She could not believe that this guy had a way to cheat in an official match.

In the end, Silver Killer was the first to cross the finish line again and became the champion at the hurdle race. The Warframe Society members were shooting fiery gazes at him.

Due to Han Sen's highly controversial win, many students who were watching other games came to the warframe match venue.

Even the most popular martial arts games started to lose audience to the warframe matches.

People at the news stations were confused to see students abandoning even Ouyang Xiaosan’s match.

When they learned from a few students what had happened, it was too late to move their equipment around. They had to use simple equipment to do the report of the warframe game, which was not comparable to Fang Mingquan’s show.

On the Skynet, more and more people were watching Fang’s live show. The number of the viewers had reached a million and continued to grow.

Although a million people were nothing compared to the entire Alliance, for the game in one division, this number was quite impressive.

After all, most people interested in Starry Cup would rather focus their attention on the schools that were potential champions. Despite the fact that Blackhawk was a famous school, it did not have one item that was outstanding. Therefore not many people would choose to watch this division.

Many people watched because it was Fang Mingquan who was doing the live show. Other stations that focused on Blackhawk Division had even less viewers, ten thousand tops.

Fang Mingquan’s live show was also quickly gaining momentum. The viewers came for Fang’s fame, but became more and more interested in Han Sen and Silver Killer later.

Han Sen beat all his opponents in one item after another, relying on the excellent performance of Silver Killer. When people believed that it was only because of the warframe that he won, they had ignored the importance of his operation.

Even in warframe shooting, Han Sen was using a mounted manual weapon system and achieved high accuracy, which was also considered to be one of the virtues of Silver Killer.

Everyone thought it was the performance of Silver Killer that led to Han Sen’s success and started to discuss which company had produced it. Other discussions were focused on whether such a victory was meaningless. Most people ignored the driver of Silver Killer.

Ji Yanran's face darkened when seeing Han Sen winning again and again. Each time he won, she felt as if she was punched in the chest. When Han Sen won his fifth champions.h.i.+p, she was about to cry.

The thought of having to kiss that brat, which would also be her first kiss, made Ji Yanran feel hopeless.

"What’s the matter? You look pale," asked Qu Lili, concerned.

"I am fine." Ji Yanran continued to watch the game, absent-minded.

Han Sen kept winning, which made Ji more and more upset. She was distracted when it was her turn to compete in Hand of G.o.d and only got the 13th place in the end, worse than her performance last year.

The thought of kissing that b.a.s.t.a.r.d made her uneasy.

Han Sen’s winning streak was unstoppable. He had won all the games he was in, counting eight champions.h.i.+ps out of nine now. The Warframe Society won the only item he did not partic.i.p.ate in.

There were now only two items left. One was single warframe combat, and the other was group warframe combat. The Warframe Society members could not wait to hit Han Sen hard in these two items, because they needed to vent after being sullen from the previous matches.