Super Gene - Chapter 153: The Hilarious Destroyer

Chapter 153: The Hilarious Destroyer

Chapter 153: The Hilarious Destroyer

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In Blackhawk Military Academy, many students were also watching the live show hosted by Fang Mingquan. No one could be in all the match venues at the same time, so some students in other venues were watching warframe games through Fang’s program.

But most of them watched because of the fame of Fang Mingquan. Military school students were mostly in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary and all knew of Fang.

Ji Yanran was in the match venue of Hand of G.o.d, also watching warframe games through Fang Mingquan’s live show.

"Fang Mingquan is so dramatic. A star? Our school does not have anyone like that," Qu Lili protested.

Ji Yanran smiled. "Journalists are all like that, and Fang Mingquan is no exception."

Ji Yanran then started to search Han Sen's figure in the frame, but Fang Mingquan’s introduction caught her attention.

"Freshman, archery, Heavy Warframe Society… these all seem to fit that cheating guy. Fang couldn’t be talking about him?" Ji Yanran felt a little uneasy.

But she did not find Han Sen in the image since she did not know which warframe Han Sen was in. And her gaze fell on the Destroyer like the rest.

With the intense discussion of the audience, the first match in warframe items had begun. It was the most straightforward 30,000-feet ring race.

All the warframes were at the starting point, awaiting the order to start.

Everyone thought Fang Mingquan’s introduction was about the driver of the Destroyer. Ji Yanran also watched the Destroyer with her heart racing.

A whistle sounded, and under the crowd's watch, the Destroyer took the first step with the rest and all were waiting to see its performance.

But in the next moment, the Destroyer which was only one step away from the starting point fell to the ground with a thump. A strange silence fell on the venue.

"This is what Fang Mingquan calls MVP?"

"Is this supposed to be funny?"

"Ha-ha, hilarious!"

"Fang Mingquan, you should do standup comedy instead."

"It was a Destroyer!"


Ji Yanran could hardly believe her eyes. She had seen bad players, but not this bad. Tripping at the start point in a race. It was difficult to imagine that someone like this would dare to come to the compet.i.tion.

"Ha-ha, this is what Fang Mingquan called a star! A star indeed, but a comedy star." Qu Lili laughed herself into a state of helplessness.

But suddenly they heard the smart machine announcing the results, "Warframe ring race, first place, No. 69, Han Sen from Archery Department and Heavy Warframe Society; second place... "

Everyone was shocked and found a gorgeous silver warframe standing on the finish line. When they were laughing at the funny Destroyer driver, the game had ended. And the champion was someone fitted Fang Mingquan’s description.

Ji Yanran was also a little dumbfounded. She had clearly heard Han Sen was the champion of the Warframe ring race.

The Starry Cup covered a wide range of schools, and within the Blackhawk Division, the games were rather straightforward. The ring race, for example, did not involve any pre-finals.

"S*#t! So the driver of that silver warframe was whom Fang was talking about. I know that Fang would not joke like that."

"How did he win just now? I didn’t even look."

"I do not know. I was just laughing too hard."

"Ha-ha, they are both in Heavy Warframe Society and are so different."

"This live is so interesting. Fang makes much better shows than others."

"Fang is the best host."

"Who is the driver of the silver warframe?"


Fang Mingquan clenched his fist and was so excited that he almost called out. Han Sen was even better than he had thought. It seemed that he had made the right bet again.

Everyone watched the silver warframe walking on the podium and raising the trophy and prize for the ring race champion.

The advanced players from the Warframe Society were rather mad. They thought that the only reason Han Sen could beat them was the performance of his warframe.

Looking at the Heavy Warframe Society cheering, some members in the Warframe Society sneered, "Lying back on his warframe isn’t worth bragging about. We will see how he does in the items that test operational skills."

"Yes, the next one is hurdle race, and we will kill it."


Luo Xiangyang gazed at his students in silence. He did not mention Han Sen to them on purpose, to humble them so that they would focus more on improving their skills than bragging about themselves.

Soon the hurdle race began, which took place on the same ring, only with many obstacles. The players had to keep the speed while avoid the obstacles, which called for more than a strong engine.

When Silver Killer stood on the starting point again, all eyes were focused on it, and Fang Mingquan’s live was gaining popularity.

More and more people had heard about Fang Mingquan's prediction and wanted to see for themselves the person Fang Ming had called a star in the alliance.

Ji Yanran was gazing nervously at the Silver Killer in the holographic image. She was a little scared because she could not imagine what she should do if Han Sen really got five champions.h.i.+ps.

The players from the Warframe Society vowed to show Han Sen their strength this time.

As the whistle sounded, all the warframes took off like arrows leaving the string, and that silver figure was obviously faster than the others by a body-length, pulling away from them.

"So fast!" Qu Lili could not help exclaiming.

"At this speed, he had no time to avoid the first obstacle wall." Ji Yanran slightly frowned. Han Sen’s silver warframe was too powerful that it was now within 30 feet from the first obstacle wall. He had no time to run around the wall with such speed and distance.