Super Gene - Chapter 1531 - Making Something Complicated Something Simple

Chapter 1531 - Making Something Complicated Something Simple

Chapter 1531: Making Something Complicated Something Simple


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“G.o.d’s Retribution is here?” Han Sen looked surprised as he watched the human fighting Six Paths.

G.o.d’s Retribution wasn’t using a weapon; he simply used his body to fight. He didn’t seem to be at a disadvantage, either. His body was stronger than Shafei’s, who was a fourth rank shura fighter. And up against Six Paths, he wasn’t breaking a sweat.

“You crazy man! I have no qualm with you. Why do you insist on fighting me?” G.o.d’s Retribution shouted as he fought.

“You are a good opponent. You should really fight with me. Unleash all your power!” Six Paths kept swinging his sword towards G.o.d’s Retribution.

G.o.d’s Retribution looked depressed, and he said, “Are you insane? There are many more elites. If you want a good fight, go find one of them. I don’t have the time for this!”

G.o.d’s Retribution wished to leave, but Six Paths’ skills were too much, and they prohibited him from making an escape.

“Why would such powerful compet.i.tors be in G.o.d’s Ruin? They must both be super But if so, how were they able to enter?” Little Fairy was shocked at the display of what she saw.

She thought there’d only be gemstone cla.s.s or second-generation creatures that could compete with her. And after she found Han Sen, she thought for sure the relic would end up being hers. She didn’t expect to find two super elites such as that after entering the ruins.

Han Sen, on the other hand, was at ease. He knew Six Paths wouldn’t bother him. G.o.d’s Retribution didn’t have much of a grudge with him, either. While those two super elites might have been there, there was no great conflict to put them at odds. And he didn’t think they had any connection with Outer Sky or Sacred. Their presence wouldn’t affect Han Sen’s personal mission.

Han Sen made Sta.r.s.ea Beast park someplace near, so Han Sen could dismount, get comfy, and watch for a while. Han Sen had learned a few of Six Paths’ tricks, but aside from Heart Sword, he hadn’t really spent time practicing anything else. Han Sen had never seen Six Paths fight with all his strength before, but now that he saw it, he was able to learn a lot.

Han Sen was surprised by the method of fighting that G.o.d’s Retribution used. Han Sen knew he was a current member of Blood Legion, and due to his blood, he was unable to take advantage of the elemental powers of the sanctuary. He had to use raw, physical damage whenever he fought.

But G.o.d’s Retribution’s combat power surprised Han Sen. He was almost as good as a super demi-G.o.d, and his body and combat skills were strange.

His fists looked simple, and it seemed as if Han Sen was watching something incredibly basic. In fact, most of the skills were something you’d easily find in school. But it was frightening to watch such normal punching skills deflect Six Paths’ sword skills. It would shock any spectator.

After Han Sen watched them for a while, his surprise deepened. He noticed that the simple-looking punches were actually very complicated. While they looked simple, the timing and application of the skills were deeper than it first appeared.

After watching G.o.d’s Retribution fight for a while, Han Sen was able to comprehend what he was doing.

“That’s a strong fist skill. And G.o.d’s Retribution is strong, indeed. This is definitely not something the average human can do. It’s no wonder he is a member of Blood Legion.” Han Sen complimented him, in his heart.

Han Sen was also very happy. Those punching skills suited him.

While the skills were simple, they would still be difficult to learn in the way Han Sen would want to.

It was tricky to simplify a complicated skill. You had to have a deep understanding of the complete complexities before you could concentrate the skill down to its pure essence. If you started from the simplified version, you wouldn’t understand what was really inside what you learned. It was pointless to just learn the sh.e.l.l.

You couldn’t live life to its fullest without struggle.

Learning Ghost Sword had been complicated, but seeing G.o.d’s Retribution’s punching skills, he felt as if he was learning so much more. He wasn’t going to copy G.o.d’s Retribution; he was just finding things that could be changed and adapted into a sword skill.

G.o.d’s Retribution didn’t want a fruitless fight with Six Paths, but Six Paths was keeping him there, regardless. And although his punches were strong, they weren’t enough to suppress Six Paths. If they had a genuine fight, determining a winner would be difficult.

But G.o.d’s Retribution didn’t plan on fighting. He just wanted to leave, and that upset Six Paths.

Suddenly, Six Paths and G.o.d’s Retribution saw Han Sen and the others, as he wasn’t a great distance away. They started to approach Han Sen as they fought.

Han Sen knew exactly what G.o.d’s Retribution was thinking, and he told Sta.r.s.ea Beast to run off and keep away from Six Paths.

G.o.d’s Retribution looked depressed, as he was hoping Han Sen could be drawn into the fight and left to deal with Six Paths, who was crazy. But Han Sen knew what his true purpose was, and he wouldn’t let G.o.d’s Retribution come close.

The pair couldn’t move very fast while they were fighting, so they couldn’t catch up with Han Sen.

G.o.d’s Retribution clenched his jaw, then shouted at Han Sen, saying, “Kid, help me get rid of this maniac and I’ll tell you where the relic is!”

Han Sen didn’t believe him, and he raised his voice to respond, “Keep the relic to yourself. I’m not interested.”

G.o.d’s Retribution was disheartened once more. He rolled his eyes and said, “Do you want to know the biggest secrets of Blood Legion? Help me here and I’ll tell you.”

Han Sen grinned. “I already met the leader of Blood Legion. You have greater secrets than him?”

G.o.d’s Retribution couldn’t fool Han Sen, and he was surprised by what he heard. “What? You met him?”

“Yeah, and he told me you were a traitor. He told me if I ever find you, I should cut you up into little pieces.” That was just Han Sen bluffing.

Surprisingly, G.o.d’s Retribution believed what he had been told. He sighed and said, “I was tricked by Han Jinzhi, that *sshole! He made me an enemy of the leader. But the leader wasn’t right, either. Blood Legion should not have gone down that path.”

“Which path?” Han Sen asked.

G.o.d’s Retribution stopped talking. It looked like he had just thought of something unhappy, and his mood turned foul. He then began fighting Six Paths like mad.

G.o.d’s Retribution was extremely serious now, and their fight became crazier than ever. It was a much better spectacle to watch, and now Han Sen could learn even more.